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  1. There is no acceptance of the real facts in the case on this forum. In most every case, the information is intentionally incorrect or intended to mislead the obvious. The thread is merely a medium for proliferation of mis-information by storytellers like Blevins who seek notoriety from an orange crate pulpit. I think the forum should be shut down and erased as it offers very little in true facts other than Mrs. Weber's basic premise which can not be proven to a bunch of naysayers. It is not a factual account of history, merely what certain people and their representatives wish to have you believe. Hint: It really ain't the case. It is simply window dressing to hide the real truth. Our Government does not tell you everything. Sometimes you get tricked into going along with their program. Figure it out yourself. Don't be taken in by these hucksters.
  2. Misdirection of facts from the top down. Everything is not as it seems and is usually the opposite of the true fact. Project design is based on dyslexia. The dummy chute was Bill's and everyone is covering for Bill. SEE ATTACHMENT
  3. The Sleuths now have a standing offer to go to the site where the chute was discovered and dig for more evidence. It's on their website. No harness or container were found with the Amboy chute, meaning someone removed them and took them elsewhere. Or they are still undiscovered nearby, and if found, would identify the chute. And somebody took the trouble to bury the canopy, as well. In a score or more of nationally and internationally published articles, Earl Cossey is quoted repeatedly saying he dismissed the chute as Cooper's because it was silk and not nylon. However, it is unlikely that the chute is actually MADE of silk. In the end, the Seattle FBI dismissed the chute as Cooper's without giving an actual reason on how they determined this. Not one. Five years later, in response to inquiries about the Amboy chute asking for any reason the chute was dismissed, the Seattle FBI says: ***'It is evidence in an ongoing case...' Maybe a FOIA request is in order here. How do you REALLY know the truth? And the truth on that is this: You don't. ______________________________________________ "However, does any of this mean that Cossey was right when he dismissed the Amboy chute as not being a Cooper chute... " You have to discount Cossey completely and not believe anything he said because he was part of the operation. He was the "go-to-guy" for the FBI to get the chutes. I know for a fact that the "X" chute was packed by Bill, not Cossey, and the chutes were intentionally stored with Cossey specifically for this operation. I clearly remember the entire conversation. Bill preferred the "older" chutes because they were better. It was the FBI that screwed things up on the retrieval of the chutes. I talked with Cossey about it. His comment to me and others was, "There are a lot of very important people involved here..." I can give you the list again, if you would like. That's the REAL truth of the matter. Not some cabin boy fairy story brewed up in the far reaches of your mind at the request of our mutual friend. Gotcha! You are an open book, Blev.
  4. ______________________________________________ "Care to explain KAJW4899? maybe it was BR-549?" CB radio licence callsign, smarty pants! Gees, you are always wrong on everything it seems. It is the only thing I can rely on with complete certainty. I don't remember my Hodgman callsign, but BR-549 sounds close. That sucker had some POWER!
  5. "..... I mean even McCoy types were carrying real weapons..... " ______________________________________________ Actually, Mac's 45 was empty and the grenade was a dummy paperweight. Yah, real, but non-functional. Mac said the guy sitting across the isle was a big football type that could have taken him out in a second and he was scared to death that he might! A lot of little facts are hidden in the FBI training film of his hijacking, like wing tip shoes on the FBI Agent delivering the money... Mac helped make the film, if that gives you any clues. Bob Knoss
  6. Here is an entry in the "FBI Notes" for 7:55 PM PST with Tina back in the cockpit. "MSPFO asked for stewardess best recollection of exact content of HJ briefcase. She got on radio [this would be the radio patch to MSP thru the ARINC network] and gave following basic information: - Eight red sticks, about 6" by 1" in left corner of briefcase, 'look like big firecrackers.' Two rows of sticks, four on top of four. - Wire attached to dynamite with red insulation. - Battery 'like flashlight battery, but about 6" high and as big around as my arm.' - Red sticks are about the color 'of my uniform.' " My interpretation of Tina's remarks are that the sticks and the battery were about the same length. The battery was probably the same kind as Sluggo has pictured on his web page. Perhaps the battery's length can be found more accurately and provide a more accurate estimate of the length of the sticks. The wires that ran