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  1. I wouldn't worry. A lot of people run for Congress just to get the publicity. Or to see if any campaign contributors bite. Even if they know from the start they have no chance of making it past the primaries.
  2. Not much news today, although I have convinced Kyle, the guy who with he and a few friends discovered approximately $1,400 in cash buried on suspect Kenny Christiansen's property in not only show up for the Cooper Festival in June, but to tell his story. He's also on the Planning Committee for the festival now. Mainly because I need him to help haul some of the gear. (Thanks, Kyle!) He won't have to haul much, though. I've already decided we will have to rent a small U-Haul trailer for the weekend to get everything up there. My truck has a hitch that will handle an eight-footer, which should be enough. Still working on having Denise L. and her son Jordan appear and talk about her experience as a 13-year old and walking into the garage at her Uncle Bernie (Geestman's) house in Bonney Lake and telling everyone what she saw Kenny doing...just before he told her she wasn't allowed in there...and for her to get out. She got out all right, but remembered what she saw...but thought little of it until she saw the Decoded show on DB Cooper. Then she came forward, although a little reluctantly at first. She told her story for John Dower's British documentary, but he was only looking for weirdos in the Cooper case. So he cut her part out of the documentary entirely. I was next to her the whole time she told her story for Dower, so I can witness to her story. Sounded like it had the ring of truth to me. A very ordinary lady, she wasn't looking for fame or fortune, but decided she had to come forward. Her picture is below, just after the shoot at the Enumclaw Library. Dower is/was an idiot, although Minnow Films, who financed his fiasco of a picture, are great. We handed him everything but the kitchen sink, and provided evidence that we STILL haven't revealed publicly on KC...and he ignored all of it. We wasted two full days shooting with him all over Puget Sound...and he left it all on the cutting room floor. Reviewers panned his movie completely, and one said: "It doesn't come in for a landing..." We were paid quite well for arranging all this for the documentary, so we just figured it was HIS loss, and not ours. However, this is why we decided to invite these witnesses to participate in the Cooper Festival, so their stories could be told publicly at last. We're even paying Denise and Jordan's expenses to attend. Later, the producer on Dower's documentary admitted she was disappointed he decided not to include any of the KC-related testimony on the movie, and apologized to us about it. She wanted it included, but Dower told her he was seeking the 'weirdo' angle in Cooperland...not trying to actually solve the case. (As he had done earlier in his picture, My Scientology Movie.) This was unfair to many of the people who appeared, but mainly to the Forman couple...who I do not consider to be weirdos. Or even Bruce Smith, who I consider misguided more than anything else. I did sort of suspect this was the point of Dower's Cooper film all along, especially after the shoot when I happened along the trailer for My Scientology Movie, shown below. He was the director for that one, with his buddy Louis Theroux doing front man duties. For the Cooper documentary, Dower decided to go in front of the camera instead, with the same basic theme. Only Louis Theroux is much better at it...
  3. It could be that Cooper just tossed off a Minneapolis comment simply because a lot of folks knew that NWA was based out of Minneapolis. (Although I thought he said 'Minnesota,' but I would have to check notes.) I'm not sure what a 'Midwest accent' is anyway. I've seen videos on YouTube that had people from Illinois, Ohio, etc on them. They didn't sound any different to me than the average. There are local accents in the USA (Valley Girl speak, southern accent, many residents of Boston, or New Jersey for example, that are easy to recognize.) But I couldn't tell you the slightest thing about a 'Midwest' accent. That is a very generalized term and I have seen no examples of such a thing. The only accent I know of among common people in Minnesota is the one parodied a bit in the film, Fargo. And if Cooper had actually spoken as those characters did in the movie, then you could call THAT a 'Midwest accent' I guess. But witnesses would have picked up on that easily. Edit: Main AB site has been heavily updated to reflect Greg's plan. I think we finally have the final version that is the most accurate, and fair to everyone. (This ain't easy, if you're wondering. And we haven't even gotten to the hard parts yet.) We set an example by all receiving the Covid vaccine today as scheduled.
  4. Greg has come up with a simple solution to our problem. He says we should change the website pages at AB and say that the first 250 people who apply....AND submit their proof of vaccination before June 1...should be placed on the confirmed list. He tells me anyone who actually takes the time to send the proof will almost certainly show up. And then close it off and send out the PDF's/Word doc to everyone on the list. We then delete the video and the two pages at AB of Seattle, leaving only a short notice saying the event will be held, and how to get hold of us by email if there are any additional questions. By doing it this way, he says, at least two-thirds of them will actually show up, and we won't be exceeding capacity of the site. The holders of the PDF's will have our full contact information anyway, including our cell numbers and the FRS and CB frequencies we're using for the festival. Also the maps of course, the guest speaker list, details on scheduled events, suggestions on gear to bring, etc. Sounds like a good plan to me. I already checked cell phone coverage for the site. It's 3-G anyway, and probably more if you have Verizon, which is not bad for that far off the beaten path.
