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Hi, this is martina from Vienna.
I´ve been roaming the different forums for a few weeks now, mostly reading, twice posting, but it occured to me some days ago now that I haven´t even said hello first, which is probably very impolite, isn´t it?!
so let me catch up on introducing myself now:
my name is martina, I´m almost 40 y old and two years ago I fulfilled a long-dreamed wish: a parachute jump.
I was very lucky as my tm was/is a very nice and inspiring confidence guy. as it happens to many others too, I got immediately addict to this wonderful world up in the sky, mostly to the seconds of freefalling.
I´ve had five further tandems since then; unfortunately my personal situation doesn´t allow to make an AFF-training right now, but in spite of my age I intend to catch up to somewhen. and until then I´ll cheer up with some more tandems, in may or june I´ll jump again and I´m absolutey looking forward to.
roaming about in dropzone.com makes things easier, too.
wish you all blue skies

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hi martina

nice to have you on board - especially as we live in the same city B|
where & with whom did you jump? feel free to have a peak into stammtisch

& alles nochmal auf deutsch: schön dich an bord zu haben - vor allem da wir in der gleichen stadt wohnen. wo & mit wem bist du denn in die lüfte gegangen? ach ja - die neugier :)

schau doch auch mal im stammtisch rein - da beißt auch keiner!

greetz - feuergnom
The universal aptitude for ineptitude makes any human accomplishment an incredible miracle

dudeist skydiver # 666

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