Temp Storage Bag for Bagged Main

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At boogies I remember the PD booth where you could try out a PD canopy. Your bagged main canopy would be detached from your rig and placed in a bag with a flap that had: Snaps? or Loops or Velcro?? etc to hold the risers in stasis in perfect order. The prepacked and prebagged demo canopy came out of a similar bag, was placed on your harness rings, etc. You jumped it, it was taken off, and then your own packed and bagged canopy was reattached. Other mfgs have probably done the same thing.

Anyone have the details of the riser-holding features of these temp storage bags? Or a picture of the whole bag and a detailed picture of the riser-holding parts on the flap?

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My GF and my mother made me something like that out of an old handbag and two mismatched carabiner-like hook thingies we found lying around the place. Just hook up the risers to the carabiners and bob's your uncle.

Having written 'L' and 'R' on your toggles also helps a lot when reattaching risers to your rig. Plus of course, it's a great steering and navigation aid while under canopy..
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