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  1. They have the In-Case-The-President-Checks-in-Here stuff going. Special office, facilities for him, etc. That's what I've heard anyway. Don't take that as gospel. When Reagan was shot, HE went to GW University Hospital, but Reagan had a much better sense of humor than Trump. Reagan told the doctors and nurses, "I hope you're all Republicans." They laughed and a nurse said, "Today, Mr President...we're ALL Republicans." One thing that's happened for sure since Trump came along. People suddenly stopped bitching so much about George W. Bush. It's like that old tenet about 'if you think things are bad NOW...' etc. I brought that point up to my friend Greg the Techie Guy this morning on the phone. And Greg...he hated Bush so bad that I had to remind him that some of the things he was saying about Bush were technically against the law. (Back in the day, I mean. Not now.) So this morning Greg tells me, "You know what? You're right..." Ha. One thing Trump has done is made people forget about a couple of previous Republican presidents. Personally, I would take Bush back right now in a heartbeat and send him flowers and a thank you card. I would take THAT and be grateful, rather than what is going on now. Nobody saw this coming, not like this, not what has happened under Trump's watch.
  2. The REAL question is WHY Cooper requested to go to Mexico without any stops in the first place, when it was obvious that Cooper not only knew the workings of a passenger jet fairly well, but was at least familiar with the Puget Sound area from above. He knew the driving time between McChord AFB and SeaTac, for example. That is something only a local would know, in my opinion. And not just a local to Washington state, but someone local to the South King County/North Pierce County area. You have to look at his ORIGINAL demand, which on the surface makes no sense. My theory is that Cooper just tossed Mexico out there as a destination just like you would toss a snack to your dog. He knew it couldn't be done, but he didn't care. If he's planning to jump from the aircraft, he doesn't WANT the FBI or any local LEO to KNOW where he's going to jump. When they tell him they can't make Mexico without some refueling, he simply adapts to that, but he's just playing them because he has no intention of staying aboard long anyway, no matter what. All these 'negotiations' with Cooper over destinations and refueling are simply a red herring by Cooper. His main goal is to ensure that he can get off the bus without anyone knowing where he did it. In other words, it's all baloney right from the beginning. His one mistake was not knowing about the airstairs-open indicator light up there on Flight Engineer Harold Anderson's control panel. He didn't know about that, and this is what finally gave away the general area where he jumped. It was about the only flaw in his plan. Cooper probably didn't realize either that the stairs would bounce back so hard that a pressure bump might give away his jump point as well. All in all, it was a good plan. Without that indicator light and a hard bump on the flight deck, no one would have the slightest idea where Cooper jumped over an area of thousands of square miles. He figured he would be long gone Sally without having to worry about every citizen with a gun or any local cops trying to find him. They wouldn't even know where to start looking. But as it turned out, only an area of maybe twenty or thirty square miles was sufficient. By the time they got anything really organized for a ground search, he was probably on his way home. Or...he reached a phone, hid out for a while, and waited for his ride. EDIT: Consider THIS>>>> If Cooper really intended to go anywhere past Washington state, why in the heck would he don that chute SO quickly after the jet left Seattle? WHY would he concern himself with getting the airstairs down right away after takeoff? Another thing people haven't considered is that Cooper didn't seem to be a HOW in the holy hell did he KNOW that a 727 could land with the airstairs down without killing everybody on board? Somehow he seemed confident they could do that. It's almost like he heard about the tests done at Boeing while they were developing the 727. In some of the tests, the stairs were lowered in flight just to see what would happen. Basically, you have what could be considered a NEW control surface dragging the jet and that could have resulted in the jet inverting or rolling left or right and possibly crashing. To be fair, I don't know if they dragged the stairs on the Boeing tests upon landing. They WOULD have...unless the test jet was equipped with special hydraulics allowing them to be raised and locked in flight. The production models were not so equipped. All of these tests were well-known to anyone in the rank and file at Boeing, since they discuss these things all the time and sometimes results came out in the rank and file newsletters. You can call it scuttlebutt or whatever you wish, but it was the reality of working for Boeing on the line back then.
  3. Nobody with any common sense wants the First Family to die from Covid. It would only make Trump a martyr instead of a fool.
