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  1. No big deal now, but people poked fun at my idea that it might be hard to tell someone's true height inside the confines of an aircraft opposed to standing next to them at the bus stop, for example. I gave the example of when I was on a flight down to San Diego many years ago from Seattle. I saw Bret Boone, the former MLB player for Seattle, come out of First Class and do some interaction with a few of his fans in the front rows of coach. I would have sworn on a Bible he was over six feet tall. Not even a hesitation. When the plane landed, I accidentally bumped into him at the luggage carousel when we reached for adjoining bags. He was shorter than I was, and I am 5-11 1/2. He is 5-10. It was a big shock. But an even bigger shock was when I ran into him, literally. It was like walking into a brick wall. And at that very second, I was sure he was on steroids. No one gets THAT hard, that rock-solid all over, every inch, with weight training alone. It was downright weird. And as it turned out, I may have been right. He was named in the Canseco book. Doesn't mean it's true, of course. But at that moment, I was certain he was on steroids.
  2. No big mystery. On AB of Seattle's monthly receipt-of-payment reports from Lightning Source that term is used on the reports to distinguish between payments made to us in American dollars, GB pounds, Euros, Australian dollars, etc. Then they convert the currencies for us automatically into USD and deposit them in our business bank account. LSI has print and ship facilities worldwide. But we get separate reports from each market every month, how many copies of which book(s) went out wholesale, like that, in the different currencies. Once in a while, I've had to adjust our trade rate discount to wholesalers and retailers, (generally it's 55% off the cover price) because of currency fluctuations. LOL one time I found out I had been selling one of our books at a loss of sixteen cents per copy in one overseas market or another and had to adjust.
  3. Oh, brother....Shutter over at the DB Cooper Forum going off again...whatever. I will address his *stuff*. (polite name for it) Robert says: Yes, everything costs money. I said you'd have a better chance of filling the seats if those twenty dollar tickets to the convention were made available at the door, unlike last time, where they were only available online. It wasn't the parking fee on the museum that was the problem. There is street parking on Pacific Avenue. I refused to attend because they wanted me to give them Gayla's SSN in order to validate a purchase order to buy some copies of Into The Blast for their little store. They wouldn't relent, and I got pissed off. So I told them to buy copies at Amazon and stayed home. And yes...I can afford to do this or that on my own. Greg was asked to put up some of the money and became overly generous. And I financed all the other Cooper Campouts we've done prior to the June Festival thing, and I'm still putting up about $1,200 of my own money for it, in addition to Greg's money. I'm also doing most of the logistics, and dealing with the press and the public for it. As far as money goes, I was ready to borrow up to $100,000 from a trust fund held by my folks for me, in an effort to 'restore the Ariel Store' to its former glory. (My first idea was to suggest he go fifty-fifty with someone on the business, someone with money to do the repairs, but he rejected that idea.) But then Bryan went crazy on me for no good reason, after he pocketed $2,500 in cash we raised for him, and God knows how much through the credit/debit card donations. Probably another thousand at least. A more ungrateful person I have not met in my life. Robert says: No one is forcing anyone to attend the June party. Not that many are bringing tents I hear. Some. Most seem to be bringing vans, trucks with campers, small trailers. It's true they might spend more to come for a three day weekend, rather than just an afternoon at the theater in Vancouver. If I said the party was to benefit Childrens' Hospital in Seattle, you would find reasons to bitch and whine about that as well. Is this not true? Robert says: We do Cooper events as well. Just somewhat different, and more like the Ariel Store parties than conventions. I already said previously that I supported Eric's event, but that it won't be easy to pack the seats at twenty bucks USD a pop. That's a lot of moolah for a seat, my friend. Hopefully, Eric can make people feel good about spending that much on a ticket when the whole thing is done. He might be able to do that. I have confidence he will do just that. Robert says: Wasn't part of the ransom money? No kidding? We said that was the case on the video for YouTube about it. I made that perfectly plain from the start. Money was dated 84-86. However, since Christiansen felt it necessary to create a hiding place both in his attic, and another one crafted from wood outside, which he buried with the money wrapped in heavy was worth mentioning. If you ask me for a theory, I think it was probably bug-out money, just in case money, or like that. The one thing the money did tell us was that the rumors about it were true. Other than that, not a whole lot. If you guys over at the Cooper Forum don't cease your bitching, whining, and fault-finding with our June event...we may change our minds about supporting YOUR event coming up in November. I plan to urge people to attend the Vancouver event, as well as provide they and any press who might show up the information about it. But if I see just ONE MORE *non-constructive* criticism about the June party, I will withdraw that offer. I don't want to do that. I do think there is room for TWO Cooper events this year, Shutter. They aren't even close to the same dates or in the same locations, or even appeal to the same types of people. So back off, if you please. Thank you.
  4. Total guess out of the blue, but NO might stand for Northwest Orient, and NA for Northwest Airlines. It *could* be a reference that a particular position plot was also done with additional input from the jet crew, or certified on the ground with Paul Soderlind's team, who were working with the Seattle office of NWA, the FBI, and ATC on the afternoon/evening of the hijacking. Soderlind and his guys were in contact with Flight 305 here and there I have heard, at least after the takeoff from Seattle. I know they had a hand in creating the FBI map. Total guess though, like I said.
  5. Well...I don't want them to think I plan to rail against them or try to interfere. Any attention to the Cooper case in public is a good thing in my opinion. But going it alone as they plan to do, and trying to shut some folks out won't work. But you can't tell them anything. It's not easy to get people to fill a theater at twenty bucks a seat. It's not easy to do it even if the seats are FREE. After the last convention, I got a series of messages from people who saw the reports about it, and was asked why I didn't show. They were disappointed, mostly. No kidding. I could have said, 'Because I wasn't wanted,' but I just told people it was because I had to be in San Diego. Both things were true, but I'm not going down that subject road again. Both events should compliment each other. They actually have more to gain by cooperation with AB of Seattle than the other way around, because we have to go 'first' as they say. They cannot really help us, even if they wanted to. The events are completely different. They plan a convention. We're planning a party, to be frank about it. They are continuing the convention tradition started by Geoff Gray. We are trying to do the Ariel Store thing over a three-day weekend, with some Cooper stuff tossed in. It's like comparing apples to oranges. The only convention I ever went to was Norwescon in Seattle. (Northwest Science Fiction Convention) I did that when we were doing Escape Velocity Magazine. I was silly enough (for a while) to think that Eric and his friends, knowing we had a pretty good budget to work with this year, i.e. a few thousand bucks via Greg, might actually bury the hatchet and approach us for a combination event. Ha. I should have known better, as the Beatles once said. On the other hand, two events are better than one. I will probably have to promote them a bit at the Festival, otherwise they will say I am working against them again. God knows, they will need help if they are going to charge rates like that for attendance. I wouldn't call it hopeless, though. If I could give them a suggestion besides tickets at the door this time, I would advise them to cough up the money and get a 'headliner' on the program. Definition according to Connie at the Auburn Days Festival: "A person with a well-known name that will bring in the crowd." We're still working on that angle ourselves for the June event, but probably won't have anyone like that until after the news articles come out in May. ABOVE: Front cover, Escape Velocity - Issue Three. I designed the cover myself. I think this was a 2007 issue, and although I wrote the '12 Things' article, only about three or four of them actually came true.
