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  1. thedude325

    Optimum Reserves PS: John is a great guy. He saw me flat packing my sabre one day and dropped what he was doing to give me a free pro packing class. I plan on getting the optimum and pulse when i order my new rig.
  2. thedude325

    Febreeze on canopy?

    I feel your pain. I bought my scuba gear for a great price on eBay and unpacked it to find it absolutely reeked of smoke. It took a lot of washing to get it out. If you jump the canopy a couple times, I'm sure the smell will fade. If not, use a respirator, and give the guy (or gal) an evil look as you're inspecting it.
  3. thedude325

    Camera Mount

    Is this why taxes are so high in Canada?
  4. thedude325

    UPT's New Delivery Time

    Wow, they JUST changed it. I was on the site like 3 hours ago and it was 18 weeks.
  5. thedude325

    Vigil 2 vs Cypres 2

    It's spelled cypres. That's your call to make. Educate yourself on the products. Check the gear section at the top of the page.
  6. thedude325

    Skydivers and the 'door'

    As I'm a solo jumper right now, I'm usually the one who opens the door. I get to spot, which is great. Ask your instructor to show you how. Sticking your head out and looking down is neat.
  7. thedude325

    Beginner in need of help

    Sorry I misread your post, hence the edit. You should talk to your instructor about what is a good choice for you, but if you want to know about how well a canopy or other gear performs, check out the gear tab at the top of the page. It has reviews of the most common equipment used. Good luck, and blue skies!
  8. thedude325

    Life Insurance.

    Bump I'm curious too.
  9. thedude325

    new in CA

    i just did my first tandem too. I felt the exact same way, except for the nausea. I dunno about that, but i bet it will go away.