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  1. The container is size M4 so 150-170 main, and the harness fits 5'10"-6'2" and probably 180-220lbs. Just getting the harness size based on I'm 5'10" and 180lbs, and the previous owner was 6'2" and 220lbs, and it fit both of us well. It does have the adjustable lift web which has about 4" of play, so might go a little taller and shorter. Thanks for taking the time to help!
  2. I have a 2012 Mirage G4.1 with a 1994 PD160-R I'm going to sell, and I am wondering how much I should ask? The container is in good condition, has adjustable lift webbing, an RSL, but is not articulated. The reserve is old, but in great condition as it has really only been out of the container for repacks. No rides. Just want to make sure I ask a fair price, any input is greatly appreciated!
  3. The data presented at the link is incomplete enough to be misleading. Their data for skydiving is easy enough to understand, as it makes sense that it is per jump. But it gets somewhat ambiguous for activities like football, canoeing, or hiking. Let's take canoeing for instance. The data says 1:10,000, but it doesn't say in 10,000 what. Is this per year? Per trip? Per hour? Skydiving is per jump, so figure that's the risk for about 5 minutes skydiving. Data from American Whitewater puts the risk of mortality from whitewater boating's most deadly year (1998) at 1.15 for every 100,000 user days. Which means 1 person dies for every 87,000 days spent boating. So let's translate that to skydiving. 1 jump is statistically safer than a whole day spent on whitewater (not by much, 1:87,000 vs. 1:100,000(according to the infographic at the link)). But if you, like most skydivers, usually go for 5 or more in a day's jumping, than a days jumping becomes a little more dangerous than spending the day on the river. Not by a whole lot for this example, but the same issue exists with the data for most the activities on that awful little infographic, so it ends up being pretty misleading when it comes to some fairly benign activities like hiking or driving. Source for my whitewater data:
  4. Thanks NV1! That's exactly what we needed to know, sounds like we'll be going with the V5. When we asked customer service over at Parachute Systems and our rigger we had gotten some solid "maybes", but didn't want to risk ordering one of a maybe. Thanks again for the info!
  5. That's their old website. Their new website is actually here Wouldn't be on the forums if I hadn't already checked the website. And talked to my rigger. And talked to the factory. Thanks for trying!
  6. My girlfriend is in the process of getting her first rig, and we are looking to order a Vortex 2 container. We are trying to determine if an Optimum Reserve 176 and a Sabre2 170 will fit into a Vortex 2 size V4. We want the smallest container that can hold these canopies, so she has the option of keeping the container for as long as possible if she chooses to downsize. If anyone out there has a Vortex size V4 (or close to it), what canopies do you have in it and how do they fit?