  5. Non-Negative Message for Shutter over at the DB Cooper Forum: (Since I know you and some of your users read this thread.) Shutter: I have seen a recent comment by you saying its 'been three weeks and still waiting" regarding me posting up the identity or any details regarding the New York City producer currently working on creating some type of TV program on the Cooper case. Edit: I did drop by the Cooper Forum and saw your response. Okay, so I guess you are fully informed. Good luck working with him then. He's a solid guy. I told him he was more than welcome to bring a film crew and cover the festival, but I wasn't going to participate in any more TV shows on Cooper personally, or try to pitch Kenny Christiansen for a TV audience. He is considering the idea but I have no word on that yet. If you guys cooperate with him, the best of luck to you. As far as the views to the YouTube video on the Festival, I don't worry about that. We already have 26 people on one email list, some of whom have expressed interest in attending, and just over 150 more on our public email list, ALL of whom want to go at this point. And it's only the first week of February. Event isn't until mid-June. I'm sure we will have to cut off further apps to attend long before June arrives. Most apps aren't originating from YouTube views. Most of them are coming via views to the Festival page at the AB website, and from people who have already applied to go telling their friends about it. Others say they read the WordPress article, or heard about the event at Quora dot com or maybe Facebook, maybe Twitter. Who knows? Mostly I don't ask. I just process their applications. The only thing I'm not sure about is when to cut off the email applications. There is no way for me to tell how many that get on the update list to attend will actually show up. Maybe a third, maybe half, maybe ALL of them. It's a tricky business because we really can't go over 250 total attendees, or we will start running out of space and exceeding our permit. I don't want to have to turn people away after driving so far to go, so you see the dilemma we're in here. When do you say 'enough'? No one here is sure how far to take the email list(s). As far as Bruce Smith not wanting to participate in the Festival, this doesn't concern me. Bruce is his own man. He does what he wants. We will find someone to host, I'm sure. The job pays quite well, and the responsibilities are pretty minimal. We offered it to him because we thought it was the decent thing to do, nothing more. If nobody from the Cooper Forum wishes to be involved, we see that as their decision. Everybody does what they think is best for them at the time. Frankly, after reading some of your comments about us (AB of Seattle and myself), I think the concept of 'you do your thing, and we do ours...' is probably the best all-around policy for everyone. However, a few of your forum members have expressed an interest in participating. A couple in person. A couple with possible videos for the audience. No one is automatically excluded, but participation is on the same level as everyone else. You must apply to attend. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and our non-negotiable requirement that all attendees or speakers must prove they've been 'drop ins' will be allowed. In other words, if you aren't on the confirmed list, and your name isn't on that list, you can't attend. The only exception of course is anyone who participates remotely by sending in a video presentation or the like. But even in that case, participants must apply to make a presentation before we can accept it. This is why everybody has to go through either the Contact Form, or use the abofseattle email address. There is no other way. I can already see our biggest problem won't be getting people to show up. It's how we will create a 'final' list of approved names prior to the festival. All sorts of proposals have been made by Greg and a couple of the volunteers helping us. Nothing has been decided for sure yet on how exactly to do this, but I'm sure we'll figure it out. There are more angles to this than even I realized. Covid brought this on, not me. If I had my way about it and Covid didn't exist, I would just toss the event open to anyone and everyone. It's a pain in the butt, but like I said...we will figure it out.
