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  1. Same exact message for me from Cynthia Quach... "my rigger says this is perfect for me", "how would you like payment", "send me pictures". What a fucking time waste...
  2. Just to finish it up here, I've been away for some time. Yeah, it looks like it is somewhat normal to have your chin out from under the helmet, and that is not a bad case. As for the folks who picked up on my other posts about this, I just have one thing to say: you guys don't know the whole story, I am not going to waste any more of my (and your) time with this. I have good dealings with the merchant who sold me the helmet, although I think he could have put himself in my place a little more before replying to my original post (it was a question of miscommunication, not malice). Also, I don't think I'll be back here in these forums anymore. Every single time I post here, and every time I try to gather information from other posts, the discussion devolves into name calling and ego fights within the first three replies. I think I'll start calling my instructors a little more and stop relying on the internet. I thought the skydiver spirit would override the need to stomp on everybody you meet online in these forums, but I was mistaken. Blue skies to everyone who genuinely tried to help, I hope I see you at the DZ sometime. Cheers!
  3. Just a final post here to close this down, because things are devolving quickly into chaos now that the troll patrol has woken up. With everything in life you always see two sides, especially when humans are involved. I find Skydiving to be different in just one aspect. It looks like the kindness and helpfulness of people are amplified in this sport. On the other hand, it seems the nastiness and mean spirit grows by the same amount. As a newbie, I've been lucky to encounter much more of the former than of the latter, both on the DZ and here. So thank you to the first few posters who gave constructive advice, thank you Dave from BadDog, who as I already mentioned, is working hard to fix the issues, and to the nasties, I hope to meet you at the DZ someday, maybe you can actually teach me something I can use. That would be great.
  4. You use two different email addresses and two different names, and you expect the seller to sort the mess out. I used two different LAST NAMES, and my first name is "Tiago". How many "Tiago"s do you know sir? Oh wow. you're a 54+ year old man and you have that attitude? I feel sorry for you. Please tell your Kennedy Center Honor's earning friends, as well as your Nobel Peace Prize winning friends I said hi.
  5. Absolutely NOWHERE did I say anything that was not a statement of fact. My concerns were voiced here because I thought I could get an honest reply from people who had done business with Dave before, not a completely gratuitous post like yours which adds absolutely NOTHING to the discussion. I am not going to get into details here, but if Dave has a moment he will back me up in that it wasn't my fault things went the way they did. At no point I posted anything slanderous, you should check your dictionary to see what that word means. The fact that Dave and I are in good terms just shows it was an unfortunate sequence of events.
  6. Hi Dave... I don't want to get into a lot of details here (I'll send you an email later on), but all that was needed to solve this mess was a message saying: "look, your details don't match what we have for the account, could you confirm you are really you by letting us know exactly how you placed the order?". That would have assuaged my fears. After all, the order was paid already. And for every body following along, I would like to say that despite the communication problems we've had before I received the product, everything went all right. I did have a problem with sizing of the helmet (I took the blame for it, but I forward that blame to Bonehead Composites and their weird measuring guide
  7. Hi folks. I just purchased a Bonehead Mamba helmet. Despite following their measurement guide to the letter, the size I ordered doesn't fit. The thing is: it fits comfortably "around" my head. It feels snug and doesn't give me that insta-headache you get when you put on a helmet too small. Problem is: my chin is waaaay out in the bottom. It's as if my head is too long (giant brain, you know). This is my first full face helmet, so I wanted to get some insight if this is just really wrong sizing, or maybe there is something I am doing wrong here. Cheers!
  8. So I got the helmet today, but the lens is cracked. FML. We'll see if I can get a hold of the guy for a replacement.
  9. Just to give an update, I actually learned something new today. You can call FedEx and they'll be able to track a package for you even without the tracking number, just based on your destination address. Now, they won't give you the tracking number, but they will give you all associated info (current location and delivery date). I called them and they confirmed the package is on it's way, so that a plus for Baddog for shipping on time and as advertised. Still a negative mark for not providing ANY feedback, but as long as the product is shipped properly, I can accept that. Cheers!
  10. Oh yeah, I'm not worried about losing any money, I paid through PayPal, I don't even have to ask, I can just refund it myself. The thing is: I WANT MY HELMET!!!!! :-D
  11. Yes, I tried the phone number listed on the site, tried replying to the automated order confirmation I got, tried sending them a message through the website, even looked at their WHOIS info to see who owns the domain itself. All phone numbers are the same, where nobody picks up and I get a voicemail (where I already left a couple of messages). I'll update here on Saturday...
  12. The 2003 post in the forums wasn't a consideration when I ordered from them. They are listing some products in the classifieds, and from there I got to their website, which is up to par (looks legit). Only after placing the order and trying to reach them for several hours with no success did I search for them at the forums and came up with that post (which actually speaks very highly of the company). We shall see on Sunday, when my order is scheduled to be delivered...
  13. Hello folks. I saw an ad here in the classifieds from this company and purchased a helmet from them. I read in a 2003 post here in the forum that they are a good company and the owner is very helpful, but since I placed the order a couple of days ago I've been trying to contact this company with no success. Has anyone purchased from them recently? I'm afraid I've placed an order with a shuttered business that charged me for it but has no plans to deliver.
  14. Hello folks! I'm pretty much a newb in the sport, having gotten my A license only a few months ago. Unfortunately I live far from my home DZ (Skydive DeLand) so I only get to jump every couple of months or so (I'm becoming an expert on filling out the recurrency form). My question is the following: what should be my next steps in the sport? I am looking forward to start doing freefly (sitfly in particular), and I feel sometimes I am wasting my money just belly flying solo in every jump. Should I start RW before moving to freefly? Is it too early to do either of those things? I only have 31 jumps, and I am VERY safety focused, I just don't really know what the right moment would be to start moving past belly flying. Thanks a bunch for the advice! If it helps at all, here's my latest recurrency jump video: http://quase.us/j28
  15. Thanks. I had already placed a bid on a Gedi, but if I don't win, I'll get myself a Surf. I was looking at pictures of my instructor and just noticed he also uses the Surf (funny how I never realized that). Cheers!
  16. Thanks. How about jumping the Gedi model without the visor?
  17. Hiya folks. I am looking into purchasing a Gath Gedi with the small visor as my first helmet. I already read all the flame wars here about how it is (or is not) appropriate for skydiving. Let's leave that aside for a moment. I wanted to ask about the visor (the small one, not the full face version). It looks like it would catch a lot of wind, being pretty open on the lower end, around your nose and mouth. Can anyone give me any idea on how it performs in relation to "catching wind"? Thanks a bunch :-)
  18. FL_new_jumper's experience is similar to mine. I twisted my ankle pretty bad on my first AFF. I am the type of guy who will read and prepare extensively for everything he does, so as to do it right the first time. When I got hurt, I was more mad than scared. Still, after about a month, I started jumping again and I felt scared of getting hurt again. I remember on the ride up I used to think "what am i doing here, i just want to be at home, safe", but I always found that those feelings would go away after the jump. If you can, I would suggest giving it one more shot, and not letting an accident turn you away forever from what could be a great experience that will be with you forever.