  6. Update on the June-scheduled DB Cooper Party: Kyle D, the guy who was part of a group of young boys who accidentally discovered about $1,400 in twenty-dollar bills buried behind Cooper suspect Kenny Christiansen's house in Bonney Lake, WA has (finally) signed to be a speaker at the party. He's spreading the word locally and bringing some of his friends to boot. I had him convinced to show up a couple of months ago, but he was a bit reticent to actually get up on stage. I finally convinced him. This makes a total of four speakers for the event, plus anyone else who has enough nerve to get up on stage and do their Cooper Thing. It's a fairly loose event, as you can tell. LOL...I'm even telling people they can just play music if they wish, and if their instrument requires electrification, we can provide that for them. Ever since I dropped the 'you must register in advance' requirement, we've been getting much more interest in the party from the locals. I define 'locals' as people mostly living between Portland and Seattle. We will do video of this event over the three days it runs, and condense it all down into a 90-minute movie for YouTube. I'm going to shoot it (as best I can) in the style of one of my all-time favorite documentary heroes, the late, great D.A. Pennebaker. I absolutely loved this guy and just about everything he ever did. I have been studying his two-camera technique and how he did cuts, edits, and the like. I'm sure I can't hold a candle to a genius like Pennebaker...but I will try anyway. I'm even going to make the final version available on straight-to-video DVD. The resulting film will be dedicated to him. As far as CooperCon 2021 goes, we're not in competition with those guys. What I figure is that we will set the bar for them...and see what happens. I think they have chosen to ignore us, which is their right of course. Maybe not the smartest thing, but their choice alone. If they were actually smart, they might decide to work with us and allow us to send much promo their way. They can't really do anything for us, but it's possible we could do a LOT for them. It's not going to be an easy thing for Eric to pack the house at twenty bucks a seat, in case no one involved in all that hasn't figured it out. We do have some advice for Eric that might help, though. Try making tickets available at the door. You didn't do that in 2019. You were only selling pre-admissions online. This way, you get the last-minute crowd, too. I assume there is a marquee above the ticket window?
  7. Well, we agree on this. Years ago, I considered the idea the Tina Bar money was deliberately buried at the spot it was discovered. Then I started looking at the additional shards that were discovered, and since these shards were somewhat away from the main block of money, I realized that burial was unlikely. And was private property and just entering that property to bury money would be dangerous. Then...I thought "what are the chances that the money would be discovered in a place where dredge spoils and heavy equipment operated? Unless the money was dredged to the spot?" That is a likely possibility. Either that, or the money washed up there, and the dredge operations, the moving of the sand by heavy equipment around the beach...caused the shards and where they ended up some short distance from the main pile of money. have the folks saying ('dredging experts,' such as they are) that the money might not be able to get past the wiper bar on a dredge without being more heavily damaged. So...maybe the money WAS moved around by heavy equipment...but was not actually dredged from the Columbia to the spot it was found. This only leaves one remaining possibility. That the money washed up there from the Columbia River, and was pushed around a bit by the heavy equipment. This could have caused the shards that were found near the main bundle of money. They could have flaked off, or broken off, and being shoved around like that, ended up nearby.
  8. I have been asked to speak at the June Cooper Festival. But I won't be talking about Kenny, Bernie, Margie, Helen Jones, or any of that. I've decided that I will call out the Seattle FBI regarding their release of the files, and discuss the parachute found in Amboy in 2008. First off, I think the FBI should skip ahead and start releasing the most recent files they have....FIRST. And then work their way backwards. This would enable researchers to have the NEWEST information, the LATEST information that was available on the case before they closed it in 2016. Who the hell cares wading through all the old, mostly-useless crap they've released up until now? Well, that's my opinion on it anyway. In those most recent files, I think you will find the most interesting information. Such as why they decided to close the case in the first place. I would also like to see what they have on the Amboy chute, an item they dismissed without giving an exact reason for the dismissal, and did not counter Earl Cossey's BS claim that the reason that chute could not be Cooper's was because it was made of silk...and the ones given to Cooper were ripstop nylon. That reason, such as it is, was a load of baloney bigger than the pile of processed meat put out on an average day by Oscar Meyer. *Question Everything* *All The Time* On a personal note, the reason why some folks in Cooperland hate me so much is simple. I follow this policy with everyone. To me, no one is special. No one is on some kind of 'protected list' in Cooperland. If you lie, I will call it out. If I think you are a scammer and a phony, I will call that out as well. If I think many of the people who inhabit Cooperland, the more well-known names, are full of it, or engage in suppression, duplicity, and think they are untouchable...I will call that out too. (I will exclude people like Tom Kaye and Mark M. aka '377' at Dropzone, since they are honest and solid men to a fault.) This policy tends to make you a few enemies. I also 'call it like I see it' in the general community of Cooper armchair investigators. But for some other folks, the fans of Cooper and the people you never hear about publicly, it also means you can be trusted. At least to many of them it does. I have been told this. I get that a lot on the side, mostly privately through emails and phone calls. I don't play favorites. Everyone is on a level playing field with me and I don't suck up to people who believe they are Cooper Royalty, a term I invented a while ago. The idea of Cooper Royalty, a small protected group who can do no wrong is a myth, perpetuated and supported by a few select folks in Cooperland...who mostly have agendas going. For others, it is a primal fear that someone will actually solve the case, because then they would have nothing further to discuss, and their websites would soon become a bore. If I were a part of all that, I couldn't look myself in the mirror in the morning. I would rather be the renegade in Cooperland any day of the week (and twice on Sundays) than part of a group of phonies. Yeah. I'm here all week.