from the battery to the sticks had red insulation. And the color of the sticks was about the same shade of red as Tina's uniform. Himmelsbach looked at a NWA stewardess' uniform and got the impression that Tina might be describing road flares. Robert99 I was present when the instructions for building this thing were given to Duane Weber. Bill told Duane to "Go down to Hardware Hank and get some wood dowels and cut them into lengths and PAINT them red. Get some wire and wad it up and throw it in there. You'll need a battery and maybe a clock too. It doesn't have to look real, just enough that someone could believe that it MIGHT be a bomb." I suspect that this is what Duane did as road flares as a rule are too big to fit the description given by Tina. Duane followed all of the other instructions exactly, so there is no reason to expect he would vary on this important task. This is the real truth of what happened, not speculation based on logic. It was designed to be a demonstration that did not happen. It was revived and used by the FAA under Nixon to persuade Congress to ratify the International Air Piracy Act, which they would not, did not do. Nixon then made it law by Executive Order. And THAT is your real BOMB!! Ask Nick O'Hara to spill the beans. He was in charge. It's a SECRET!! Like Nick says. Now Mr. Badgerman, McShutter, can claim all the bad things he wants to, since he wants to negate everything I say, but the truth of the matter is that I am telling you what really happened and he is guessing at best, if not fabricating like Blevins. I have no dog in this race except that I believe in total transparency. If it was right to do it, it should be right to 'fess up. If it was wrong, these guys should suffer the consequences. I think it was right. The politicians were wrong to put popularity above safety. If you don't understand this simple fact of truth, you should find a new hobby.
  7. [skyjack71] "This group did all kinds in infiltration into the Mafia, Unions and other things - places only excons or desperate people would fit into. The did the job for the money - but all of them were loyal to their commander and chief. He provide for them and helped them to turn their lives around. In fact I also admire the man for what he did - even though the federal government would have opposed and prosecuted this group had they had knowledge of what they REALLY did....some of these guys were renegades. The one I met turned out to be respectfully members of society & some of them are still alive." ______________________________________________ ----------------------------------------------------------------- Are you referring to the crew, "The Dog Boys?" The ones I call, "The Better Good Crew"? Scruffy, long-hair undercover guys that did as you suggest? Kind of a real-life "A Team"? They also got into the porno industry, the mob, wrestling, knock-off watches and Lord knows what else.
  8. OMG!!! Bleeper, you have adopted MY position!! But there WERE people that were hurt. Tina is NUMBER ONE!! Psychological problems and failed remedies you would not wish on a terrorist. O'Hara hasn't worked for the FBI for a long time, primarily due to this Project, I think. My life was negatively affected, also. And you have to spend half your life creating cover-up bull-crap to feed the populous to avoid prosecution and embarrassment. Not exactly a Thanksgiving Party they threw, Bleep. He didn't get away with $200,000.... He LOST most of it by burying it, unable to find where he buried it!! He saw what the results of the Project were, living in Florida for a very long time. But I appreciate your partial capitulation to the truth. Now, accept Duane Weber AKA Dan Cooper,, Project Norjak, a Government Authorized Covert Activity.
  9. HELLO OUT THERE TO ALL YOU VIEWERS WHO DON'T POST! 147 folks have viewed the above post in the past eight hours and only one person posted a response. If you are shy but would like to vote, you can send me your tally via email if you would like: bruce smith (one word) at rainier connect (one word) dot com . Also, if you think more categories should be added, please be my guest. YES, you need a new category, Bruce, and you know I ain't shy. "Skilled, dedicated but very poorly led." Too much secrecy and lack of oversight. Instructions to supply the parachutes for the mission were slow to get in the right hands. It was the only task assigned to 'the boys' and the involved agents did not get the job done quickly. The actual working agents were not aware of the Project and simply followed instructions. I have not done a good job of explaining this in the past, but that is what happened. The FBI knows exactly what happened but are hog-tied to do anything about it. Complicity, tampering, national security, legalities, workload priorities, even embarrassment, you name it. I have discussed it at length with a number of forthcoming agents and CIA McCoy. O'Hara won't discuss it because he promised not to. Good for him. I was forced to promise under duress, so my promise does not count.
