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  1. welcome! i jump at the ranch too, you will love it :) season starts slowing down october-nov.. but the random warmish days Nov-Mar bring some people out to make a jump or two. most north east birds travel south in the winter i think skys the limit in PA stays open all year round.. last year at the ranch we jumped the day after thanksgiving, new years day, a couple days in feb, and some others too. it was a strange strange winter here :) good luck!
  2. but you are right, i do have very special needs...
  3. so here i am stalking ski's profile, seeing what i 've missed and see i am now dubbed special needs at least i'm SOMEONE'S favorite. Suck it dave!
  4. THIS is what needs to be in the papers as well.. somehow he has been overlooked by the media and called simply "the instructor from brooklyn" in all the articles. This was truly a beautiful weekend of flying. i am hurting terribly for everyone closest to him, and even though i only knew him very briefly, it was nice watching you smile Aleks...
  5. what about the wonderful, fantastical splendiferous birthday bash at the Farm?!?!?
  6. anyone have recommendations on where to stay on the cheap/free while jumping at arecibo? we're talking hostel, friendly skydiver's house, camping...
  7. oh wait nm. i'm not C licensed yet drats!
  8. any idea at all when it's usually held? does marathon have a dz that's nice to us during non-boogie times?
  9. come on now! it ain't aaaallll about you aaaallll the time! i want me some keys jumps this summer too! PS i plan to visit a few fla dzs in Aug, so you and your lazy ass can stay put and await my impending arrival
  10. anyone know a good dz for fun jumpers in the florida keys? seems like the key west dzs are all tandems... i know there has to be at least ONE decent one that is nice to those of us not paying 250 bucks a jump....
  11. i weigh 115. starting this rig on a 150 main, container goes down to a 135 main.
  12. in the process of putting together a first rig. every $ counts at this point and I'm currently stalking for a used pdr126 in the classifieds. my question is, how old is too old when considering this purchase? is a 15 yr old pdr too aged to consider? i know it is dependent upon use, care, etc, but what is the lifespan of one of these? anything more "unsafe" about a 15-17 y.o. reserve as opposed to a 10 y. o. one?
  13. how to best ensure that your reserve has clear airspace to deploy? i've found a few vids where the jumper works like hell to gather everything in after cutting away before pulling reserve, even though he was tangles in lines and bag from head to toe. i see what you are saying, slowing down and being pulled upright by the inflated reserve stops the mess from getting any messier, but ensuring that there is clean air behind you seems like it would be a main concern... i had a nasty incident on my 55th jump last month, was hesitant to post bc i've gotten LOTS of great advice and guidance from elders at my dz and pretty much figured out what went wrong, but i finally decided to expand my research and see what others have done in similar situations
  14. i have yet to reach the point where i actually know what else to do with myself! haha! there's a rumor that this will happen at some point....
  15. normal is a subjective term.. the first time affects everyone differently i think, some have a very rational, logical response to pursuing skydiving as a sport and some have a very emotional response. and it definitely changes as your experience level grows and changes. breakthroughs in skill progress, malfunctions, scary incidents, and moments that take your breath away. it all becomes a part of you, even the not so pleasant moments. i got licensed this summer and have made 60 skydives so far...still a new love for me, relatively. but yes, not a day (hour?) goes by that i don't long for sky.