  9. It was really no big deal, but a long time back I pointed out that prior to the building of Highway 167 between Sumner, WA and Renton, WA...the only real road to the SeaTac Airport from Bonney Lake, WA was the East Valley Road. This road turned into 'A' street when it passed through Auburn. And shortly after that, people took a cutoff road called the Kent-Des Moines road to go west up to the airport. If you lived in either Bonney Lake or Sumner at that time, as both Kenny Christiansen and Bernie Geestman did in 1971, it was the shortest and most common way to reach the SeaTac Airport. And at certain times during this period, i.e. late 60's-early 70's, both of these men would have had to use this route to get to work. How do I know? I lived on a farm at that time between all these places. It was located right on the East Valley Road between Sumner and Auburn. Today it is the parking lot and HQ for a construction company named Petersen Brothers. Some of the time, both men worked at the airport. Geestman as a mechanic for NWA. KC as a purser for the same airline. Geestman also worked on the 727 program for Boeing at the Seattle plant...and it's the same route to that place as well. At the time of the hijacking however, he was working for Foss Tugs in Seattle...same route. But instead of going to the airport, you would still use that route to reach Interstate 5 to get to Foss in Seattle. As you passed down A street in Auburn using this route, you also passed the local JC Penneys there. That building is still there with the name painted on the side of the building, although it has been closed for many years now. And frankly, I don't know if it means anything evidentiary, but when Geestman worked as a mechanic for Foss Tugs, he also did work with titanium piping, which was used in certain systems on those same tugs. This would require some work in grinding and welding on them. Titanium, and its alloys were used starting in the 1960's, (about ten years after they started using it in aerospace) because it doesn't rust, it's strong, and tugs are mostly sea water vessels. Whether any of this has anything to do with particles on a tie, I haven't a clue. But I do know that was the situation with these two men at the time of the hijacking. One thing I've always wondered was why the hijacker seemed careful to retrieve (or dispose of) any evidence, and yet he just casually disposes of the tie over a seat. Almost as if he knew it couldn't be traced to him. The guy takes back a matchbook. He doesn't write his own notes. He gets rid of the briefcase and its contents, as well as the paper bag. But just tosses the tie where it can be found. On one of my trips up to Twisp, WA to visit witness Margie Geestman at her ranch, she mentioned that Geestman had kicked down her door shortly after they divorced. She was in town at the time. He stole several photo albums and a few personal items, she said. (At the time of their divorce, this burglary would require, for Mr Geestman, a trip of 250 miles EACH WAY over two mountain passes, so he must have wanted something very badly.) We talked about WHERE EXACTLY had her ex-husband worked at the time of the hijacking. She said Foss Tugs, and that she had all his logbooks from that time. I asked to see them. She dragged out a big box of these blue books. All of them had the year written on the front in black magic marker. 1968, 1969, etc up to about 1974 I think. The logbook for 1971 was missing. She was very surprised by this and said Bernie must have stolen it when he broke into the house. The door he kicked down was still broken at the hinges and lock to an extent, but Mrs. Geestman had replaced it with a padlock to the inside. It was not the main door to the house, of course. It occurred to me that if anyone wanted to check if Bernie had actually worked over the week of the hijacking, that this information would be in the logbook. Which might be a good reason for taking JUST THAT one logbook when they divorced. Geestman claimed he was working the week of the hijacking, while several witnesses including his friend Helen Jones and others, said he was with Kenny over the week of the hijacking. A possible theory for Geestman to drive 500 miles total just to kick down a door and retrieve a logbook might be: He no longer trusted his ex-wife to keep her trap shut regarding his involvement in the Cooper hijacking. During Mrs. Geestman's seventh and final interview with me, she admitted the two men were together and missing that entire week...and in several previous interviews she claimed her ex WAS a part of the hijacking. But up until then, she had also named other men who were actually Cooper. None of them came close to panning out. When I confronted her on the final interview, I told her that her own friend Helen Jones had testified that Kenny was the one who was with her husband the week of the hijacking, and it had been Kenny the Sumner Laundromat the January after the hijacking...who had admitted this to her, although he wouldn't tell Jones what they were doing. It was at that point in this final interview that Mrs. Geestman finally admitted it was Kenny who was with her husband that week. I looked at her and said this: "You've already pointed to your husband several times as being involved in the hijacking. Now you are saying that it was Kenny who was actually Cooper. You understand this, right?" She just nodded at me. The two us understood by that time, over all these interviews, that Kenny and she were good friends for decades, and I knew that she wanted to tell me everything, but also wanted to try and protect Kenny. But when her own friend finally came forward with the truth, the game was over.
  10. Well, right now the Cooper World is certainly dysfunctional. That is a good word to describe it. What those bozos over at the Cooper Forum, headed by their Fearless Leader Eric, don't realize is that it is bad policy to have only one voice in Cooperland. A person who uses his minions over at the Cooper Forum to advance his own personal agenda. I'm surprised some of these minions haven't stood up to him yet, certainly knowing that Eric's only real agenda is Eric...and the promotion of Eric himself, both now and later. At the same time, they do another dumb thing. They try to shut out any other voices, or any other event regarding Cooper to the exclusion of their own. This is dumb because all events, all voices on the Cooper case should be promoted so that the public's attention, their charity, their INTEREST in the Cooper case continues. Otherwise, only Eric will benefit in the end. The way it really works for the latest convention proposal is more like this: You all work for Eric. And you hope he will toss you a few crumbs later. I said that in my review because that's the way I see it. You will attend this convention. People will speak. Some will give their theories. There will be much mutual back-slapping, attaboy stuff going on. But in the background, Eric will be making sure that this event is not wasted, and serves as a springboard to something bigger...for him alone. And when he has succeeded in his purpose, or you are no longer needed, you will be forgotten. I know a hustler when I see one. (Unless it is proven to me that he isn't.) On the other hand, you have our event, one that all but a few people in Cooperland have ignored, and you see that as a threat. Which is really foolish for anyone to believe...except Eric. (So far, your general, no-name Cooper fans seem to be enthusiastic about the June event, though.) And I still say we *could* get a lot more people to show up in June than the number of people who will show to the Kiggins in November. We will see. Eric and his followers have the advantage here because they get to go second. We set the bar in June, so to speak. So whatever they do in November will naturally be compared to what happened at the June festival. If Eric and his supporters were actually smart, they would realize that it's a pretty short path between the June Cooper Festival and the event they are trying to interest people in this coming November. Especially if they are going to ask the public to cough up $20 a ticket to attend. I tried to tell these ding-dongs that cooperation on BOTH events would benefit BOTH events...but they think they know everything already. In fact, our presence, and any possible success with the June festival would benefit Eric and the Gang's November gathering a lot more than the other way around. That is...if we chose to either support it at the Festival, or review it badly with both the public and the media at this same event. I would rather PROMOTE it, because like I is better for everyone involved in the Cooper case. Maybe you're thinking, "so what?" if this is the case. "So what if more people show to that festival, Robert?" The so-what means this: It shows you shouldn't forget the public, the fans on Cooper. They are numerous throughout the NW and elsewhere. And it will prove that what I said above, as well as other things regarding CooperCon, were right all along. I guess it never occurred to these guys that AB of Seattle could encourage people at the Festival to attend and support the event in Vancouver later. We have nothing to lose here. We're not the ones going second and hoping for the best, but first. We're going to toss everything we have at the June event and just see what happens. So far, signs are very good, no matter what you might read from the Peanut Gallery (Cooper Forum users with anonymous identities) over at Bruce Smith's Mountain News. *************** Edit: I have some public news regarding the June festival, in advance of the group emails, which go out in about a week. The amount of the prizes for the Cooper Character Lookalike Contest have been decided. Sort of, that is. If less than 150 people show up, then the total prize package will be $480 in Amazon gift cards in ten different sliding-scale packages. In other words, the overall winner of the contest gets the most, and the winners in all three categories, i.e. dressing like Cooper himself, one of the stews, or one of the flight crew, get the most. Second and third place in all three categories receive lesser amounts. If attendance exceeds 150 people, we will boost the amounts accordingly by adding in smaller amounts in cash to the prize envelopes. Our official press release on this event goes out on Friday, April 30. About 100 copies of a single-page map and information doc on the event will be delivered to the Greenwater General Store, the only store close to the turnoff for the event. This will be done about a week prior, and made available at the store on June 9th, two days beforehand. This is for people who might be trying to attend, but either can't reach us by phone or radio. We are also designing a 24x36 inch poster about the event for the store to display if they wish. It gives details on the festival, but not the exact location. The public PDF, the official program for the festival, will be available for download and printing on Wednesday, June 9 at several internet links, including Facebook, my personal Twitter account, AB of Seattle's main site, and Quora dot com/DB Cooper. This same program will be sent by group email to anyone on our two email lists. The Planning Committee will receive theirs as soon as it is ready, probably by June 1. Kyle, myself, and Greg the Techie Guy will be onsite several days in advance at the festival location to do setup. And anyone else who chooses to show up early. But in order to show up early, and assist us in setup (there ARE benefits) would have to contact us in advance by email, or you won't know where to meet up, or where to go. In case you are one of the few people who hasn't heard about all this, just go HERE for details. The only two requirements for attendance is that you must present proof of vaccination against Covid-19, and you must be 21 years of age or over by June 11, 2021. There is no charge to attend, and it runs from 6AM Friday morning, June 11 until Sunday morning, June 13, 2021. At this time there are approximately 56 people (not counting AB staff or setup volunteers) who have certified they will be attending. When we run out of space at the designated location, anyone else showing up over the weekend will have to park and camp a short distance from the main site. A Google map picture of the main site is shown below.