  4. God doesn't do politics. He doesn't register with any particular party, either. PEOPLE do politics. Maybe call it karma instead. But if I were you, I wouldn't listen to me. I'm fairly distressed and depressed right now. All I know is that current events tell me this is a call for action. Not with violence, not with hatred, but with the tried-and-true method that has (generally) worked for this country for more than 200 years. Just let your voice be heard. Works much better than bombs, bullets, or threats.
  5. This whole scenario is a frickin' mess beyond belief. All these Trump people, some Republican US Senators, and God knows who else will come out of the woodwork in the next few days...popping up sick like dandelions in a poorly-maintained lawn. The virus may have originated in China, but if you ASKED the would tell you it is stateless. It doesn't believe in borders and considers them nothing but a nuisance. If I thought I could get away with it, I would move to the middle of some desert in Nevada and just wait it out there for a year. There is going to be one hell of a voter backlash over this one. It's time to replace the leadership who not only ignored the problems, but tried leading this country down Neverland Road. When they invented the phrase 'Toss the Bums Out,' they were talking about NOW. To make my personal day worse, I just got word today that a nice lady I worked with for many years will be dead from Covid in the next day or two at most. Yes, she was old. But she was in great shape before the virus came along. This is her short history: Geraine was a 1956 graduate of the University of Washington with a Masters in English. She worked her way through college by spending her summers waitressing tables at the lodge at the Mt Rainier National Park. When she wasn't doing that, she was planting trees for the Forest Service. She also got a couple of minor scholarships, and all of this was how she obtained her degree. She came from a poor family in North Dakota. After she graduated, she became a civil service librarian for the USAF and was assigned to air bases all over the world. She also traveled a lot in her free time. Tibet was her favorite place to visit. She was stationed at one time or another at most of the major US air bases handing out books to the boys. During Vietnam, she was at Anderson AFB on Guam and survived Typhoons Karen (1962 after she first arrived) and Pamela (1976) just before she was assigned elsewhere. Guam was her single longest posting and she loved it there. Her biggest concerns, she told me, was how they would rebuild the library after the storms. Other times, other assignments were at air bases in Europe, Alaska, stateside, you name it...she was probably there telling people to be quiet. And what book are YOU looking for, young man? After she retired, I would work for her on weekends driving her around to appointments and errands. Sometimes her favorite Tibetan restaurant. This went on for almost ten years. When she could no longer stay by herself in her home, I kept that going for her a few additional years by stopping in all the time to make sure things got done and that she was eating properly. I asked her once why she never got married or had kids. She said she was so busy with her duties around the world that she just never got around to it. And after a while she decided it was too late for all that. She referred to the military guys she met as 'her boys'. This past June, she finally moved into a nice assisted living facility with her own private apartment. Then Covid came along. I will be attending the wait...probably can't do that due to Covid. Her story is just one of many. I blame this on the people at the top who lied, deceived, made false claims, and turned their backs on hard working Americans like Geraine.
  6. Just released by CNN: Kellyanne Conway tests positive for Covid. Tell you what...when the floor drops out from under you, sometimes it's a few floors until you hit the basement.
  7. Generally speaking, because of Trump's age and pre-existing conditions, (weight, possible high cholesterol, other unknown factors) his chances of succumbing to the virus are probably between 10-16%. He is getting the best medical care, sure. This also means he has an 85-90 percent chance of recovery. The next few days will tell. No...I do NOT wish death on him. It won't do any good. It will just make things worse. It will detract from the election. His poll numbers don't look good anyway, and he is almost certainly losing even MORE support by being shown to be foolish and wrong. In any case, even if you recover from Covid, you are often left with damage that shortens your life anyway. Come on....look at the bright side Trump haters...wouldn't you want his suffering to be slow and painful, rather than quick and peaceful? Yes, that was kind of a sick joke... but I wouldn't worry. After THIS fiasco his chances of winning next month are looking pretty lean. I turned on the TV today and saw those six or seven people in front of the hospital or whatever...holding up their Trump for President flags. Nobody else joined them, nobody who supports Biden bothered to counter them. Because no one frickin' cares anymore. If there was any debate among historians on 'who was the worst US President?' that debate has ended. People don't even talk bad much about George Bush anymore, and I bet a lot of folks would take him back right now and send him fan mail to boot. "Bill...George....ANYTHING but SUE!" (Trump being Sue) Thanks to Johnny Cash for that one.
