Infinity floating laterals for wingsuiting

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I’m considering an Infinity rig and would like to try the floating laterals option. How bad would it be for the wingsuit?
My current Wings has cut-in laterals and besides a little distortion I don’t think it is a big deal for the suit. OTOH I’m afraid the floating laterals could cause extra tension since there are 2 straps spread in an angle.
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From Velocity Rigs:

> > If you plan on wingsuiting 100% of the time, you don't have a need for
> > floating laterals. Floating laterals are excellent for freeflying, and
> > can still be used with a wingsuit, but if it is a wingsuit rig, they
> > are not needed. If you plan on doing some wingsuiting and will be
> > freeflying still, floating laterals are still fine to have on your
> > rig. If it is going to be a 90-100% wingsuiting rig, I would not put
> > floating laterals on your rig as they aren't needed for wingsuiting,
> > but it won't be a danger to you if they are on the rig. I have
> > floating laterals on my rig which I predominately do freestyle with
> > but I will do about 10 wingsuit jumps a year on it and don't have a
> > problem.

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