Main D-bag with three grommets

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Hey, I've done that a couple times on my old rig!

Which actually reminds me, I need to buy some food grade silicone before the next repack (still a couple months away, thanks to a recent cutaway). I pulled the cutaway cables on my brand-new, freshly assembled rig during the initial inspection because I didn't like the (lack of) give they had, only to discover that: 1) nobody at the DZ had any silicone on them 2) I'm an idiot and forgot it's got Collins lanyard, so the left cable housing is split and it becomes very hard to re-route with the reserve fully packed.

Since the I've learnt that it's not so much the cables being hard to move, as the different geometry of split vs. continuous housing making the travel of the long cable different during inspection. I still want to lubricate it though.
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