  8. We are very prepared in this household. I won't list everything, but we could hold out for a long time in the event of a natural disaster. Ham communications, non-engine emergency power sources, tons of water from Pellegrino in the glass bottles, (lasts for many years) medical, food, shelter. A couple of radios that pick up every band known to man it seems like. Blah, blah, blah. The only change I made this year was to sell my gas generator and go for a dual-fuel one instead. Will take propane tanks or you can fill the gas tank. I discovered it was easier and safer to store propane tanks than a bunch of filled up gas cans. If you build a fireproof box to drop over these things with the inlet and outlet air holes, you can lower the noise at least 10 DB. This one starts out at 59 DB which is not bad already. I ran it once for a couple of hours with the box on it to see if the neighbors bitched. You could hardly hear it twenty feet away. Farther away than that, it's more like a background hum.
  9. Well...that solves the mystery of where the cigarette butts ended up. I suppose back in the day before DNA analysis, there was no use in keeping them. No prints, and they already knew what brand they were. It's occurred to me that a big break for Cooper may have come with the July 1973 military records fire in St Louis. Although through the years efforts have been made to restore these records, for many of them they are incomplete. The main aim of the restoration was to ensure vets got their benefits, for example. But fingerprint cards, etc were all with the main files and that fire raged for days, plus having a thousand swimming pools of water dumped on them. If Cooper was in the military, but was never arrested and fingerprinted in the USA...there would be no way for the FBI to use military print records to match up against the ones they took from the jet. That is, unless they had a living subject and could get him to agree to a new set of prints. I know that probably not ALL the fingerprint cards were destroyed in the fire, but many of them were. These things could be the reason that although the FBI probably ran those prints dozens of times through the NCIC database (FBI print records etc)...they never could come up with a match. Because Cooper didn't HAVE an arrest record. If he had, they probably would have ID'd him by now. How bad was the St. Louis fire? How much was destroyed? BAD. See here for details.
  10. are just awful, man. Oh, brother. I DO have to admit that is the funniest picture I have seen about that subject. On a side note, no...I don't believe the President is 'faking it'. Sometimes the truth is just as simple as it appears. Not like this hasn't happened before. Lots of people who ignored the warnings have gotten sick from Covid. It's been seven short months (seems like a lot LONGER) since Covid-19 came along. In that seven months we've already lost more than FOUR TIMES the number of citizens we lost during the seven-PLUS years of the Vietnam War. In a lousy seven months. And it hasn't ended yet. I'm old enough to collect Social Security. I've voted in every election since 1972. I have never seen anything like what's happening in 2020. I can't even get my brain wrapped around it sometimes.
  11. The article is more than two years old. Just saying. I generally try to get my news from more current sources. Especially when it's a current event.
  12. Let's be realistic here. Trump would be the last to admit he tested positive for the virus. Since he did, you have to believe he really DID test positive. His own doctor issued a statement about it, and even if Trump chose to lie about this or that, it is doubtful his doctor would verify his infection unless it were true. His doctor is a US Navy officer, folks. You have to establish at least a basic truth here. And the truth is that Trump, his wife, and at least one person who works with him has become infected. This really shouldn't be a big surprise to anyone.
  13. At his age, this is not a given. Recovery, I mean. It's possible he would try going that route you described, should he recover, and that is a very scary thing.
  14. That situation is not something anyone wants. The situation you described HAS happened in presidential history, but mostly it was restricted to who was getting the nomination. (Smoke-filled room stuff occasionally happened, especially in the 19th century) Sometimes, though...what you say has actually happened. Better for everyone if Trump recovers. I am WAY NOT a Trump supporter, but neither do I wish the guy or his wife to succumb to the virus. I've seen the videos of people dying of this crap where they try to warn others, or give last-minute goodbyes to their families while the doctor or nurse holds up the smart phone for them. I wouldn't wish that scenario on my worst enemy.
