Is the Stiletto a better Pilot?

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Some background: I have owned Pilots since I started jumping, and indeed I still have one (a 132). Maybe 800 of my jumps have been on them. Last year I needed a new canopy in a hurry and someone sold me a Stiletto (135). I jump them back to back when training, and what stands out to me is less the differences, but rather the similarities.

In particular, the things I have always liked about the Pilot (snappy roll into and out of turns, flat glide) are also things the Stiletto does - but better. In addition it lands a lot better... this is probably not the case at bigger sizes, but I find the Pilot at my loading can be a wee bit mushy to flare without a bit of extra speed.

The Stiletto opens a little quicker, which I like and wish the Pilot would too.

The only area where the Pilot shades it is heading control during the opening.

I realise that it's possible to fly a Stiletto in such a way that it will bite you where a Pilot will maybe let you get away with stuff. But I don't do those things. To my way of flying, all I feel is the advantages.

It's interesting, for sure.
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If you listen to the talk John Leblanc gave to the BPA about canopy progression and the two paths, he does imply that the Pilot and Stilettos are very close (he mentions the Pilot in passing, as he mostly focuses on PD's canopy).

Don't have the link handy, but I'm sure you know what I mean...

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