Replacing Student Gear... What Container to go with???

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Hey all... I'm from Skydive K-state..... we're going to be buying probably 7 new rigs to replace our current student containers. I was wanting some insight on some experiences you've had recently with different new student containers.... How do they function/ perform: From a rigging perspective? from a one size fits several standpoint? Do they stand the test of time? Customer service with the manufacturer? etc?

We do SL and no AFF

Currently we have Wings containers which I actually do like (not sure if it's cause it's all i've known mostly for student gear) My only concern with the wings containers, from a rigging standpoint, is how the reserve flaps are cut in such a way that prevents the reserve tray to really open up and allow an easy extraction of the freebag from the tray. I've watched 2 students have slow mals and its a really crappy feeling watching a first time student literally go back into freefall for 8-10 seconds after cutting away from slow mal. Reserve P-Chute deploys right away, but the jumper has to reach a speed high enough to actually extract the bag. (reserve boost would take care of this, I know)

Student Icon? - I don't love stowing the lines of the reserve in the Icon Free-bag, but besides that,... i've got no beef with Icon... Any experiences to share?

Mirage RTS... I've used them a little,... i like them..... I've never packed a reserve for an RTS. Experiences?

I have zero experience with the Vector SE.

Thanks for the help.


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We have a few vector SEs and our DZ is also sigma tandems so there are a few advantages with respect to ordering parts. We also have some Javelin rigs equipped with skyhooks. I can put parts orders in together as well as stock reserve pilot chutes and a collection of sigma and student freebags then assemble them if needed.

First, I believe MARD systems are a good thing for student operations. The Skyhook system is well tested and if you ever end up in a legal situation there is some strength in saying it's the best tested, oldest and most used system on the market.

Finally, for me personally, I like the Javelin but not all riggers are good at or comfortable packing them. It is also nice that they all use the same freebag stow so despite it being a manufacturer only part I only have to stock one size. So make sure whatever rigs you choose are something the riggers will be able to live with.

Hope that helps


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Disclaimer - I used to work for Jump Shack. The Student Racer has a really good and safe harness adjustment (pulley system) and the reserve extraction is second to none. There are some issues with a two sided rsl but by hooking both shackles to one riser you have a single sided so that can be easily overcome. Some riggers don't like Racers, I love them Just my $0.02

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The Mirage RTS reserve packs just like a G3 and has that same super strong pilot chute spring. The trap system is IMO the easiest MARD to pack that I have seen (all of the MARD's on the market should be no problem for a competent rigger to pack).

I personally think that whatever brand of student gear is used that it should be setup like a sport rig as much as possible so they don't learn one thing as a student and then have to learn something different when they get their own gear.

Blue Skies,
Bill Hubbell

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Easy pack??

For a rigger that has taken the time to reach out to a manufacturer and get the tips about packing, bulk distribution, and closing. Any rig is easy to pack.

Disclaimer: I currently work for Parachute Labs ;)

Any rigger worth their salt will understand and seek help if needed before packing any rig. I pack probably 65-70% Racers and do cuss occasionally when I have to pull out my positive leverage closing device for other rigs, but that's normally because of overstuffing a container more than a "hard close." Each rig has its challenges and once you understand them all every rig can be an easy pack.

To the OP, PM sent.
Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook

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