  15. I think five things will happen, assuming that Trump and his wife recover. First, they should hope dearly that no one they came into contact with actually dies, because this is really bad press for them. Second, yes...I think more people will start wearing masks. Third, Trump (since his own life is now at risk) will go along with his doctors and NOT demand untested treatments, as he has sometimes suggested to others. Fourth, no matter how it goes for Trump and Melania, they are going to lose votes and some support, especially from undecided or middle of the road Republican voters. On the flip side, and to a lesser extent, Trump will probably get a few sympathy votes. Lastly, everyone in America better hope he recovers, because if he doesn't we will be left with a chaotic mess even worse than the one we are enduring now. We could even be looking at a Constitutional crisis, since many people have already done early voting. EDIT: I wanted to toss in one more observation. This reminds me of the scene from Full Metal Jacket where they have that content meeting for Stars and Stripes. The lieutenant in charge, talking about the recent Tet Offensive by the Vietcong, says something that I think applies to all this, and to Trump as well: Jakee: I did read your post a couple of more times. Now I get what you were saying. At first, I didn't.
  16. It actually matters a lot, and politics is secondary. Many people have already voted. There could be 25th Amendment considerations. It could throw the election into chaos. There is much to consider here. I'm not a Trump supporter, but on the other hand I don't want him to die from the virus either. It will just make a bad situation worse.
  17. As many of you have heard by now, President Trump and the First Lady have both tested positive for Covid-19. I will ask people who comment to this thread to NOT engage in the easy attacks that would naturally pop up because of this news. Personally, I believe Donald Trump has ended the historical debate on which US President was the worst in our history. But that doesn't mean I wish physical ill on him, or his wife, even if I believed he 'deserved' it somehow, or even calling it karma. It might BE karma, I suppose, but if the President actually died from Covid-19, this would simply make things worse for this country, and could throw the November election into chaos. Try to look at the bigger picture here.
  18. Carter did some good things, but yes...he wasn't suited for the job. I will give you that. He was in WAY over his head. Please don't compare Reagan to Trump. The only thing they have in common is that they represented the same political party. There's probably nothing to be gained by arguing about Trump. People either love him or hate him. To help move Trump news from the Cooper thread to a more suitable one, I have created THIS NEW THREAD over at Speakers Corner. It responds to the news that both the President and the First Lady have tested positive for Covid-19. I can give you a hint how I approached this news. I do NOT think this is GOOD news. Not because of my opinions about Trump. But because if he died, it would throw the nation, and possibly the election, into chaos.
  19. EDIT: THIS POST back a couple of pages gives the full and complete reasons I refused to sign an extension to the media option regarding the Cooper movie. No big deal. Just in case anyone wanted the full details on WHY I came to this decision. I don't think Darren will mind I copied over his message. There's nothing personal in it. He gives the link to the two-part Cooper show. Haven't listened to it, so I can't vouch for the quality. Hey Robert, How are things going for you? I just finished listening to this episode of Astonishing Legends where they go over the numerous suspects. Anyway they discuss your work and they said they like KC more than the other suspects! I thought you’d enjoy it, I did. Darren D.B. Cooper Part 3 - Commercial Free Bonus Show Astonishing Legends In Part Three, the commercial-free final "mega-sode" of our D. B. Cooper series, we continue with the FBI's profiling of the infamous skyjacker and learn of their Lead Agents' conclusions, Ralph P. Himmelsbach and Larry Carr. While the FBI investigation would practically come to a dead-end stalemate with their inability to "prove culpability beyond a reasonable doubt," that hasn't stopped scores of amateur and some professional sleuths from continuing the chase, with scientific evidence surfacing as recently as August 2020. One factor that has kept curiosity alive is that several likely suspects have emerged in the years since his disappearance, some having an uncanny number of bizarre coincidences to the case. As we close out our coverage with an in-depth look at these candidates for Cooper's legacy, perhaps doubts about their suitability should remain. One of the enduring aspects of his story for many is that a seemingly average guy may have gotten away with a mischievous and lucrative daydream. For the sake of our fondness for legends, especially more modern ones, perhaps some mysteries are best left unsolved. Visit our website for a lot more information on this episode! Listen on Apple Podcasts:
