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Hi to all,

I am paragliding pilot. In paragliding it's usual to record flights with GPS and share the tracklogs in a servers. The most popular server is the International Leonardo (http://paraglidingforum.com/leonardo/tracks/world/alltimes/) - on this server you can see thousands of flights all over the world with paragliders, hanggliders, sailplanes and others...

I see that it's popular to video your flights with many cameras mounted on the legs, arms, chest, helmet and etc, but it seems that it's not popular at all to record the flight with GPS. I'm wondering why!?

It will be very interesting to see at least one wingsuit flight logged with general purpose GPS or with specialized free-flight instrument (Flymaster, Brauniger, Flytec ...) and uploaded in one of the servers. It will be interesting for me and for you also! It will be good for the sport to have place for sharing flights... All you will need is GPS, cable (usually standard micro-USB cable) and computer with Windows. We use this software to download the tracklogs - GPSDump (http://www.gethome.no/stein.sorensen/body_gpsdump.htm). It downloads the data from the GPS and creates an IGC file. You can upload later this tracklog file to any Leonardo server. The process takes 5 - 10 minutes.

I will appreciate if someone makes this!!! Thanks in advance!


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The awesome program that is paralog allows you to import logs from a GPS (or alti etc) and then if you pay a little bit every year you can have them hosted in the cloud as an online log book.

Here is mine.


You can access any of the jumps on the left hand side, look at the flight stats and graphs and also view them using a google earth plug in.
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I have a lot of flights recorded in CSV and KML formats(Thanks Hellis).

The KML is viewable in GoogleEarth. Maybe later today I can attach a couple to this thread.

I put 2 KML files in this folder,

Opened in Google Earth you can right click on the Freefall "track" and select Elevation Profile to see graphs of several aspects of the flight.

[inline capture.jpg]
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If you mean the paralog website, you can choose to look at tracks by suit (on the left) so the records give you an idea of what you can do based on the suit you are flying... That is not a tool we use to learn, we look to more experienced pilots to learn. It is only a tool we can use to compare each other and also to help us set goals.

In my case flying the P2 I looked at the website and saw that the best times were around 60 sec. but knowing the body types of those guys I knew I could never beat them but I got coaching and was able to get to 50 sec. I can't do better than that in a P2, I have tried and tried and turns out that is the max I can get out of my suit unless I lose 20 lbs.

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