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Three People Narrowly Escape in Tandem Collision (Video)

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Three people were lucky to be left alive after a collision between a TI, tandem client and a cameraman. The incident, which was uploaded to Facebook, shows an initial clip of the cameraman's point of view as he makes contact with the top of the TI's canopy. Unconfirmed reports suggest that the cameraman was supposed to be recording the next tandem but had insufficient exit separation between himself and the previous tandem.

The cameraman involved in the incident commented on the video on social media with the following:

Regardless of fault, this video serves as a good lesson as to why exit separation remains a crucial factor in reducing collisions in flight. There were no reports of serious injury from the incident, which was only inches from a very different ending.




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Gotta be the camera flyer's fault. Talk about no separation! TI is to be commended though. Kept his cool and did what he had to do.

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I have seen tandems track up the jumprun line when the student's legs were pointing straight out. IDK the seconds of separation or jumprun speed in this incident. I have more questions than answers at this point. Perhaps the cameraman could tell us more. 

My wife had a similar incident when videoing one of my tandems. A new sit flyer backslid up the jumprun line, to a point underneath us. She barely missed his open canopy, yet we had left with plenty of separation. 

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Criticizing the TI for being too busy videoing to pull the reserve ripcord.

Landing with a ripcord still in your harness is sloppy.

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