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  1. Well that explains why it wasn't found with the buried parachute. As far as those other things you mentioned, that's a dead issue. Once you hooked up with the Shutter folks, and ever since...not a peep from you on all the negativity they have supported...well, you can see where this is going. None of those things will be released publicly. It would only generate more controversy, and they would tell me I'm a liar about it all anyway. They do this on practically everything. The remainder of the time they hide under phony identities and dump their garbage at Bruce's house. I no longer feed into that. Remember: Anything I post here regarding this or that also ends up at Shutter's place, as well as his third-biggest contributor, Bruce. This is a public site where they all lurk, but rarely have courage to show up personally. They are cowards. Anything I have to say about all of that will appear (if I decide to do it) in my autobiography, Cooperland. It's nearly finished now. It's in the editing stage. No more feeding the cowardly trolls...and watching them post up their garbage elsewhere on a site I do not have the right to at least put up a personal defense. Not a chance in hell. The less you feed the trolls who lurk around here waiting for the slightest new bit of info from me to leap upon...the better off I am personally. There are two truths here. They are still doing it, and when not doing THAT, are members of Shutter's place under their real personas. I even suspect one of them is actually Bruce using a false identity. Don't feed the trolls. Like it or not, even fair or not...I judge people by the company they keep...and what comes out of their mouths. Or their keyboards, as the case may be. Even if I were to make the information public that you seek, I certainly wouldn't do it at Dropzone. I would do it at the Quora Space on Cooper, or with an article at WordPress. At the time you wanted me to do these things, we considered that I might send you what I obtained in an email or PM. But now that you hang with the Peanut Gallery folks....I wouldn't even do that.
  2. An 8:11 PM jump time does support Flyjack's theory on where Cooper may have landed, and how he made his escape from the area. On a side note, it also supports the theory that the parachute found between Green and Bald Mountains near Amboy may actually belong to Cooper. I won't go into all the details again regarding that, but it's in the same area and makes sense especially if the winds at the time Cooper jumped blew him somewhat east of the spot where he departed the jet. This is an approximate map, of course. But if you compare it to the FBI's flight path map, it's pretty close to reality. Sometimes I've wondered if Cooper packed a WA state map along with him, maybe even a compass. The area between Ariel and Amboy has been put forward as some huge, dangerous wilderness with towering mountains etc. The REALITY is that this area is mostly rolling farmland with wooded areas and the mountains are not that high, and more like gentle hilly terrain. There are also roads aplenty and many small hamlets and villages....EVEN IN 1971. And finding your way through this area is not that tough. You look one can see the Cascade chain. That's EAST. The other way leads WEST back to the Interstate 5 freeway. This also tells you which way is north and south. All the country roads have signs at all the intersections, and most country stores and small gas stations had phones. (Not today, of course. But in 1971 pay phones were virtually everywhere.) Somewhere south of Ariel, a report was made about a break-in that same night, too. That has been documented in the FBI files. The thief stole cigarettes, beef jerky, gloves, and perhaps a few other items I can't recall at the moment. Who the hell breaks into a country store the night before Thanksgiving, or early Thanksgiving morning before dawn? It seems unlikely unless you are desperate. Another consideration is that although this particular store didn't have anyone living upstairs, or in the back...many of them did have the owners on-site, using it as their home as well. And trying that one out in the country in WA state is an invitation to getting yourself blasted with a shotgun. If you combine this break in with the landing zone nearby, as well as the buried parachute in the same isn't much of a stretch to imagine Cooper was responsible for all that. It's too bad no one at the FBI asked WHAT BRAND of cigarettes were actually stolen. It's not in the report by the FBI. If it had said 'Raleighs,' this would almost be a slam-dunk that Cooper was