  20. Oh. You mean the guy who won the Nobel Peace Prize and spent his post-presidency building homes for poor people. The US Navy vet who served on submarines. The peanut farmer who never told a lie in office. I have heard of him. Yeah, he was (is) REALLY bad. Just an awful excuse for an American. He went back to teaching Sunday School last year, but had to stop when the pandemic hit. That was after his brain operation to relieve pressure, which succeeded. One of the expected requirements of the US Presidency isn't how good you might be at the job. It's if you actually take to heart that oath they give you at the start. Whether you are actually any good at the job is sort of secondary. It's a learn-on-the-job kind of thing. There is a world of difference between Carter and Trump. Americans are almost always better off when someone of character is holding the Presidency. Carter was by far not the best US President, but he's not rated near the bottom of the pile, either. He was always honest though. And if you can depend on that from your President, things have a habit of working themselves out. It was better that Reagan took over the job in 1980. Carter, although an honest man of supreme character both before he was President...and especially AFTER...just wasn't that good at the job. This doesn't make him a 'bad' President. If Reagan were alive today, I'm pretty sure he would not endorse Trump for a second term. And I haven't heard anything from GW Bush in this direction either. Maybe there's a reason. One thing I've noticed is that since Trump took office, people stopped picking on George W. Bush so much. It might be related to the famous song by Johnny Cash: "Bill...George....ANYTHING but Sue..." (Sue being Trump) I'm fine with ditching the politics for this thread. But I wonder why you showed up here only after I made a political post. You are everywhere else with Cooper except here. So why don't YOU start? I've made most of the recent posts here at DZ that are Cooper-related. Your turn. Yesterday, I got a message from Darren S linking me to a podcast (not one of his) a two-parter on the Cooper case where the participants came to the idea that KC was probably Cooper. I didn't listen to it. None of the sources listed for the podcast mention the 60 articles at WordPress, the 54-page public investigatory release we did, other stuff, not even the book. I couldn't figure out how they came to that conclusion without going to the source where the best evidence hangs out. I also have an observation regarding the Cooper case in general. I think the public interest in it is waning. The WordPress and Quora Space on Cooper still get tons of traffic, (I don't know about Dropzone), but posts at the Cooper Forum are pretty lean. I also get emails once in a while asking me why everyone fights, some people lie, and no one can cooperate on anything. I gave up answering those emails. Greg and I are going to finance one big-ass Cooper party next spring and then we are out of the Cooper business. Just isn't worth it anymore. I even turned down the option money last month and let the idea of the Cooper movie fade away. The only hard part was telling Geoff Gray of my decision. I didn't enjoy doing that. He was slated to take the historical fact-checking job turned down by Bruce Smith. He wasn't surprised though, I'm sure. They paid him too, (media rights to Skyjack, via the production company run by director Will Gluck. 'Friends With Benefits,' etc.) but no movie ever came of it. The only difference was this was my choice, and in Gray's case it was the choice of the people who owned the rights. And he ended up getting more money. I don't know for sure since that is not something you ask a guy like GG, but he probably did. I ended up collecting a reasonable five figures over a three and a half year period. After that, I figured it wasn't worth the trouble anymore. The pandemic didn't help either. I decided it was time to take the money and move on. Currently, I'm working on my own script. I've already done a couple based on other books, and I now have an AAR agent. I'll probably shop them around after we move to SoCal next summer.
  21. Personally, I don't think the USA is 'full of snowflakes'. The vast majority of our citizens are decent, hard-working folks. A minority may be as you say. Their leader currently lives at 1600 Pennsylvania. Or to put it another way: For over a hundred years, historians have debated the question of 'who was the worst US President?' Andrew Johnson, the guy who took over after Lincoln was killed, is always near the top of the list. And a few others. After 2020, that debate will end. There will no longer be a question, because the answer has been provided. In actual Cooper news, I have identified a woman (and her husband) who live next door to where the Amboy Chute was discovered. It came to me that I interviewed her for a video at the 2012 Ariel Party. I dug up this old video recently and reviewed it, and yes, she gave her first and last name. Later, she told me some stuff about the finding of the parachute. This is no real big deal I know. Interesting, I guess. She was a nice lady.
  22. Not Cooper related, but let me drop my prediction on the election for you. Americans can be slow to catch on sometimes, but when they do, they usually act decisively. When Trump decided to encourage right-wing groups who carry guns, and who may want to disrupt the election and voting process, this was REALLY stupid. It was a wake-up call to Americans. Some right-wing group recently incorporated one of his lines in the debate into their official logo. Perhaps they have ideas of showing up at polling places on Election Day. That would ALSO be really stupid, since there are strict Federal laws about doing that. Maybe they get their fat-ass redneck-type trucks confiscated, along with the weapons they so easily decide to intimidate people with, and brag about. This is America baby, and although you are allowed to have your say, you are NOT allowed to intimidate people to get your point across. My prediction is that voters will now turn out in droves just to piss you off, especially YOUNG voters, and sweep out the garbage and hatred a certain President has encouraged in America. And after a short seven months, FOUR TIMES the number of our citizens who died in the seven-plus YEARS of the Vietnam War are filling up the graveyards via Covid-19. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who is mostly responsible. I don't care who you vote for. Just make sure you VOTE.
