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short version: went camping, at&t blackberry curve slept in a puddle all night, phone is ruined. my cousin gave me her old t mobile curve, which is identical to the one i destroyed, but it wont read my sim.

i just did a little googling and figured out that the phone has to be unlocked, so i found some websites that sell 'mep codes'. a few questions:

1. is this legal/legit?
2. will it work?
3. if the answer to those questions is 'yes', when i order my code and it asks for the carrier/provider, do i put at&t because it's the service i use, or tmobile because it's the original provider of the soon to be unlocked phone?

so confused. help?:)
Oh Canada, merci pour la livraison!

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you need to use the carrier the phone was used on. or purchased from new. usually if you contact the carrier of the phone, they will give you the unlock codes for free. but not always.

if you already have the code, or are trying to get the code, then you need to use Tmobile as the carrier if that is the carrier that the phone was bought new from.

it is not illegal at all. if you own the phone you have every right to use it on whatever carrier you wish.

if you have trouble getting an unlock code from Tmobile, you could try someone who has an account with them to call and tell them they have this extra phone they want to sell but they need the unlock code to sell it. they will likely give you the unlock code then.

good luck!

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