responsible. You also have to look at the items that were stolen. Road food you don't have to cook or open with a can opener. Cigarettes. GLOVES. The person was hungry and cold and wanted a smoke. These are not items you are planning to take home and enjoy THERE. If that were the case, the thief would have loaded up on cartons of cigarettes and all the expensive items he could find. Maybe even some sporting goods for resale. But all the items were grab, go, move on type of things. This narrows it down to two possible types of thief. Someone on the run, or someone on the road. Or both. My scenario, simply put, goes like THIS: Cooper jumps. Cooper lands. Rather than dragging the chute around in the light rain, he finds a place reasonably close by, disconnects the container and harness from the chute, and buries the chute. He moves on with the money bag (for now) and then in some place not far from where he buries the chute...he rids himself of the harness as well. At this point he transfers the cash to the chute container, disposes of the bank bank, puts the container over his shoulders like a backpack, and starts heading in a direction he thinks looks good. REMEMBER: Cooper does not realize that the indicator light on the Flight Engineer's control panel has flashed OFF...and then back ON for good...telling the crew exactly where he jumped. He may believe he is pretty safe as long as no one sees him moving along at night. He may have a map with him. There's no way to tell, but if he does, any good road map will show you where the RR tracks of the best and safest ways to move through a country-type area without actually walking down the road, something Cooper almost certainly would have avoided. Unless he was a complete idiot, he HAS to know every cop is on the lookout for him. He sees the store mentioned by Flyjack as he passes by on the RR tracks heading south. He 'scopes' it out for a bit and then risks a quick break-in. Fortunately, there is no alarm and no one actually lives at the store. *MOST* country stores in 1971 had phone booths outside the store. It is possible that Cooper made a phone call from the store, prior to the break-in, once he found out approximately where he was. He *may* have arranged a pick-up based on that phone call, but we don't really know. However...we DO know that even though every cop around and the FBI were searching for him...and came up empty...lends *some* credence to the theory that Cooper may have moved to an agreed-upon location elsewhere...BEFORE DAYLIGHT...hidden himself, and simply waited for an accomplice to pick him up. I hesitate to put my personal opinion on this theory, but I would have it done it the same way. Depending on yourself to successfully hike miles out of an area and somehow escape the BOLO ('be on the lookout') that was in full force by the next morning...packing $200,000 in cash...seems unlikely. He probably would have been picked up by police, or at least reported to police by locals...before he even reached Portland. Especially if he was still wearing a suit. In other words....someone helped him somewhere along the line after he landed. You have to remember that the Cooper hijacking was HUGE on local TV, with massive coverage on radio as well, from the moment the jet was preparing to land at SeaTac Airport. People were literally glued to their TV sets and radios for hours. Walter Cronkite was even in on the act, someone millions of Americans watched each evening. EDIT: If you are thinking about buying anything DB Cooper-related as Christmas gifts, or for yourself, they all live HERE AT ETSY.
  3. I decided recently that I might release certain stuff, and certain stuff I wouldn't. Anything like the 'wouldn't' you will probably find in my upcoming autobiography. I told DZ this or that. True enough. It's also true that the Cooper Info Highway is often a one-way street, and I am a two-way street kind of guy. In other words, I no longer feed the trolls. You are not a troll, but you hang out with many of them. Enough said. I am no longer here to feed Shutter and his few remaining active members. Or to provide more fodder for Bruce and his now-ruined, once-legit news site. If you think there are real issues here, maybe you should go public on them. Otherwise, you aren't much better than the phonies you support elsewhere. I wouldn't go TOO far with that. Shutter will ban you and Bruce will stop your comments. The difference between us is I don't care if they do that. It's like being told by the cable company that you no longer have to pay a bill for service. You get used to it pretty quick, and discover it isn't such a bad thing, after all.
