Elastic wrist mount for Neptune 2?

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Did you ever find a solution for this one?

Somebody I know actually bought a Viso II elastic mount, trimmed off the plastic, and punched tiny holes in the neoprene and screwed his Neptune to the surface. He used big washers to prevent the screws from pulling through. He says it works fine and it looked ok to me. I bought one but haven't modded it yet.

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The silicone sleeve for N3 in the Elastic Wrist Band Mount is made specifically for N3's form factor. The same style mount for Atlas has a sleeve that is also made specifically for that device.

I just pushed a Neptune into the sleeve of the N3 Elastic Wrist Band Mount. I was able to squeeze it in, but it does not fit well and affects both visual access to the display and to a greater degree physical access to the buttons.

Alti-2 does not recommend using the N3 or Atlas Elastic Wrist Band Mount for Neptune.
Alti-2, Inc. Staff

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