  11. Op-Ed on CooperCon 2021: (An updated version with pictures will be published later to Quora Cooper and WordPress Cooper.) Well, Eric Ulis does what he does, and we do what we do. I wouldn't attend CooperCon even if I were invited, or even if I weren't off to San Diego almost every Thanksgiving anyway. I just couldn't stomach paying twenty bucks a ticket to be part of Eric's promotional efforts. Most of the agenda and activities regarding CooperCon aren't aimed at filling a certain gaping hole in the hearts and minds of Cooper fans. That hole, that vacuum, was created by the closing of the Ariel Store and the cessation of the annual DB Cooper Days party there. CooperCon has become a vehicle for select people (only) to promote their ambitions in film and book sales. Actual fans, public folks, ORDINARY folks who pay their money to attend these things will feel disappointed, in my opinion. Before any Cooper event can work, it has to be fun. I have nothing against the concept of CooperCon itself, but it has descended into a mutual back-slapping by a few select folks who believe their shit smells like Eau de Parfum, and is about as much fun as watching paint dry. It is not my idea of a Cooper event, but then I wouldn't fit in there real good, because I would be the guy in the back of the audience politely challenging all this. What would be the point of me trying? When people believe they already know everything, you are wasting your time trying to convince them otherwise. The way in which me and some of my friends look at Cooper gatherings is much different than the people who hang with Eric Ulis and support him. Some of Eric's supporters are complete and utter phonies to boot, hosting websites where 'nice' comes out one side of their mouths, while allowing drivel and hatred to flow from the other. That is a good definition of phony, and I cannot stand phonies. Others, like Tom Kaye and Mark M ('377'), a DZ member I once met personally, are extremely decent and fine people. But they are in the minority within this Ulis-based group. In the end, it's obvious the real purpose of CooperCon is so Eric Ulis can forward his own personal agenda with the media, and use Cooper folks to somehow cash in on all that. You can see it coming a mile away. Yesterday, I posted up a bit from Greg at Adventure Books, who told me that he wanted us to make a bet with Eric Ulis. Something about an ice bath. Greg said that even after asking people wishing to attend our Cooper Festival this June to drive off-road ten miles, and show us their vaccine cards...that we would still get more people to attend that Festival than anything Eric could create at a theater down in Vancouver. I thought Greg's suggestion was pretty funny. I posted up his challenge. And just as quickly I took it down. The reason I removed it was because I didn't want to promote Eric's efforts, even in a back-asswards way. It would also be a come-down for us to stoop to something like that. We already know more people will show up in June than the number of people who will pay twenty dollars a head to sit in that theater in Vancouver. We don't look at that gathering in Vancouver as a Cooper event, or anything close to a celebration or party for Cooper fans. It COULD be, but that's not the purpose of it, which is really too bad. We see it as an infomercial backed by Cooper promoters and local businesses, with Eric as the main recipient of attention, and his hangers-on hoping they will be tossed a few crumbs later. It occurred to me that our June DB Cooper Festival and CooperCon are not in competition after all. They are two different things and comparing them to each other is impossible. One of these events sees the public fans of Cooper as a group to be the center of things, and to be celebrated. They are the ones who really keep the case alive, watch the TV shows, and buy the books. They are the stars, not a few snobbish people who couldn't care less about them. It's the public fans we identify with around here, not the snobs or the folks with an agenda. CooperCon, on the other hand, sees fans as a resource to be exploited. This is something I cannot deal with, since it goes against my beliefs on what Cooper fans want, and what they are really about. RMB
  12. The wind figures are about the same at the historical record for Weather Underground, 11/24/1971, both Portland and Seattle.
  13. Off to work, but I will address some of these things later.
  14. A picture below of the probable battery used in the bomb. Another picture, showing the ATT interphone used by stewardesses on a Boeing 727.
  15. I'm not sure why certain people keep trying to pin the hijacking on a guy like Sheridan Peterson. (For a while, I was in close contact with him regarding his book, The Idiot's Frightful Laughter...which was later ripped off from him by certain folks and then published so badly that it was ruined for wholesale distribution at trade rates. But that's another story.) It's okay to judge some people based on a review of their entire life. And what Sheridan's life story says is that he was a teacher, a stand-up guy, an expert parachutist who wasn't afraid to talk to the FBI about the hijacking. He didn't clam up and ask for a lawyer. He didn't tell the FBI they would need a warrant to obtain a sample of his DNA. Most people probably would have automatically asked for a lawyer, especially when being questioned on what amounts to a capital crime. He DID have a family who got angry at Eric Ulis for obvious reasons. Sheridan DID march for civil rights during his lifetime. He DID live in Nepal at the time of the hijacking, and some of the things he said about that time in his biography, (the one he provided when he ran for a school board position in the early 2000's) match what other books have said about Nepal, even the place where one of his kids was born, the Shining Mission Hospital there. He was NOT Cooper, no matter what spin Eric Ulis tries to put on it, either with inaccurate statements, or outright mistruths. He WAS the guy with morals who spent a lifetime living a straight-up life, much of which is on the record. He was not a criminal. One thing to consider is that back in 1971, you couldn't just hop on a 747 and travel back to the USA from some mud-hut village in Nepal. Travel in Nepal back then mostly consisted of walking, or taking a rattletrap bus over crappy mountain roads for long periods. It just wasn't that easy to travel there, or even reach a place where you could catch a flight back to the United States, let alone trying to return in a relatively short time. You might as well say Cooper was an indigenous native living in the Amazon jungle. It would actually be easier if that were the case, by the way. Nepal was tough. Sheridan, in my opinion, is the kind of guy who would no more consider threatening people for money, than the average person would think about walking out front of a moving bus just to see what getting hit by a bus was like. It would not even occur to him. He would consider such an action beneath him, if you understand that. Sheridan had morals, and very strong ones at that. But on a more practical side, Sheridan was no dummy. He would no more try to hijack a jet and do a night jump out the back stairs dressed inappropriately, than a trapeze artist would spread grease on his hands before a circus show. He would have come a bit more dressed for the occasion, and he didn't smoke anyway. The whole idea of Sheridan as Cooper is not only is beyond ridiculous by a country mile. His life story alone should tell us all that.
