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  1. I leave my pro-track on slo mode for all jumps. I also jump a Neptune at the same time. This lets me compare the two. I have known for years that I would not put money on anyting a protrack says, It is an excellent product- but it is a tool not a scientific fact. I have compared protracks on the same freefly skydive and find as much as 10% descrepancies. Both were not in slow mode. Anyway blue skies and safe landings Cancer Chris
  2. Hello , How much money is invested to buy the Garmin/software.ect. How much to get involved. I have thought about this some. Just interested Cancer Chris
  3. I am interested in top mounting something for some time. I looked a Garmin I think the brand name is . well The thought of holding my head out the door of 10 sec. pre-exit to insure signal very fun. I keep asking myself what the value of the data might be. verses spending 300-500 bucks. I am interested but not ready to throw money away. Think about how you mark way-points and is it possible to reach the G.P.S. buttons in the suit. Enough said there is a lot to think about. Cancer Chris
  4. The people with more experience with the suits. and certainly a BMI. should always take that command role and check over novice people. There is a lot of intergration between suit and rig. I always teach leg straps first. Or, maybe Birdman could get a TSO rating. Ha Ha. Cancer Chris
  5. Hello, I enjoyed reading your posts. My impresssion is BASE is NOT skydiving it is cheating death. I have a few Birdman jumps. I am more intrested with the "swoop" what I call it. Moving speeds both vertical/ horizontal to put you where you want to be. Ifyou have any thoughts on this topic I am all ears. Your Friend Cancer Chris
  6. Hey, Good to hear from you . Thanks, I am day/ day when it comes to skydiving. I will be in Rantoul this year. I have made about 23 jumps since my bone marrow transplant 3/11/04. I made a jump with some guy with 15 birdman jumps. I made some errors. Bottom line he lands on D.Z. I land off and PLF on some road. Ouch road rash but healed already. It is a longer story but my healing was a good indicator of how my immune system doing so well. Anyway, good to hear from you hope you will be in Rantoul, but maybe I could come to Deland for some fun let me know if you have anything going on this summer, Z-hills is cool as well. Your Friend Cancer Chris
  7. Hello, and congrats on your jumps. Freefall is really cool. Keep flying-- Blue Sky Soft Landings. Greetings from Fl. Cancer Chris
  8. Hello, I know the best D.Z. in Fl is Z-Hills. They do lots of video transfers I.E. VHS--DVD. Plus the pro shop on the D.Z. may have the video you are looking for. Your Friend Cancer Chris
  9. Hello, Welcome to Fl. and skydiving. I love this sport . In my opinion the best D.Z. in Fl. is Z-hills. Check it out. Your Friend Cancer Chris
  10. Congrats. Sell the wife, hawk the car, live on a drop zone, then your hoooked. welcome to the world of skydiving. P.S. Max out credit cards just keep jumping. Cancer Chris
  11. Hello, Welcome to skydiving and Fl. A good drop zone to check out in Fl. is Z-hills, I guess that is why I live here. Anyway Blue Skies Cancer Chris
  12. Hello, Congrats on your jump. If your get into the sport your "eyes" will open to time distortion due to adrenaline,hypoxia, ect. get two hundred jumps and try bridman. You can notice time distortion more. Your Friend Cancer Chris
  13. Hello, Take a look at Low pull in Slovinia.(Video) There is a lot of speed there.
  14. Hello, I call it a swoop from fully flexed -100% body and suit performance in a flight mode / Colapse the wings to up to about 80% vertical for five sec. for example and flex to orignal body flex. Even with 120lbs. person and does a "perfect" swooop in the S3-BIRDMAN not able to suvive landing on the ground.
  15. Hello, I live on a D.Z. in Fl. have made over 535 wing suit jumps mostly in an S1(Love my S3). I have a note book of notes on the suits flying ability. Basically it is a wing to weight ratio. Also, what you are trying to do I.E. Max. flight time, Distance; not to mention atmosphere.