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  1. My wife has a V308 with an OPT 143, and it is a tight fit for sure. Doable, but tight, especially if you are planning on filling out the main tray as well. She has a Safre2 129 as a main and the combo seems pretty tight all around.
  2. I misinterpreted 1:1 to mean straight down, when clearly its referring to a 45º angle... so probably no angles... I just wanted to freefly in the wingsuit tunnel! Cool stuff either way, cant wait to see the progression and innovation it brings!
  3. I'm daydreaming about angle flying in this thing (with no wingsuit). Are the windspeeds going to be great enough support this? I can imagine this is way beyond the design parameters for wingsuiting.
  4. I bought a used, beat up jumpsuit early on to have something consistant to fly in, or if it got cold. You dont need to drop $800 bucks on a fancy top of the line suit. Most of the jumps I did I wore shorts and tucked in shirts. Be careful of the safety concerns mentioned earlier. I eventually started sewing myself freefall shirts that would not come untucked and just jumped with that and either slim jeans or shorts. I finally bought a nice jumpsuit when I had about 1500 jumps. It was mainly for the tunnel, but nice for skydives too. I still wear my FF shirt and swoop shorts for summer, and the jumpsuit for winter and tunnel.
  5. Hahahahah, true fashion. Ask the community for advise, then promptly disregard all advice given. Why did you even post? I'd say just go for it, you obviously have mad skillz. We just want to keep you on the big ol' boat of a canopy so you don't get better than us. BTW, you should at least fill out your profile so we can see where you are jumping. Some of us may want to watch, some may want to avoid.
  6. You need to ask yourself why. Why did you buy this canopy and why do you want to jump it? I went from a spectre 150 to a xfire2 129 (similar downsize) at around 450 jumps. I wanted to learn speed induced landings and the spectre was not the right wing. I remember thinking that a straight in approach on the xfire was faster than I could ever make my spectre go. I scared the shit out of myself more than a few times while I was learning to fly this wing. Also, a 1.2 wl on a xfire is under the recommended wl. I'm assuming you bought this without talking to any of your instructors and because it is a 'cool' canopy. Otherwise you probably wouldn't be looking for validation on the interwebs. The issue is not just flaring on time or dropping a toggle and breaking your leg. People always think of their standard landing, when you should to be thinking about a panic landing when you cant make it back to the dropzone and you have to navigate to a tight spot and your going downwind. With your experience I doubt you've ever had to think about that, which tells me you are not ready for this wing. The issue is that everything is going faster. Your decisions need to be made faster and the ground is coming faster. You have less time to make choices or analyze your situation. People better than you have died by disregarding these truths. Sure, you can probably jump it and probably not die, but I don't think anybody with a few years in the sport, or who has seen their friends die or get maimed under canopy, or who actually cares for your well being would think its a good idea.
  7. Heres my progression AFF - Safire 179 10 - Sabre2 150 (rental) 30 - Spectre 150 400 - Xfire 129 900 - Xfire 109 1300 - Xfire 99 1500 - Velo 90 1900 - JVX 83 2100 - JVX 79 Conservative compared to most people I know in the sport, except that first downsize to the 150. Exit weight about 185.
  8. I bought a reserve and AAD from them, and got a free L&B audible with the AAD. Ordered online, shipping was fast and everything came as expected.