  6. Cossey was at home during the time the hijacking actually happened. Only Linn Emerick at SkySports had contact with both the people who requested the chutes, and the two State Patrolmen who picked them up and delivered them to the airport. I saw a quote back there last page where Cossey says he had one of the chutes returned to him in 1975. That is a bald-faced lie. All chutes are accounted for. Fake reserve went out the back of the 727. One was used in the jump. One was popped for its paracord and is still in the possession of the FBI. Fourth was returned to Hayden and sits at the WA ST History Museum. Cossey was lying. Cossey did a lot of weird shit over the years, and SAID a lot of weird shit regarding those parachutes. He tops it off by trying to claim the Amboy chute was silk, which you can determine with a simple Bic lighter test. Why would he do that? Here's one good reason. Perhaps because he had piled so much BS, mostly on reporters over the years...that even if he thought the Amboy chute was Cooper's he wouldn't say so. By admitting it was probably Cooper's....maybe all the other baloney he piled on reporters over the years would finally come out into the open. So he would not be motivated to ID it as Cooper's. was all a big joke to him anyway. Look what he did later on the same day with the Seattle Times? He told them it WAS Cooper's. On a stranger note, after Cossey was killed I looked into the case and discovered a few choice facts. I sent a report to the King County Sheriff's Office. It was ignored and it was a solid report, I can assure you. Then I did the video for YouTube. Then....Cossey's nephew makes a comment saying I shouldn't be sticking my nose into it. I replied, "Maybe, but how come YOU aren't shouting to high heaven on why they can't seem to find your uncle's killer? You DO want someone brought to justice for it, don't you?" (paraphrased) He didn't answer. The whole thing with Cossey's murder is weird anyway. I still think it wasn't random, but done by someone who knew Cossey. There was a sign out front saying the home had a burglar alarm. Someone knew that wasn't true. The alarm had been disabled months before he was killed. Knowing these things, your next question would be: Who stood to gain by Cossey's untimely death? His wife and he were either separated or divorced. Cossey also gambled a lot. And why would someone mail back his wallet and ID? Even the cops were very closed-mouthed about the whole thing, even more than normal. In a town meeting, (Cossey was well known) the mayor and the police chief admitted that at least a few items were missing from the home. And years later, they still haven't solved the case, or even have a suspect. Weird.
  7. Well, the quotes attributed to Cossey show what Hayden has said all along. That Cossey sometimes BS'd people about the chutes given to Cooper. In 2008, the Seattle FBI, after claiming on a Wednesday that the Amboy chute was being sent to their lab, instead put it into the trunk of a government car on Thursday, and dumped it in Cossey's driveway for examination. Cossey told reporters later that day: He later went on to bullshit a reporter who called him from the Seattle Times, telling THAT guy the Amboy chute WAS Cooper's. If the reporter's boss had not double-checked that claim, the reporter was about to be fired, and was not amused at the joke. He was minutes from running that story. Some time after that, a Seattle FBI agent told me that although so-called chute experts were contacted by phone (only) that Cossey was the only person allowed to actually see the Amboy chute. I questioned her on how exactly a chute could be identified by phone. She did not answer the question. When I asked how five years AFTER the chute had been dismissed, it was still being referred to by the Seattle FBI as 'evidence in an ongoing case,' she could not answer that question either. Pictures of the Amboy chute show it was NOT made of silk, mostly by examining blow-ups of pictures like the one below. As Alcoa Aluminum used to say in their commercials for Monday Night Football:
  8. Interesting that Rataczak gives an exact time he believes the jump occurred. 8:10 PM. He was also the guy who said he thought Cooper had jumped...on the radio. This map with some notes I added to it a while back...the purple arrow shows where the flight was just one minute AFTER 8:10 PM. This does lend some credence to your theory that Cooper may have headed east for a bit after he reached the ground, or drifted in that direction when he jumped. It would explain a lot. You also have theorized that Cooper turned south at some point when he reached some RR tracks...and that this would explain a reported store break-in south of the BLUE arrow. Allegedly, only hand-held food, cigarettes, and some gloves were stolen. I think there is an excellent chance that the store break-in south of the blue arrow might have been by Cooper, and for a couple of reasons. First...the items that were stolen. Second, because the store itself was sort of country-looking, and often in those places the owners actually LIVED on site. In this case, the owners did not. So this would take some desperation and a lot of nerve to try it. And people are usually home on Thanksgiving morning. You could find yourself on the bad end of a 12-gauge shotgun. Someone was desperate. Another consideration is how many people would actually try a store break-in on Thanksgiving morning, when most people are preparing for family gatherings and company and cooking? I've thought it could have been a hobo, but then a hobo might take a lot more than what was actually taken. This perp sounds like a guy who was on the run and already carrying some kind of load...not having much room or capacity to clean out a store for days worth of food. Nothing really valuable was taken, nothing you could sell later. Almost as if someone was just picking up quickly what they needed to get the hell out of Dodge, if you get my meaning. EDIT: None of the reports on this break-in mention the BRAND of cigarettes that were stolen from the store. If they were Raleighs, that would be a slam-dunk for me as far as saying with some confidence that it was Cooper who did it. I still think he did it, though. Who the hell breaks into some store for friggin' GLOVES late at night on what was now Thanksgiving morning? Although information is limited on this break-in, there are mentions that boot-type footprints were seen. If that is the case, it might explain what was in that paper bag Cooper carried that they never found. I always doubted he actually jumped in dress shoes. Once Mucklow went forward, perhaps Cooper pulled out the boots, put them on, and tossed the dress shoes into the paper bag...and then out the back they went along with the briefcase. Back in 2001, years before I ever got involved in the Cooper case, Bill