Choosing Vortex 2 Container Size

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My girlfriend is in the process of getting her first rig, and we are looking to order a Vortex 2 container. We are trying to determine if an Optimum Reserve 176 and a Sabre2 170 will fit into a Vortex 2 size V4. We want the smallest container that can hold these canopies, so she has the option of keeping the container for as long as possible if she chooses to downsize. If anyone out there has a Vortex size V4 (or close to it), what canopies do you have in it and how do they fit?

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That's their old website. Their new website is actually here http://www.parachutesystems.co.za/vortex_container

Wouldn't be on the forums if I hadn't already checked the website. And talked to my rigger. And talked to the factory.

Thanks for trying!

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From their FB page, 7 Nov 2014

Try the US contact details below, hopefully you come right


Parachute Systems is pleased to introduces
our new sister company Free Fall LLC.

Free Fall is a Customer Service and Distribution Center for all questions, queries, concerns and comments related to:

Marketing and Sponsorship;
Dealership location and referral;
Dealer access, support and delivery;
Spares - stock, where and how?
Sales and after sales support.

Please address all communication to [email protected] ,alternatively call on USA +1 (8432903662) or drop us a message through the *Contact Us* section on any one of our OFFICIAL websites:

http://www.parachutesystems.co.za/ or http://www.parachutesystemsUSA.net/

*Launch SPECIAL on factory stock in pictures attached*
Online Shop Opening SOON!!!!

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The Vortex 2 V4 is basically made for canopies around 150 sqft.

We sold quite a few of those Containers in the past.. and i would say that any main canopy that is bigger than 150 sqft. doesn´t fit. (Standard ZP)

The reserve is also quite big for this container size.
We already put a PDR 143 into this size.. which fitted nice.. but i think PD says that their Optimum packs about one size smaller - compared to the standard PDR.

Until now we never put an Optimum into a Vortex.. but i think a OP 160 would be fine.

..sorry for my bad english.. hope i could help;)

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Thanks NV1!

That's exactly what we needed to know, sounds like we'll be going with the V5. When we asked customer service over at Parachute Systems and our rigger we had gotten some solid "maybes", but didn't want to risk ordering one of a maybe. Thanks again for the info!

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