  10. Ha-ha-ha-ha! And I'm the magic fairy from Never-Neverland. You are one of the most conceited, hateful, dishonest, underhanded persons I know, but I could be wrong. I don't think so. Just my opinion. Georger said so. And I KNOW I have an EXCELLENT sense of justice, truth and fair play. (;D) I'll rest for another period. Scream at the moon in my absence, I won't hear you.
  11. We have read your ridiculous postings and the one above prove you have NO MARBLES left at all. Do you understand what a Dummy Chute is? Evidently NOT. I know iota about chutes - but, if Cooper used the Dummy Chute as his main chute he died that night! Before you claimed the Dummy Chute contained jump boots - now you are saying he used it as a back CHUTE... Please take you medication and go to bed. WE all know you were NOT involved & THAT McCoy had nothing to do with Cooper other than doing a Copy CAT which failed miserably. If the rigger WAS involved - the dummy might have contained some kind of locator. PLEASE note that even this is out in left field, but NOT as absurd as the post you made above! Cooper had NO assurance of where the FEDS would obtain the chutes. THE ABOVE IS 100% BULL CRAP! You know NOTHING of these subjects, but assume to be an expert. Wild speculation to dilute the absolute TRUTH! The dummy chute was a decoy filled with a good chute and packed by the same guy who was a "go-to" guy for A-1 perfectly packed chutes during his time in the Air Force. The same guy who packed Weber's chute in the training for Norjak. The same guy who was flying the Northwest aircraft. McCoy was the implementor and co-planner of Norjak and chose and procured Weber. He had used Weber for previous tasks and was pleased with his service. (Not to be discussed) McCoy was also Nichols' sergeant in the Army, if that helps you understand the associations. Weber knew that the FBI would be given the the chute location for their retrieval. The FBI had very little to do, but what responsibility they did have, they screwed up miserably. Took a while to get things straightened out and get the designated set of chutes including the good one marked as a dummy. Earl was the straw man and DID NOT pack the dummy. He stood in for the real packer, the obvious person, the pivot king pin, my "friend" the Hero. You know so little for being so positive that you know the truth from left field. Makes me think that you are not who you say you are, like Bruce suggested….. bite on that one. I'll take odds on it. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck, it is perhaps an animated decoy or a duck. 'Fess up. You're a straw stand-in. You overplayed your role. Gotcha! .
  12. I'd rather get my oats BEFORE they get to the horse, thank you. Having a little first-hand knowledge makes a HUGE difference in comprehending what has been through the horse and what is still palatable. I venture to proclaim that the greater majority of what those other than Jo profess here is the firm clumpy brown round variety of oats. Jo provides less of that, but I'm still not going to be seated at your table. Keep in mind I have no "reason" except to fight for TRUTH, apple pie, etc. "Thou shalt not bear false wittiness against thy neighbor!!" Don't eat bad oats, either!
  13. According to Tina (I think the actual incident is described in Tosaw's book), Cooper DID check the packing card of one of the backpacks. And apparently also checked to insure that the backpack had the proper rigger's "thread and lead" seal on the bottom ripcord pin. However, the above does NOT make Cooper an experienced jumper. It means simply that he knew how to pre-flight an emergency parachute. This plus other things that he did indicates that he was experienced in wearing emergency parachutes. Well, the truth of the matter is that Duane examined the string that the "dummy" chute was sewn shut with to be sure nobody tampered with it, because it was packed by the guy that trained him for this mission. I personally heard the instructions given to Weber first hand with my own ears. If he followed instructions, which Mac said he did, he jumped with the dummy chute on his back and the money roped to his front with parachute chords. He cut the stitching and rigged up that practice X chute. AND THAT IS A FACT, not speculation. I WAS there at the training and that is what was supposed to happen. Plural is Knosses. And the truth is often more strange than fiction. Fiction like your collective suppositions, fantasies and witches brews. Old Brewster is stirring the pot again. More talking out his bottom. These guys were heroes. Why make it a negative? There is so much Government interference in this case it could never be prosecuted and it is so old nobody really gives a Bleeper. Take the medicine, it is GOOD for you.