Rattie, Gayla's former boss and the manager of the Ace Hardware store in Des Moines, WA, mentioned to us that he had been a young guy in the Army reserve at the time of the hijacking, and that he was called up for the search. Rattie said that he found a single loafer shoe that had NOT been sitting out for long, and turned it in to an officer, but he never heard what happened to it. He also said it was weird that such a shoe, in such new condition, would be found out in 'the boonies' like that. Gayla and I thought it was interesting, but at the time we didn't give it much thought. The subject only came up when Rattie and I started comparing our Army experiences, etc. I teased him for being a Reservist, and not Regular Army etc. He teased me for getting no further than being stuck at Ft Leonard Wood in Missouri the whole time I served. Years later, I thought back to what he said about his participation in the search, and wondered it it might have been one of Cooper's shoes. One thing I know about Rattie is that he was a straight-up guy (he managed the store very well) and not given to lies or flights of fancy. A real down-to-earth kind of guy. We lost contact with him, but I think he's back in WA state now near Olympia somewhere. We lost track of him when he moved on from managing the hardware store and opened his own construction supply company in Hawaii. He has a Facebook page, but hasn't been there in many years. Late Edit: I have decided I WILL make a presentation at the Cooper Festival, but not about whether or not Kenny Christiansen was Cooper. I want to do one on mostly-unknown-to-the-public issues on the case. The finding of the shoe by Rattie, the FBI's lame response to the Amboy Chute, and the store break-in will definitely be a part of all that.
  9. Hayden has said to me in interviews that he bought the chutes from some place down near Boeing Field that sold used chutes. And that he had Cossey repack them, since a repack was required before they could legally be used in sport flight. Issaquah Sky Sports was very well known in the Seattle area back then. Hayden's claim that he didn't know Cossey personally, at least until after Cooper, is very possible. Hayden either had the chutes sent from the place he bought them to get repacked, or he just dropped them off at Sky Sports on his own. It's been some years since I interviewed him. I did take notes, but they are buried in a ton of other files. I think I recall he said the chutes were sent out from the place he bought them...and then he picked them up from the same place after the repack. The place he bought them...can't recall the name at the moment...but he said they were right next to Boeing Field.
  10. Well, since the Cooper Festival will almost undoubtedly be the biggest party ever tossed in the USA celebrating the hijacking... And we're not having any trouble getting people interested to attend... I don't see your point where you think it isn't 'real Cooper news'. Excuse me for living, but when was the last time you ever heard of someone putting up thousands of bucks of their own money to do such a thing? I don't recall your username, let alone remembering that you 'defended me from idiots here'. I know most of the people who post on Cooper threads and forums. You I do not recall. Flyjack can take care of himself. I read everything he posts. Sometimes I comment on it. As far as 'leftist shit' the Festival is a non-political event. Why you keep bringing that up is still a mystery. And who would want just a single political party calling all the shots anyway? If we did that, they would call us the old Soviet Union. Obviously, you are mixing politics with the Cooper case. They are not related, unless anyone can prove who Cooper identified with regarding his party affiliation. And that is doubtful at best.
  11. No big deal...but to avoid confusion and weird accusations...I am FREEZING on adding any additional names to the PUBLIC email list for the Festival. There are well over a hundred names and email addresses there now, and it's getting too big for me to handle. The other list only has 26 names on it. THAT one consists of the people we know personally, or have heard of, in the Cooperland community, plus a couple of media folks. From now on...all requests coming in to attend will go on THAT list, since it is smaller. Easier for me to handle this way. Doesn't matter. All update messages are sent BCC, so no security problem. I'm starting to think we are reaching people more than I thought. It's been picking up and we are getting an average of two applicants a day. One lady asked if she could bring her Golden Retriever lol. I told her yes...but it must be on a leash at all times. To be fair to everyone applying to attend, I tell them that if we don't get a sufficient number of people, that we will probably cancel the event. But that we should know for sure by early May. I also say it's unlikely that will be a problem. If we get at least 120 people confirmed, we will hold the event. And there are over 160 names on the list now, between both email lists. We also realize at least half of them won't actually show up, but there are ways to tell. One is if they submit their Covid vaccination information in advance of the event, which I encourage them to do, and will remind them of in a late spring update. Another is when we send out the monthly updates, and their address bounces back to us because they used a phony email address. In that case, we remove them from further updates. Amazingly, not one of the addresses we used in the updates so far has bounced. This is encouraging as hell. And although in every update I tell people they can just email us and we will remove them from the updates if they one so far has requested that either. Even MORE encouraging. Still looking for 3-4 additional speakers, as well as video submissions if you can't go...and a host. The host's job won't be much. A bit here on stage, a bit there. Let's face it. It's mostly a party. But it IS a PAID position guys...and it pays pretty well. Greg or I would do it ourselves, but we will be way too busy making sure the electrical power and the lights keep going, dumping and refilling (with water) the flush toilets, making sure that the other systems run smoothly, and a bunch of other junk. We invited Bruce Smith for the hosting job, but he didn't even bother answering our email to him. If he ever does, we will discuss it with him. Hard for me to imagine he would skip both the event and an opportunity like hosting it just because he has personal issues with us. But he might do just that. I can tell you this much, though. If the situation were reversed, and Bruce offered me such a job, I would jump on it in a heartbeat. I have no qualms when it comes to money. Total Cooper whore here. (that's a joke, guys) We will see. In any case, we will find someone eventually.