  16. After the first Pfizer shot, my lower back muscles locked up tight as a drum for about 8 hours and I could barely walk. Then it went away as quickly as it came. After the second one, I was pretty tired for a couple of days, but then that passed as well. But I now feel safer, and less stressed, than I have since...well...about a year. I'm working on a design for a T-shirt. Picture showing the images is below, although the pictures will be circle-shaped when I finish, and not square. And the one for Trump is larger than the rest and has a speech balloon saying, "Just Inject Bleach". Still working on it, but you get the basic idea. This was just a rough draft.
  17. So is the internet...but my guess is that most people attending the party don't even know about the podcast. Have any press done a story on your show with pictures? Your podcast does pretty well on the numbers, but to hit the big leagues those downloads should have five or six numbers behind them per episode. The Kenny Christiansen video at YouTube has nearly 84,000 views now, and downloads of the KC investigatory file from AB of Seattle has done ten times more than your average episode. (However, 4-5 thousand downloads on average for the show is not bad.) I stopped counting downloads of the KC file at around 50,000. Right now, I have two local NW newspapers who are waiting for me to cooperate with them on stories regarding the June festival. They get our press releases on the event in April, and we will be providing them information about the podcast, and why it's important to Cooper fans. I wouldn't be surprised if your downloads take a jump May. And they certainly will AFTER the festival, if we have anything to say about that. Seems like Cooperland doesn't believe a whole lot in public promotion of the case. After the 50th anniversary comes and goes, unless there is substantial promotion and support from all sides on ANYTHING related to the case, the Cooper case could lose interest with the public. In order to prevent that, some kicks in the behind occasionally are a good idea. You should be happy that we plan to make your show a big part of the festival. It's also a fair amount of work to burn a hundred CD's. If you don't want to pick episodes as I requested, we will review them and pick our own. This lack of mutual cooperation on Cooper events doesn't hurt AB of Seattle a whole lot, but it does encourage the public to move on to something else, leaving Cooper investigators and the more hard-core fans in the dust. If a couple of years from now you find that no one really cares about Cooper will have only yourselves to blame. And this is a distinct possibility. Remember...this is pretty much it on further Cooper events by AB of Seattle. This is the Big One, the Swan Song, and then we pretty much back away from further participation with the public. It's time to move on for us. Cooperland should take advantage of our generosity while the going is good. Once I pulled the fluff content from the two AB webpages about the June event, and just told people anyone could show who could prove they got the vaccine...apps to attend started picking up again. I have no idea where we will be with the press and general attendance right now. Won't know that until about mid-May. Don't miss your chance to be represented. (That's directed at EVERYONE in Cooperland, not just you Darren) Your participation, in a way, is already a fact. You're welcome. If you can't get fifty voices to show and have their say, well by God you can sure get their testimonies on MP3. If we somehow got more than 120-140 people to would be the biggest single Cooper gathering in Northwest history, and that includes all the conventions, and all the Ariel parties. And I think that goal is more than possible. If this happens, no one will ever top it. No one. The only way you could do better is if you do what we are doing now. Which is to put up a few thousand bucks and spend the next eight months planning it. Trust me when I say it's a lot of work and it ain't easy. If AB of Seattle actually manages to pull off the single biggest gathering on the case in fifty years....and most of Cooperland chooses NOT to be a part of that over emotional issues and bickering....all that will accomplish is for AB of Seattle to become the major voice on Cooper and everyone else left scratching their heads and wondering how they missed out, or how they could have been so foolish. And time is growing shorter than you think. No worries. We have YOU covered anyway. As far as how we are getting people interested, our two main draws are the idea of fun, and the idea of REAL prizes on the Lookalike Contest. As Connie from the Auburn Good Old Days Festival once told me, "Prizes and food bring the people. Every time." And she should know. She ran that festival successfully for 27 straight years and I worked across the table with her on five of them. It won't be long before the Planning Committee decides on the amount of the Lookalike prizes, and then that information will be posted everywhere we have announcements now, and a new video, a FINAL video on the event, will be posted at YouTube. (There will also be a video posted later of the festival itself.) The informational PDF, the Official Program that gets sent out two weeks prior to everyone on the email lists, and made public two days prior to the festival itself, will be a work of art. *Print it up, staple it together, and we will see you when you arrive.* ********************* PLACARD: I'm not sure how important it is anyway. Even if it DID come from Flight 305, it just verifies that the jet was on the correct flight path. If it ISN'T from 305, we know the jet was on the correct path anyway...even without the evidence of the placard. So it's pretty much a moot point. A couple of years back, I had this idea to gather a bunch of people with metal detectors, asked (and was granted) permission to get a copy of the key to the gate leading to the Weyerhauser land where the placard was found...and set up camp with all these people to do a search of the placard area. My hope was that we would find either remains of the briefcase, or perhaps the dummy chute. The theory was....if the placard came off not long after the stairs were opened, *maybe* Cooper tossed out the briefcase/phony bomb and the dummy chute at about the same moment. Long shot, agreed. I actually got about sixty people who wanted to participate in this proposed three-day search, mostly by going to websites for NW metal detection fans. But then Shutter pointed out that maybe the placard could have come off ANY 727, since the location of the placard was right down US 1 as they say. (V-23 flight corridor) It was one time where Shutter and I agreed on something, believe it or not. I canceled the search, which probably would have been a waste of time anyway.
