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  1. Positive vibe. Something you may not always find at every DZ, but you will find in abundance at Skydive Danielson. For me, it's what has set SDD apart from any DZ I have visited. Its not a coincidence that SDD has been rated "Best Small DZ in the Country" by Blue Skies magazine for 3 straight years. Everyone who visits the DZ or calls it home believes that. The owners are amazing and the staff is beyond courteous and professional. I can say with a degree of certainty that I may have left the sport of skydiving years earlier had I not discovered Skydive Danielson. Whether student or fun jumper, it is a "must visit" DZ.
  2. Back to The Nail. In all fairness, it does say "Killer design" in the description, so there may be some truth in advertising there.