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Wingloading is the total exit weight divided by the square footage of the canopy expressed as a ratio. If you are fully geared up and your total weight is 170 pounds and the canopy is 170 Sq Feet then it is 1 pound to 1 Sq Ft or 1:1. Your typical student rig, jumpsuit, helmet, etc all weighs about 30-35 pounds so add that to your body weight and then divide by the size canopy.

Your average male is about 170 lbs and the gear is around 30 so that is 200 pounds exit weight, typical student canopies are 210-260 so your wingloading might be from .95:1 - .76:1.

Experienced jumpers might have a wingloading of 1:1 all the way to 2.5:1 or higher.
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