  12. I agree. He told me that the chute got in the way while flying the way he did. Said it had to be a backpack, and that wearing a belly pack would have cramped his style even more so. I don't know for sure, but I also wouldn't be surprised if the FAA required the backpack anyway, rather than just wearing a reserve. It's a funny thing, but the Washington State History Museum has that chute sort of tucked away into a corner of the building. Most people don't even notice it's there. Took me a while to find it. I had a couple of issues with the WSHM guys anyway. The first was when they wanted Gayla's SSN just to buy twenty copies of Blast for their museum store. I offered up our TIN (tax identification number for AB of Seattle) instead. For some reason they never fully explained, they said they needed her SSN for the purchase order. I got pretty angry with them. Finally told them if they wanted copies they should just go to Amazon. Then I refused to attend their DB Cooper presentation. The second thing was after I listened to all the audio interviews they did with the witnesses. For the life of me I couldn't figure out why none of the witnesses were asked if they had seen anyone they thought might be Cooper. That is...any of the more popular suspects presented on the internet or on TV. To me, it seemed the obvious question. This proved to me that museum curators should not be interviewers, because they're no damn good at it.
  13. Between Hayden and Cossey, I believe Hayden's version of events. He lives less than two miles from me and we spoke quite a bit on the phone regarding the chute issue. He also donated the returned chute to the Washington State History Museum when he could have gotten a ton of money for it from some Cooper paraphernalia collector. Hayden has talked about his go-arounds with Cossey. He got angry with Cossey because (he says) Cossey kept claiming that the two backpacks were his, and not Hayden's. I believe Hayden's version (again) because the FBI would not have returned the chute to Hayden if it did not belong to him. Hayden also told me something interesting. He says that NWA and he came to an agreement that the chutes were a rental only, and were to be returned. But when the FBI 'took over' the chutes, NWA still paid him but only for a limited rental and said they couldn't keep paying him if the chutes had now been appropriated by the FBI as evidence. This is why (Hayden said) he finally asked for the return of the chute. Hayden also had a funny attitude about parachutes. He never intended to wear one. He said he didn't trust them, and only bought the two he did (used, of course) because he was a sport flyer and the FAA made a new rule saying all sport flyers had to wear a chute while doing stunts, etc. So...he grudgingly bought them. He said further he never would have used it to jump, because he trusted his piloting skills enough that he could still get the plane down safely in case of an emergency. I asked him if there was ANY reason he would bail in an emergency. I have some additional thoughts on my previous comment. This one: I have the ear of this producer, and I *might* be convinced to pitch him the idea of covering the Festival for television. I get the idea he's thinking about a multi-part show or something, but the truth is I'm not completely sure where he's going with all this. He's exploring for ideas, I know that much. But like everyone else doing cable shows right now, he has to balance possible travel, a budget, and those nagging Covid-19 considerations. He has won an Emmy. So far...we have three confirmed 'Cooper Folk' showing up to do presentations, (not counting me, although I've been urged by some people to do one) but we still don't have a host. The way I see things right now is that this will mostly a gathering of Cooper fans, and less of a gathering of Cooper investigators, writers, or the like. If over the next sixty days we start getting requests to attend from known people in the Cooper community, then I will suggest that this producer arrange for a TV episode covering the festival. Otherwise, I don't see the point. This will mean much more work for AB staff and our volunteers, because we will have to coordinate not only with the people showing up, but a TV crew as well. As the old saying goes, it 'makes no never mind to me,' but as time goes on and everyone realizes what is actually being planned...that it really will be the biggest party ever done celebrating Cooper...just don't wait too long to make your move. At some point, I will have to cut off not only attendance, but dismiss further presentations as well. I am not selling anything here, and our book sales are higher than ever. This isn't about me. It's about everyone else, and like I said a couple of times...a thank-you to Cooper fans. (LOL five minutes after I added stuff to this post, a guy from Portland contacted me. He says he 'has to' show up and do a presentation. His presentation is on how the hijacking has affected people in Portland over the years. I approved him right away.) NOTE: All of you on the non-public email list (confirmed speakers or known people in Cooperland) should have received your February update email today. Same message went out to the public list as well. (Public list are those people who signed up to attend the festival, but we don't know who they are personally. They just applied to attend.)