  18. Update: Reviewing all episodes on file of the Cooper Vortex podcasts, they come to a total of 9.01 GB so far. And by June, that bulk set of MP3 files should be running in the 11-12 GB range. So in order to hand out all episodes to attendees in June, we would definitely need 16 GB flash drives in bulk. Hmm. For ones that actually WORK, cost would be $3.50 per drive at Amazon with free shipping. That is the cheapest unless you want to go to suppliers who put out crap flash drives. If say...80 people showed up in June, that means an expense of $280, and at 100 people, (probably our max attendance) it's $350. I may have to re-think this a bit. You can get a 100-pack spindle of CD's for fifteen bucks, and they hold 650 megs. That would do at least four or five episodes. So...we could pick out the best ones as a sample of the show, and burn them to the CD's...hand those out for free. Then maybe do the full series on SOME 16GB flash...maybe as additional prizes or a drawing...but make the download to the full series available to anyone through a laptop. We will just tell people in the Official Program to bring a 16 GB flash drive with them if they have one laying around, and stick it in the laptop to download the whole shebang. I think that's the most cost-efficient way to do this. Darren: If you are reading this now, I would appreciate it if you list what YOU believe are your FIVE best, and most interesting episodes. Those will go on the CDs. The full series on 16GB will go to any press who show, and a few select attendees. The remainder get the sample CD, and the opportunity to download the full series from one of my laptops. That's all I can afford in the budget. I will do all this for your podcast, with one caveat...I'm not going to put either Bruce Smith or EU on the CD. Or my episode either, to be fair about it. If attendees want any of those, they can do the full download. I will, however, provide the full series to any press. You have about 50 episodes to pick from, so this should be easy. If you don't select any five episodes, I will pick them myself. But I think you should have first say on the ones you believe are best, or episodes that might tempt people to take the entire download and start following the show.
  19. They should just skip to the most current files and work their way backwards. It will take years for them to assemble and post them all. If the answers to Cooper were in the very old files...they would have discovered who Cooper was a long time ago. I would say the most interesting files would start right around 2007 and end with the closure in 2016. And they have a loooong way to go to reach that point. EDIT: Since we can't present and discuss ALL the podcast episodes on Cooper by Darren Schaefer, if you have any input on his Best Five Episodes, cast your vote. Do NOT include the KC episode I did with him. I won't be at the June party to discuss KC. If you have some favorites you would like the panel and audience to discuss, name them. (Our plan is to play the selected episodes one at a time, and if anyone has a question, or a point of discussion on one, we freeze the 'play button' and talk about it. Then we move on with the episode. I thought this was the best way to cover them.) EDIT: This space said we were going to put Darren's entire series on flash drives and hand them out to attendees in June, along with any press who might show up. Just checked files on these podcasts, and they run around 250mb or better per episode on average. So I see a four gig flash drive won't do the job. At probably 52-54 episodes by June at 250mb or better...that means only a 16 gig flash drive would hold them all with some extra margin. We will make adjustments. I will think about how to approach this problem. ******************* Yeah, yeah...I saw the latest 'My Justifications' posts by Shutter. I'm not commenting on them. We will stipulate that Shutter is right and truthful on everything, and that I never hit the nail on the head. (And if you believe THAT...I have some oceanfront property in Kansas you might be interested in.) As far as anyone being on an 'ignore' list, I couldn't care less about that. This thread is visited by people worldwide, DZ has over 130,000 active members, you have to be registered here to put someone on an ignore anyway, and I direct everyone and anyone interested in the Cooper case to this thread. Every site I manage on Cooper links to this thread. Quora, AB of Seattle, WordPress, in emails, you name it. Posts here are read by people a lot more than you would think. And on any forum, people go off-topic occasionally. Big effen deal. Sorry, don't run DZ, neither do you own it. Get used to it. For a guy who hardly ever posts here, and makes his responses to posts here on another sure have a lot to say about how THIS SITE should be run. You understand that some people might consider that weird. Either that, or you have information that I was discovered to be a mind-reader. The trouble just don't like competition. You and a couple of your friends would like nothing better than to see it closed. You have said that. So have your friends. My apologies...but you do NOT own the internet, and neither are you the sole discussion place for the case. In fact, my Quora Cooper site could even be more heavily visited than your entire Cooper Forum, although Quora is more of a Q and A site than a forum. I'm not sure on that, but I do know my content on views for all my content at Quora passed four million a while back in less than five years. My WordPress on Cooper gets between 5,000-7,000 views monthly, on average. I should really drop the money and go ad free there. Two more people from the public email list sent in their Covid stuff today and joined the June party group. This should increase dramatically after the end of April, when the articles come out.
  20. Western flight path? I never believed a word of it. Not for a minute, not for a second. The late, great Paul Soderlind of NWA doesn't get much air time at Cooper/Dropzone, but if you knew the guy and what HE knew, and HOW he managed to rise to Flight Ops Director of NWA, you would realize he couldn't be fooled. And when Cooper hijacked 305, it was Soderlind who took charge on events, at least regarding NWA, on the evening of the hijacking. And beyond as well. He also assembled a team to work with him very quickly, and their job was singular and precise: Where was the jet at all times between Seattle and Reno, and where/when did Cooper leave the aircraft? For Soderlind, a relatively simple assignment. It was Soderlind and his team, working with the FBI, 'his' own NWA pilots, and Air Traffic Control, who determined the flight path of the airliner. He was the perfect person to do this. If Cooper had been caught on the ground as some other hijackers were, it's a sure bet that Soderlind would have received a subpoena to testify in court. ("Yes, we knew within a certain area where he jumped. Yes, we knew where that flight was every moment it was airborne after it left Seattle. Let me explain...") And the jury would have sat there fascinated while Paul explains things to them. In the picture above, he's being inducted into the Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame. Some of the things he invented regarding commercial flight, both cargo hauls and passenger flight, are still in use today, (especially how to avoid turbulence, aka his 'turbulence plot'.) When he retired in 1973 NWA was seriously bummed, and it was a loss and a hit to the airline. This is a guy who got a commercial license by the age of 23 and was a former Navy pilot in WW2, an instructor and check-out guy. When NWA started out and got those fat Army contracts to places like Alaska, it was Soderlind who made sure things worked out for that, especially when talking about landing on cold, stormy rocks like Shemya Island, or making trips across the Pacific to the Orient. The term 'aviation genius' falls a little short when talking about Paul Soderlind. When NWA bought planes from McDonnell-Douglas, it was Soderlind who took them on both their 'acceptance' and 'delivery' flights, and he could fly every single aircraft that NWA used all the way up to a Boeing 747. (Excerpt from the AV Web article above about him.) And if Soderlind tells you that Flight 305 was here or there, and not twenty miles away over at Tina should believe him. Read the linked article about him shown above, and find out why Soderlind, on the night of the hijacking, could not be fooled...even by D.B. Cooper. The so-called 'western flight path' isn't just dead, but if Paul Soderlind had heard about it, he would have laughed all of its proponents right out of the room.
