It's that Time of Year Again . . .

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In past years I've asked my skydiving friends to get involved with "Letters to Santa." This was helping young children when they ask Santa for clothing, school supplies, a warm winter coat for Mom, etc, However, due to the U.S. Postal Service being in financial trouble they have scaled back the program except for in some major cities. Another factor, if you can believe it, is some not very nice people were using the program to stalk the kids!

So this year I'm asking for monetary donations to "Meals on Wheels." I started volunteering with the Los Angeles MOW program (the largest MOW program in the country) and they really do a tremendous amount of good. We prepare and distribute 3600 meals per day to the elderly, the seriously ill, shut-ins, and others who for any reason can't shop or prepare meals for themselves. One very important thing it does for the elderly is gives them a few more years in their own homes before moving into and becoming dependent on a senior care facility.

MOW depends almost entirely on private donations to fund the program so I'm asking for the price of one jump ticket even if it's just a hop & pop. We are a non-profit so all contributions are tax deductible.

You can do it online here:


Or directly to us at:

St. Vincent Meals on Wheels
2131 West Third Street
Los Angeles, CA 90057

In either case indicate the word "Skydiver" somewhere with your donation and maybe we can become a yearly force MOW can count on.

Thanks! And have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

NickD :)

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Funny that you mentioned Meals on Wheels. My grandmother just passed on this week and I took on the task of what to do with her clothing. We could have donated them to Goodwill, but she had nice clothes and I wanted them to go directly to someone who might be on a fixed income. After a few phone calls to different organizations, I was finally directed to Meals on Wheels. They said they'd be happy to pass on her things to someone in need. It makes me really happy that this organization exists for the elderly. :)

She is Da Man, and you better not mess with Da Man,
because she will lay some keepdown on you faster than, well, really fast. ~Billvon

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meals on Wheels everywhere, does a fine job to help those who have reached a point in life where mobility is an issue, where friends and family numbers have lessened and where folks Really DO need some good nutrition AND neeed someone to "check in on them " each day..

It's a win -win situation. the folks who are helped, look forward to the daily visit,,, as brief as it might be. and the Folks who Work with the program are able to enjoy some sense of Giving,,, of looking out for their fellow community members and of helping out,,,, alll year long...
you made a wise choice skymama to look into that program, in your area..
This season and all year long.... it's better to Give,, than to receive

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