  14. Message from the New York City-based producer. Says they're interested in covering the Cooper Festival, but still up in the air. Mainly due to Covid, of course. Also, they would have to establish a budget. But he likes the idea of several Cooper eggs showing up in the same place. Easier than jumping from one Cooper investigator/writer/fan to another, especially in these days where travel (especially air travel) is limited, and frankly...a little dangerous. That's not much in the way of Cooper news, but it's all that I have today.
  15. Just about every source from the very beginning has been upfront about the number of chutes given to Cooper, and what happened to them. Some of this testimony comes from actual interviews with the people involved, and some of those interviews were recorded on video for news services. They all say the same thing. Four chutes provided to Cooper. Two from Hayden, two from Sky Sports. The two from Hayden were both backpack rigs. The two from Sky Sports were chest packs. 1) Cooper jumps with the military rig, provided by Hayden. 2) Cooper leaves behind the other Hayden chute. 3) The chest pack that actually worked was popped for its paracord, and is still in possession of the FBI. It was studied by Tom Kaye's team. 4) The non-working chest pack trainer was not found on board the aircraft, and because the chute Cooper jumped with had no D-rings, it is assumed it was tossed out the rear of the aircraft. (Along with a paper bag and a briefcase.) There has been some limited evidence presented (mostly by some references by the Reno FBI) that a FIFTH chute may have been involved. I am not yet convinced a fifth chute actually exists. Not selling any of the HA HA HA copies just yet. They are an investment. At one time, copies were going for upward of $600 each at Amazon and some were actually selling. I keep one copy around, but the others are in safe storage down in southern California at Grandma's place. No harm asking though.
  16. Over at Quora Cooper, someone asked me a question, so I answered it. How can D.B Cooper Publish Ha! Ha! Ha! By D.B Cooper in 1983 if he went to hiding in 1971? Very few people know who actually wrote Ha Ha Ha, but it wasn’t Cooper. That much I know from my research into the DB Cooper case. The artwork is credited to Greg Ellingson, a REAL person. Ellingson is a known artist in the Portland area, (Google Greg Ellingson artist, or you'll get the hockey player instead) with many years of experience and art for sale today. Looking at his picture at Linkedin, he must have been pretty young and just starting out when he did the art for the book. However, there are several ways to contact him on the internet. You could ask him the author's name. Back cover is shown below, with a claim that if you solve the clues in the book, some of the money from sales of the book go to whoever identifies ‘the treasure’. The publisher, 'Signum Books Ltd,' should not be confused with 'Signum Books,' a division of Flashpoint Media founded in 2010. 'Signum Books Ltd.' (was) a small press based out of Jefferson, Oregon a very small town south of Salem. In 1983, to privately publish such a book, you would have to do it the old fashioned way using an actual book press, and that couldn't be done as quickly and easily as today. The book was sub-contracted out as a print job, and copies were delivered in boxes. Since Signum Ltd was either a single person and that was their business name, or a very small company, you would have to contract out the printing somewhere. The print run itself was done in Portland, and is credited to the Portland Journal of Commerce. The PJC has been around for well over a hundred years, but they don't print books on their own. However, they used to put businesses together for sub contracting jobs, and they end up being credited as the printer. The reality is that the book was printed privately under contract, probably several thousand copies at least, and the publisher listed the PJC as the actual printer. This could have been done to avoid certain questions later. Dona Elliott, the late, great owner-operator of the Ariel General Store and Tavern, had steady access to more copies of the book whenever she wished, and claimed she knew the identity of the author. (Before she passed away in 2015, she was hosting the annual DB Cooper Days party at the tavern.) She was selling them for six dollars a copy at the same time they were going for well over a hundred bucks each at Amazon. Only one known library carries the book, according to WorldCat, and that is the Washington State University library. I bought six copies from Elliott and several more later. Wherever she was obtaining the copies, she had a steady source. This boosts her claim that she knew the author, and additionally, she said that although he WASN'T Cooper, that he was a Northwest native and local to the Portland area. Several people worked on Ha Ha Ha, and all of the names are real except for the guy who wrote the manuscript. Greg Ellingson, the artist, is real. Much of his work you can see on the internet today resembles the work he did for Ha Ha Ha. If you really wanted to know the name of the author for real, he is probably your best bet to find out. Judi Van Cleeve of Portland, Oregon was the editor who touched up the final manuscript and got it ready for printing. You can find her on Facebook. I have edited books or done cover creation on about sixty different titles since 2003, mostly for outside authors on contract. After examining Ha Ha Ha closely, I have a few opinions. First, it's a pro job all the way, especially on the editing. Back in 1983, word processing was in its infancy. Books were