  21. There's been so much bickering on this forum lately that I thought it was time for some GOOD news. Met with Greg the Techie Guy today and we worked out most of the major details regarding the June Cooper party, including a realistic budget. After we loosened the rules, cut the fluff from the AB of Seattle pages, and made a few posts elsewhere...messages requesting to attend are starting to trickle in again. Anyone who thinks it's easy, or believes they can do better hosting a Cooper event for the 50th are welcome to step up to the plate and try. And we wish you good luck. Ever since we started this project three months ago, there have been hurdles. One of the biggest was the pandemic, not the supplies or logistics. That was normal work. What this event needed was good planning and the personal touch from the people involved in organizing it. My thanks go out to several people, including Phoebe, Gayla, Kyle, and especially Greg the Techie Guy, who chooses to remain anonymous in Cooperland to everyone except the people he trusts. Greg and I spent an hour or two discussing the budget. I told him about the gear we already had, and what we needed. Or what we could get by without. I agreed to buy a few necessary things on my own, and he agreed to boost the prizes for the Cooper Character Lookalike Contest. My argument was that the contest would actually be the biggest draw, because it lets people dress up and have fun for a chance at some real money. Well, Amazon gift cards anyway. I think this new plan will work out fine, and the main object will be achieved. Cooper fans will have the time of their lives, the ones with the courage to actually make the trip. And they can put that Covid crap in their back pocket and forget it, at least for a weekend. This is my favorite answer I did for our FAQ's for this one: I do try to give it to people straight most of the time.
  22. Meyer Louie has said today he's coming to the June event and would like a speaking slot. No problem. I'm putting him on the Planning Committee email list and giving him a small budget for expenses. He has moved from where he was down in Olympia, although I'm not going to make that public. (Where he lives now.) You would have to ask him on your own. This is great. I haven't seen him in person since we made that run up to Bruce's house to check up and see if Bruce was okay. Yes, yes....Shutter. I did look at your site this morning and saw your post at your silly 'The Truth About Spring' page. Or was that 'The Truth About the Ariel Conflict' stuff? I'm always forgetting what you call that load of junk. Only you would take time to create a special webpage with only one goal. To pack it full of BS and try to defend the indefensible. Try to tell people that you don't have an obsession going. When it comes to creating webpages especially about AB or have an obsession. No worries. You can get help for that. The reason Smith was told that he would be removed from the Ariel Store property if he showed up was because that's what Bryan decided, not me. I never even saw Bruce, although I heard he was up the road a ways. I was far too busy cooking for people and other things. As it turned out, Bruce LIED to Meyer Louie and said he WASN'T banned from the store. He did this to get a free ride to Ariel. When Meyer arrived, he got pretty angry with Bruce for lying to him like that. Meyer came to the party and I made sure he got something to eat. But with Bruce having to sit there a hundred yards out on a damn guard rail, waiting to see if Bryan Woodruff would relent, Meyer felt obligated to take him back to town...and as a result Meyer missed the party and had to drive Bruce home. I'm sure it was an interesting ride, which meant a drive for Meyer all the way to Eatonville, and then back to Olympia to HIS house. Probably 200 miles total. The whole series of events that led up to all of that junk was perpetuated by you and a few other forum members harping on one thing after another simply because Adventure Books of Seattle was sponsoring the 2016 Ariel party. You just couldn't stop with the disparaging comments. Some of which I finally started responding to at Facebook. Five years later, and you are worse than ever. Still going on about it...still coming after us even about this particular event in June. Still slapping together crappy web pages, blah blah blah. Of course, you do this at a site where you know I cannot respond. How convenient for you. We have to stop meeting at Dropzone like this. People will talk. On a more positive note, I decided that the video below is my all-time favorite on the Cooper case. It is just done so well, and very professionally. Almost like the creator was a known investigator in the case, which I don't believe he is. But he could be. (Actually, he's a Swede and has a listing at Wikitubia, the Wikipedia version of YouTubers who have at least a thousand subscribers.)
  23. From Shutter recently, (who DEFINITELY keeps track of every post here): Robert replies: Another load of BS being foisted off on Cooper fans by you. Greg has been on the AB staff for 18 years now, and my friend since about 1982. He will support anything, within reason, I ask him to do for Adventure Books. I quit emailing Bruce a while back. He was offered a hefty sum to host the Cooper event in June. Sound like I hate the guy? Of course I don't, even though he stretched the truth to the breaking point when he claimed I threatened him at the last Ariel party in 2016. I notice you never asked him about that. Meyer Louie and I also drove 45 miles to his house in the dead of night to make sure he was okay. Sound like hate to you? I had better things to do on a work night, you know. And we weren't the ONLY ones worried about Bruce. The cops had done a welfare check on him the day before, we found out. Bryan Woodruff was not being truthful in his email. I pointed out some negative crap (as usual) being posted to your forum about the party, on the sole reason that we were sponsoring it. Which was a pretty pathetic thing to do, since we put up two grand of our own money to help Bryan, and he probably walked away with close to double that amount in his own pocket. None of you even tried to help him or the store except Mark M ('377') who made a donation on the side. I don't enjoy speaking ill of the dead, but Bryan was drinking far too much the day prior to the party, and it probably affected his judgment. The part of all that where I said he shook my hand and his main girl Tina S gave me a hug before I left to go home was true. Why he said all those bad things about me the very next day after he pocketed all that money we helped him raise...well, I couldn't tell you that. He sure didn't refuse those big handfuls of cash I kept running up to him from the cook area, the results of the auction and the donation jars. He was all smiles. In our opinion, he was ungrateful at best. He could be your friend one minute, and hate you the next. He was, as they say...mercurial. And the most defensive person I ever met. Hell, I even helped him and his girl Tina to move all the pot plants out of sight prior to the party. Baby, that's loyalty to a cause. Anything having to do with Bryan banning anybody from the store was Bryan's thing. You guys posted up a LOT of garbage just prior to the 2016 party. Bryan saw it all. I guess once he was finished using us...he went over to you when we were no longer of use to him. That is the hard truth. You guys did NOT help the situation with your night-before-the-party negativity postings. I can tell you that with assurance. Later, when Bruce DID show up, Bryan asked me if he should be allowed to come on in. (As if that was my choice) I said sure..why not? But Bryan didn't do it. I will never visit that place down in Ariel again, no matter who the owner is now. Bryan wasn't a bad guy, but he did have personal issues going. I brought two 48-packs of that generic Costco beer for the event, and Bryan went through 30 of them the night before the party. You don't know him like we do. And what we found out was that our money and effort to help the store was wasted on him. Dona Elliott would never have done stuff to us like HE did. Rest her soul. You have a few emails. I was actually there. Parrothead Vol, replying to Shutter, says this: Well, your numbers are wrong. We had 33 committed out of about 200 that contacted us via the public form. And those other 167 people can still show up, (they still get the email updates) only now we told them they don't need to register. Just come as you are, as Nirvana once said...and bring your vaccine card. You are NOT being completely honest here. It was said time and again that NO ONE WOULD BE EXCLUDED. That means NO ONE. I said that many times. It was Greg who wanted to cancel, not me. It is HIS money financing it (80% anyway, and I am providing most of the gear). He wondered if we would get enough people by April (news articles come out then) to