Wing suit simulator in Far Cry 3

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Jason Brody (born December 30, 1987) is the main protagonist of Far Cry 3. Jason came to the Rook Islands while on a skydiving trip with a group of friends and was captured by Pirates.

You receive a wing suit later on the game.

"This design is top secret. Do not, under any form of torture, no matter what is done to you, tell Hollywood I stole it from a prop warehouse."
— Survival Guide


-This is your stop. Fly. Jason. Fly.
-Are you sure that wingsuit works?
-Trust me. Just extend your arms it's gonna work.

Fly. Jason. Fly.

The simulation flies quite slow and you can deploy your canopy in no time appox 2 sec in about 15-20 in-game-meters.
You can jump from a plane once, but you can find lots of suitable place for jumping B.A.S.E in this open-world game.
There are lots of cliffs, antenna, some bridges and at least one light tower.

Some WS B.A.S.E proxy flying

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