Did my check dive - video

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Hi guys. I haven't really posted here; just been browsing and reading as I went through my A license progression.

Anyway, I just did my check dive with the awesome people out at Skydive Oregon. Feels good to be part of the club.

Check it out - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qcWgGD_rl8


Looks like you never received proper greetings - So Welcome to the forums.

looks like a good bit of video there -

Have fun and be safe - I'll look for you in the forums in the future.

Be sure to read them all, they all have their own brand of info - some are serious, some are all for fun.

Again, Welcome, and enjoy!

Don't froget to bring your extra thick skin sometimes though.;)

Edited for fat fingers
I'm not usually into the whole 3-way thing, but you got me a little excited with that. - Skymama
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I didnt know the old Turtle but the New one seems like one helluva nice guy. Welcome to the forum Crohnie

I know the old turtle and he must have stepped away from his computer and someone else is posting all the nice replies..:P

Welcome to the new poster. I am sure you will have fun reading the posts we make that are full of useful information.
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