justify the budget. (I was on the phone today with him for over two hours discussing alternatives and a smaller budget, and we meet in person tomorrow.) Greg had seen that after three months, only a couple of people in Cooperland (authors, investigators, etc not the general public) were interested. Greg started having doubts. As far as participating, I am well aware most of you live far from Washington state. I didn't expect you to hop on a jet and rent a 4x4 once you arrived. Mainly I wanted to offer you the opportunity to have your websites, your books, your theories promoted and presented to the public, and possibly the media if they show up. As it turns out, Darren Schaefer has made that very possible since he's interviewed damn near everyone anyway. We now have three speakers if you include me, and the podcasts. That will be more than enough for our purposes. I should have thought of this a while ago. My bad. We have made adjustments, as you probably know by now. No one has to sign up to go, or get on any lists to attend. (The only advantage to signing up is that we send you the Official Program with the maps, etc a few weeks prior. Otherwise you have to download the file TWO DAYS prior when we post it to the AB site.) Anyone who shows up on June 11...all they need is a copy of their Covid vaccination record, since this is a Covid-free event. This is not a big deal, and is already being done by some other organizations. It might even become part of a job application soon by some companies. We've scaled down the Cooper Party to a more reasonable level and we now have plenty of Cooper material to present. You can still participate if you wish by sending in your own stuff to us, but we are okay with what we have now. I have notified everyone on that list of 33 names that the party has shifted a bit, but it will go on nonetheless. Same notice to the VIP email list. We just have a more relaxed attitude about it now, except for the vaccine requirement, which is absolutely non-negotiable. I also sent notices to most of the people who came to the smaller 'Cooper Campouts' we used to do in the Olympics. I'm sure enough people will show up to have a lot of fun. Trying for 200-250 people was probably beyond our reach anyway. I guess I like to think big. I told Greg today that by mid-April, when the newspaper articles come out, we will probably have more than 33 people (plus some of the old 'Cooper Campout' folks) who will show up. I added that more will probably do the same thing after reading the articles. He felt better after I said that. Our biggest problem organizing this whole thing hasn't been you guys, or your lack of support. We're fine with that. Let's be real. Most of you didn't support our effort at the 2016 Ariel, or any of the prior 'Cooper Campouts'. We didn't figure things would be any different this time. The biggest problem is doing this during a pandemic, and when many people are more worried where their next rent or house payment is coming from, rather than the Cooper case. Don't you guys have anything better to do than to pick on every public thing we do? Get a life for chrissakes.
  24. All well and good...except for ONE thing. Then why DID Cooper jump just about as quickly as he could prepare the money bag, get the chute on, and get the door open? (If he was planning to go to Mexico, he only made it maybe a hundred miles as the crow flies from Seattle) Flight left Seattle at 7:40 PM and Cooper was out the back door about 33-35 minutes later. Not to say this is evidence that KC was the hijacker, but our investigation definitely concluded that Bernie Geestman went to his shop property in Oakville, WA one or two days prior to the hijacking. And that KC accompanied him. Oakville is somewhat south of Seattle. Our thought is that Cooper, if he were indeed KC, wanted out the door even faster than he managed it, and probably planned to meet up with Geestman just south of Olympia somewhere. But even a delay of a few minutes, with the jet traveling at three miles a minute put him south of his target. Everything takes longer than you expect, as that Murphy Law goes. Such as tying up a money bag, figuring out how an airstair door operates, and putting on a chute, maybe even a pair of boots. I will put up a picture that sort of demonstrates what I mean. In other news: After a long phone conference with Greg the Techie Guy, wading through a dozen disappointed emails, etc...and a meeting scheduled with him tomorrow afternoon....he instructed me to make certain extensive changes to the two pages at the AB website about the festival, and to RESTORE those pages. I have done that, and sent notices to the disappointed people. We have tossed the event open to anyone and everyone over 21, with the only requirement being to show proof of vaccination when you get there. Much was cut from the two pages, and some was added. I have also cut the budget, and we will no longer require a paid host. The prizes for the Lookalike contest will reflect the number of people we now expect to show up. Some episodes of Darren's podcast will be used at the event. With proper credit. The Oregon trip is officially canceled. The Cooper party is now on again. It didn't need cancellation. It needed some sensible modifications and changes to the FAQ's. We expect maybe 50-80 people will probably show up in June. If it doesn't go past 75 people, we don't even need the group permit. I also restored the YouTube video, but I will probably shoot another one soon that more represents the event realistically. I did make some changes to the opening text, the stuff you put below the video to describe it. This illustration was done some time ago. We will stipulate for Flyjack that Cooper did NOT ask for the stairs to be lowered for takeoff. You can ignore that part. I could have smart-erased it, I suppose.
  25. I have all of your episodes except the one about Duane, but I did listen to it. They exist on a flash drive for when we were doing the Cooper Campouts (pre-Covid) and after Covid came along and I had to cancel one or two of those parties, then I just used the same flash drive to keep adding the episodes. The second Covid shot I got last Thursday kicked my behind for a day or two, but I am fine now. When I checked my email this morning, I got several emails from people expressing their disappointment that Greg and I (mostly Greg, since frankly he was doing 80% of the financing) had canceled the June festival. Some of these people strongly urged me to reconsider, and give it until at least April before doing that. And although Greg requested I just ditch everything from the internet about the festival, I told him today that I had NOT deleted the two festival pages from AB, but had merely made them not-visible. They weren't actually deleted. Same with the video at YouTube, although I did delete from Facebook and Quora. In order to reconcile all this, I am meeting with Greg in person tomorrow. (Sunday) We're going to discuss this lack of input from Cooperland. The situation right now is that we have TWO confirmed, absolutely-showing-up speakers, or three if you count yours truly. But it has also occurred to me that we could run some of your podcast episodes and stop/start them along the way and do discussions on certain points, as we hear them in a particular episode. I only thought of this today. With the number of people already interviewed for the podcast....practically everyone and anyone who has anything to do with Cooper has been interviewed...and that is a great deal of material...more than you could cover unless you had a week to do it. I plan to make a pitch to Greg tomorrow regarding all of this. What that entails is to make any festival more into something less formal. Maybe we just bring our stuff and toss open the gates to anyone who wishes to attend, as long as they can prove they've had both doses of the vaccine. Show your get in. We could drop the amounts of the Lookalike prizes to something reasonable, just in case the number of people who actually show up are less than expected. For example, we used to get between (8 - our disaster at Mt Hood) up to about 25-30 people, (ones we held in the Olympics). Sounds to me like if it were June right now, and nothing changed between then and now...that we would still get about 40-50 people max. Maybe I made a bigger deal of this event than necessary, and wanted to spend money (that isn't mine) thinking we could do up to maybe 200 attendees, which seems unlikely now. As far as 'Cooper speakers and Cooper material,' we can use the podcasts and the three speakers we have now. This is what I will pitch to Greg tomorrow. We also have the Cooper movie, the comedy with Treat Williams, the Decoded episode, and a few TV episodes on Cooper recorded onto flash drives on on DVD. LOL...he will be expecting this pitch because he reads this thread occasionally, too. (Hi Greg!) I will update tomorrow evening on whatever is decided.