edited mostly by making corrections on a typewriter and then later set up for an actual printing press. It has an embossed cover, which is unusual for a privately-printed book. Someone paid a little bit extra to do that. The one-piece wraparound cover is a solid job and not done by an amateur. There is no problem with the bleed area and all the images on the cover and used in the interior are dead-center. The text editing is spot on. (They could have left an additional 1/4" space for the inside margin, but they probably placed it a bit tight to save page count, since private book printing costs are usually based on the number of pages you want printed in your book.) Assessment: Ha Ha Ha was a book created by pros who knew what they were doing, and had worked in the business somehow, somewhere, for years. The people involved in this book were not amateurs to the book and/or publishing business. About The Author: Whoever he was, I don't think Ha Ha Ha was his first book. The writing flows well, he knows how to use the Chicago Manual of Style, his dialogue is crisp, and he does paragraph breaks at the right times and places. This guy, in my opinion....was writing either freelance or semi-pro PRIOR to the writing of Ha Ha Ha. The signs are all over the book. It wasn't his first bit of writing, and he's good. Why The Book Lost Money: Although this was a book created by professionals, it also required a large investment to get it printed privately. This probably left little for marketing, and the one thing no one considered was that the author wasn't going to be doing any book tours or appearances, because he alleges several illegal acts in the book, and claims they are fact. At his first book signing appearance, he would have to admit the book was a total work of fiction, and this limited marketing greatly. As a result, it sold few copies, was never picked up by distributors or bookstores, and was a sales failure. Today, it is a cult classic. More Recently: Currently, the book is not available at Amazon, although copies do pop up there occasionally. (Answer submitted by Robert Blevins, co-author of Into The Blast - The True Story of D.B. Cooper, and the host of WordPress Cooper.)
  17. Can anyone re-post these pictures? They don't seem to be on the site anymore. If they aren't on the site, and Ckret posted them, then who will repost them? Shutter over at the DB Cooper Forum might have copies. If not, you might have to go to Ckret. He's on Facebook under his real name, but I have never approached him there about anything related to the Cooper case. If you do so...I would do it with a private FB message, not on his actual FB page. He's really touchy about people asking him Cooper stuff because he is a retired FBI agent now. Privately, all he can do is say no. Publicly...he will delete your post to his page and probably block you. You could try asking at the DB Cooper Forum too, as I said.
  18. The Cooper Festival is non-political and it's not a promotion. It's an INVITATION. A promotion infers we charge money or have something to gain by tossing the festival. We don't. Nobody is selling a thing and we're putting up over $6,000 from our own pockets to do it with not a cent being asked, or being returned to us for all that. Not even a donation button on our website. I removed it. (Hopefully, you aren't one of those people who believe we should have just ONE main political party in the USA. If we did, they would call us the old Soviet Union.) Elena Filatova, Russia's famous 'Kid of Speed' who has these websites about Chernobyl and other nuke disasters, told me this once. She said back in those days, they sometimes had to offer free drinks to people just to get them to vote. We are going to allow other Cooper folk to sell things here and there if they wish though. Maybe offer their books, their theories to the crowd, show their videos and all that. I'm not even the host of the event. We're still seeking one. It's a paid position and open to the right person. I'd do it myself, but most of my responsibilities entail emptying the toilets and refilling the flush water for them. ***************** In other news, I would like to know how all the information presented by Flyjack concerning the parachutes given to Cooper reconciles with the document issued by FBI agent John Detlor. It's not that I don't believe, or even agree with Flyjack's assessment. But there have been a couple of stories floating around concerning the chutes. The report by Detlor was issued shortly after the hijacking: NOTE: Some years ago, I interviewed Norman Hayden on the chutes. He had not seen the report by Detlor. I sent him a copy. He agreed it was completely accurate, (for his part anyway) and asked for a high-res version, which I sent to him. He printed it up and had it framed for his office. Interestingly enough, he got the one chute returned by paying a lawyer $250 and simply ASKING that it be returned. All the lawyer did was send a letter to the FBI, and that did the trick. Two FBI agents met Hayden in person he said, and gave it to him. He also said they seemed a bit miffed about having to return it.
  19. Maybe in the back behind the seats. The canopy has slider windows though, with screens.
  20. New video for the 50th Anniversary DB Cooper Festival has been uploaded to YouTube, etc.
  21. Two people I know have already died of Covid. And a nice lady I once worked with. Joking about it sometimes can be better than whining. I've written a few books here and there. That's just a part time gig. How we actually make a living puts us at risk every day and causes a lot of stress. So joking is a way of dealing with that stress. Well, you asked...
