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  1. DSE, did you interview Icarus / NZaero?
  2. Let's hope we can all get sorted and end this nonsense
  3. I'm not denying that I asked you to hold it for a while after it was manufactured, because I couldn't pay the full taxes at that time. I asked you, yes to maybe help me find a way to avoid tax, you willingly agreed (never forced you) to try and help me out.. I waited, the communication from you started fading away over the course of autumn and winter and I was left in the unknown on what's happening or what the plan was.. Before christmas you contacted me saying that the canopy is being held at my country's customs and that it should be released after the holidays.. Apparently the canopy was returned back to you.. I don't blame you for any kind of problems why the customs didn't pass my canopy. So now I asked you to ship it via courier. I was constantly writing to your emails / FB with questions about how's the shipping going / any tracking numbers etc. I wouldn't get any straightforward reply, but that you would look it up the next day and provide the needed info. I write one mail, wait for a week, two and then I get the same reply.. So I got frustrated of being in the unknown and contacted the manufacturer and also posted in this thread.. I never intended any business harm to you / your company. I just want strong communication on how to sort this problem out so we'd all be happy..
  4. Edited due to naming.. But anyway, I think most people know who we're talkin about.. Someone that really likes to "sell" the Micron and Icarus package (AU)..
  5. Just received another same "relative problem" excuse from the dealer in question.. No information whether my canopy is shipped or not (not to mention any tracking numbers), it's whereabouts or anything whatsoever.. That's something I'm utterly boggled about as well.. One of the main reasons I ordered from him was that he seemed revered and a reputable person according to, however it seems he's not for whatever reason that is unknown..
  6. I've got the same problem with the same (if I'm not mistaken) dealer. I ordered a full UPT Micron with PDR and Icarus Safire2, I received the container + reserve however the main canopy that has been made and shipped to the dealer in August 2010 still hasn't arrived to me and the dealer is barely responding (if at all) and when he does it's some lame excuse... It's been utterly frustrating.. Yes, I contacted the manufacturers, they said they'd contact him, but I still haven't had any replies..