  23. EDIT: I'm going to suggest that interested parties copy down the last two posts for future reference, because they are the only all-pubic notices that will be made about this event. The only other one will be when I announce the date and times, and that won't be until around April of 2021. That announcement will not give details on where the event will actually be held, but I can tell you that it will be in the Olympic National Forest using a group campout permit. And that it will be on the Hood Canal side of the Olympics. If you want further details, you must either contact me at adventurebooksofseattle AT Gmail, or wait for the Craigslist Event Notice to appear. That will happen a week or two prior to the event. I'm not trying to make this difficult for people, but I also know *some* (aka *a few*) people have tried to sabotage at least one of the prior events, and that these people came from the Cooperland community. THIS event is aimed at the public, and to a certain extent, the press. Folks in the Cooperland community are not given any special privilege to know in advance the full details...UNLESS...they can be trusted, or wish to participate in organizing this event. And they have to prove to me they are serious. If not, or if this event does not interest you, then there is no need for you to contact me about it.
  24. Greg the Techie Guy has suggested to me he would be willing to put up half of the cost for the Amazon gift cards to be used as Cooper character lookalike contest prizes. I told him, "Well, if we run a Craigslist Event ad for this one, the prizes alone will draw Cooper fans from all over the place..." Look....let me explain this situation another way and tell you what we actually have in mind here. I've come to the idea that there should be one last Big Cooper Party for all sorts of reasons. There is no longer one going in Ariel. I will be moving to southern California next year and I don't mind organizing and partially financing the biggest one that's ever been done before I leave. I also believe that offering up to $1,000 in Amazon gift cards for the contest will bring many people out of the woodwork, especially in the Puget Sound area. On the other hand, I'm not aiming this event at the few known Cooper investigators living in this area. They are free to attend, but unless they happen to catch the Craigslist ad, they won't know where to go or when, or how it's being organized. In my mind, since AB of Seattle has had minor problems with these folks before...the event is not being organized around these people. Yes, they are free to show up, to do presentations on the big screen, or just talk about Cooper with everyone who shows up. There's even a chance that some press outlets may try to attend, even if it's just for a single afternoon, to get a story. We will send out the press release with a map showing location of the event, the times, recommended gear list if they plan to stay overnight, contact information, etc. Have no illusions, by next spring we will have this one fully organized and ready to go. If these same 'Cooper Folk' want to attend, about the only way they can do it and feel welcome when they show up is to contact me personally PRIOR to the event about it and get all the details. It is not my wish to shut anyone out of this one, but you have to be reasonable. The event is not slanted toward YOU, although you could be a big part of it. On this one, Greg and I decided we will shoot the Full Monty video on it and pull out all the stops just like we did back in 2016 when we sponsored the final Ariel gathering. I have already been in contact with a few of the same people who supported and attended that event, and a few have expressed an interest in coming, although others said it was too far to drive. One of the things we plan to do is honor both Bryan Woodruff and his mother for all those years they brought annual happiness to anyone and everyone who showed up to their Cooper Days event at the tavern. I am willing to listen to proposals from known folk in Cooperland who wish to know everything in advance, and assist in the organization for the whole thing...but they have to be serious about it and not play games. In other words, I don't want to see disparaging comments on a certain blog threatening to show up and disrupt the I saw when we organized the Cooper Campout to Mt. Hood. If I see comments like that, the person responsible for the site where these comments appear will be banned from attending, unless those comments are removed immediately. I figure if they allow all that, then they didn't want to show up anyway. And besides...doing that is foolish. It isn't going to stop people from responding to the CL Event ad, which is a totally separate thing. If at some point you decided you really DID want to see what it's all about, the best thing is to think about it for a while and decide whether you want to be involved or not...perhaps even in the planning and the programming. There will be a sort of loose program going here, especially for activities during the day.