  22. The wife and I managed to get an appointment for the Moderna vaccine for Feb 3 through a hospital pharmacy about twenty miles from home. (Next Wednesday) Slots were assigned online and filled up so fast that by the time I did the second appt. for myself, everything was filled for five hours in between. (In other words, about 30 slots were filled in the two minutes it took me to make HER appointment first.) This means our appt's are six hours apart on the same day. A couple of minutes later, ALL slots were gone right into March. I'm surprised the server didn't crash. Still, no one here is complaining. We will do her appointment at 10:20 AM and then go watch a movie until mine comes up at 4:20 PM. houses are closed. Oh, well. We will just have a long dinner at a local restaurant. Uh...wait. Hold on that too. Jokes aside, we feel lucky enough. Would you believe we just drive around for a few hours? I think they haven't shut that down quite yet. But the funny thing is once you get an appointment, you also get more paranoid that you could get sick at the last minute before your appointment comes. It kind of feels like waiting around for a seat on a lifeboat while the ship sinks. Or something like that. Wife went out and spent fifty bucks on some high end masks. Wife just told me this: "We can't just drive around, Robert. What if your truck breaks down somewhere? You will miss the appointment..." Shit. Looks like the car radio and the hospital parking lot for me. Not complaining about that either.
  23. Interesting article by Rolling Stone. They always get the good stories. Gee. I wonder who said those nasty things below about her? Hmm. (*laughs*) We all know the answer, of course. No, it wasn't me. The closest I ever got to Mucklow was submitting a letter, a report, and some pictures to her sister and brother-in-law in Shelton, WA. I would say that Mucklow's comments for Rolling Stone put to rest any persistent rumors that she is hiding anything or somehow 'cooperated' with Cooper.
  24. Oh, brother...Greg the Techie Guy tells me today we have to move the Cooper Festival to the SECOND weekend of June, (June 11-13) rather than June 4-6. (First weekend of June) Something about a family gathering in Eastern Washington he has to attend on June 5. I will do this, but it means sending out a pair of group emails, deleting a video from YouTube and creating another one, changing some stuff at the main AB website, changing a WordPress article, and the same thing at Quora dot com. Well...I suppose it's better he told me now instead of like in May or something. The upside is that chances are better the weather will cooperate, the later into June we go. Also, any additional time we can give people to get the Covid-19 vaccine (an absolute requirement for attendance) can't hurt. I will also have to request a mod to our US Forest Service permit. That shouldn't be a problem this far in advance. Will handle this before the end of the week. Anyone who is on the email list and reading this now should plan on us making those changes right away. No use in waiting. On a side note, I'm not driving all the way back up to Greenwater to do another video. I will just set up a background and shoot it in my office this time. Update: Webpages at AB updated. WordPress article updated. Quora article deleted for now. Video deleted from YouTube in preparation for creating a new one. Group emails going out tomorrow afternoon. As far as the Cooper TV series goes, I already said we are declining on that one. After the John Dower fiasco, I just don't want to be involved in any more of them, unless they want to cover the Festival independently. Full-length feature film on contract? (Not a documentary) Sure. Another TV documentary? No. Coverage of the Festival by any and all media? No problem there. A couple of local media have already expressed an interest. If you need information about all that (proposed TV series on Cooper), I'm not hard to find. Best wishes to anyone who decides to get involved. Sounds a bit more legit than the Dower production, so you might want to consider it. As far as the Cooper Festival, I counted names today and we have exactly 141 people on the public list. When the list approaches 400, I'm cutting it off right there and *assuming* (yeah, it's a gamble) that perhaps no more than HALF of them will actually show up. Truth is, trying to go past 250 attendees will be a stretch, and just because someone signs up at the website doesn't necessarily mean they will drive out to Greenwater and show up in person. We figure maybe 150-200 at the most. At least that's what we hope. If ALL of them actually showed...big venue or not...we will have to get creative. But I'm betting not all of them are serious, and some probably will decline at the last minute if they haven't gotten the Covid vaccine by Festival weekend.
  25. After talking to Gayla and Greg this morning, we came to some decisions. We're too busy with the Festival stuff to get involved in any TV productions right now. We will tell the producer who contacted us that they are welcome to cover the Festival, and we will cooperate with them on that if they wish. But on anything else we just can't. I have no wish to be involved in another big fight, backstabbing, whatever goes on regarding the production of another TV show on Cooper. If you are contacted to be a part of this planned production, our best to you and good luck. Be we are out of it.