  14. You must have a Knoss complex. There are a number of Knosses. The other Bob Knoss who lived in Pa. has recently passed away and to Bleeper's dismay, it t'wer not I. I am available to fill in the blanks with truthful facts whenever you decide to quite this game playing. I continue to be amazed at the staying power you all have in the pursuit of misdirection trivia. Like it was really important or something. I'm all ears if anyone wants to susplain the logic of this banter that continues day after day after day… What's the point? If you can't convince 'em with facts, bury 'em in reams of bull. S.O.P. In order to create an accepted blizzard of fabrication it takes a whole government to support it. i.e., the UFO Russian distraction, Project Norjak, Patton's northern D-Day, Area 51, MLK's death, and a host of undiscussed occurrences. There comes a point when the effort outlives it's purpose. This one is such a waste of time. Some of these have been declassified, like the U2, stealth, Area 51, and a ton of other stuff. Cooper is no big deal. Give it up, people. We pulled the wool over the eyes of congress to get an unpopular job done. 'They' are probably doing lots worst things today. Face facts, too much power in the hands of a few corrupts absolutely. Too much hydrogen on the brain produces Brain Farts. It is a disorder displayed by one book printer dude on here who acts as a megaphone for all disinformation and a leader of attacks on any truth that might be presented. Strange how anything that is real fact is disputed by this person. Anything and everything truthful. A real distractor of apple pie, Mom, the American Way and Chevrolet. I wish everyone to take a long look at this. The King has no clothes!!! And the Queen is a little loose with, "Off with his head!" "My way or the hiway!" Other than that, this used to be a fun place to visit. The real facts remain that Duane Weber was DB Cooper, Richard McCoy procured him and the copilot trained him, then McCoy duplicated the jump himself. Initially for a pilot safety demonstration to the airlines, and ultimately as an example of air piracy used to justify executive orders. Those are the real facts about Norjak. It is just typical old USA in action.
  15. I do not know of anything that idiots spent as much time debating for no good purpose other than the "Not Weber and McCoy" story. Endless arguments about insignificant trivia and unsupported fabrications of non-truths. Santa Claus never got this attention, but I'm certain there is more factually correct information written on the Claus subject. Even the woman Weber was married to, supposedly, can't verify basic facts without claiming to be the source of the information. Unreal! Or is it? What is her objective? She denies facts I know to be true. For what reason? I am convinced it is grasping at anything to put herself back in the center of the "brew-ha-ha." The "authority" even if it is a fabrication. She tells me one thing then prints something else, so I know she doesn't represent facts correctly here. A Bleeper in reverse, if you will. Good cop, bad cop, but both are playing with marked cards. Why so much attention and heat about an old dried up non-story? It only gets real heat when the real facts are discussed, then the switchboard lights up!! The rest of the time it is a one-on-one debate on an irrelevant bank account that goes on for years. Pretty obvious, Boys. When anybody who really cares what really happened can break the code of secrecy, the truth will be exposed. If the FBI, et al were truly changed from the J Edgar days, I would expect you might hear the truth, but that ain't gunna happen. They'd take another hit, like Waco, Ruby Ridge, and all the less famous "Better Good" Big Brother decisions made at various levels of our Government, then they would move on until another opportunity came along to deceive everyone. "By the people, for the people…" is a sham after you reach the point of too much power in the hands of too few. Decisions made contrary to the rule of law, by exception due to the interpretation of assigned powers. It is illegal, but the President can authorize it and whomever is caught is going to be the scapegoat. You know the list of examples. McCoy is one, North is another. Long list. Nick O'Hara was asked about the validity of what I say. As I read his response it was basically that HE could keep a secret and I should also. So I'm the bad guy who is 100% nuts, who dreams up this crap and the guy who everyone wants to discredit. Funny that what I describe is sequentially, minute for minute consistent with the official history of the FAA in airline safety. Funny that the two men who planned this "Project" should verify what I present but officially deny it. Very few CIA people ever discuss what they did. That is changing, and I think it should, to a point. This Project does not qualify in my opinion, knowing the facts. Our leader underhandedly overruled an unpopular vote and sided with the rest of the world to control public safety that was getting out of hand and showed promise of chaos. Something unpopular had to be done, and it was. It is called, "The Better Good." Read about it. It is NOT my imagination. All the facts are available for you scrutiny. You just have to fill in the blanks with the obvious, not Dropzone speculation. Yours truly, Caretaker Al