  4. Excuse me for living, but...why in the hell do you believe I 'owe' you anything? It's not my job to feed people like Shutter, a guy who claims objectivity, but actually creates special pages and threads at his website dedicated to me...after he banned me to ensure I couldn't respond. Then he spends time HERE trying to figure out if I used my VPN to see the latest garbage he posts up about me at his Controlled Airspace website, and hopes I will respond to it at Dropzone. (As far as being 'mentally acute,' I don't think I have a problem there. I've edited more than sixty books by authors from all over Planet Earth, written a few of my own, work a regular job, and volunteer in my community. Not to brag, but if some of you out there in Cooperland had been smart enough to work with me on a few things, rather than spending your time trashing well as me personally...the public activities on Cooper, the media on him, would be in much better shape.) It's laughable. I won't be a part of it. Shutter keeps mentioning my age, thinking people will believe I'm old and stupid, which is actually kind of funny. He also had a hand in helping trash the biggest-ever event that was EVER going to be done publicly on the Cooper case, no matter what he claims now. So did some of his biggest contributors. And most importantly...what makes you think that MY research is YOURS, and you are somehow entitled to know all about it? Are you kidding me? With four million views to my content at Quora dot com, along with two thousand followers to my DB Cooper Space there, and nearly 700 personal followers, I don't need you guys. Too much baggage, too much hatred. Not going there with you anymore. In fact, my main plan is to spend a couple of grand throwing the biggest damn party you ever saw with Cooper fans sometime next year and then retiring from the whole crazy business. Try looking at it from MY side for a moment. Look at what Bruce Smith has done. He publishes decent articles on the case. He's the second or third biggest contributor to Shutter's website...and then allows the filthiest comments you could imagine pointing to me, some of my best friends, even my woman. No wonder people are ditching the Cooper forum, as well as Mountain News. Negativity has diminishing returns as I say...sort of like beating your kids. Works at first, and after a while it doesn't work so well anymore. I told you guys that a LONG time ago. The only reason some folks in Cooperland talk their smack about me is because I have NO problem telling the truth about Cooperland...and they don't like it. Well, too bad. Maybe if they played it straight, I wouldn't have to do that. No WONDER Cooperland is in such disarray. You guys couldn't cooperate on anything decent and good if the book of instructions dropped into your laps. Wake up and smell the coffee. You seem like a better person than some of the folks who hang out with Bruce and Shutter. I will give you that. I avoid the problems with hatred and whatever at my YouTube videos and WordPress because I actually screen the comments. That stuff isn't allowed. I've been hacked on a bit for doing that, but at least when people visit they don't get put off by trashy comments and personal attacks.
  5. You understand that post was directed at SHUTTER, right? I already answered YOU back there about a page I guess. No big deal, but it's HERE. I just didn't figure that who gave what chute to who and who owned which chute or not was particularly important. We know the chute Cooper jumped with anyway. The others are just fluff. The question really is...WHERE is that chute NOW? I personally couldn't care less about ownership. It's a moot point.
  6. Ridiculous. It's on the coast and the winds incoming from that area either shift north or south mostly, because they have to go over the Olympic Mountains. Wind data in that area cannot be compared to Seattle. Not even close. They have a saying about the weather in Seattle anyway. Goes like this: Flyjack says (regarding unsupported claims the flight path was incorrect as presented by NWA and the FBI) I find it amazing they write so off so easily some extremely confirmed facts: Paul Soderlind, Flight Ops Director for Northwest Airlines, was in charge of the NWA effort to track the flight, and undoubtedly had a hand in the final flight path map. Soderlind was one of the smartest guys, if not THE smartest guy to ever fly and work for NWA. Some of the flight concepts he came up with are still in use today. He's in the Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame. And if Soderlind believes the map and worked on it, I will believe HIM any day of the week before guys like Eric U and Bruce or Robert99. Flight was being tracked by Air Traffic Control radar. If ATC radar was as far off as these guys claim, commercial aircraft would have been crashing into each other all the time. The crew of Flight 305 was working with the ATC and everyone else busy tracking the flight, including Paul Soderlind and his team. We're not talking about tracking a friggin' unresponsive UFO here, boys. We're talking about tracking a commercial flight with the cooperation of the crew, and an operating transponder. Flight also tracked by SAGE radar, a very accurate system that was used to track incoming missile threats to the United States. Flight also tracked by two military jets out of McChord AFB...who ALSO had radar on board their aircraft. End result: They knew every damn second where that jet was the moment it left Seattle, until it reached Reno. The only REAL question is the exact spot where Cooper jumped. That's harder to narrow down because the jet was moving at a mile through the air about every twenty seconds. But knowing the path of the jet, you can narrow down the jump zone to a mile on either side (wind drift under parachute one mile either direction), and maybe a six mile window (two minutes of jet flight) north and south. This leaves a max search area of 12 square miles at most, but still a lot less than it would take to reach Tina Bar. That spot is WAY off the path. Even at the jet's closest approach, and that didn't last long, it never got closer to Tina Bar than seven or eight miles. WAY too far west.
  7. Funny. Sold my other generator I use for Cooper Campouts and got myself a better one at a dirt-cheap Amazon sale. Cost me $515 and free shipping. LOL...I sold the old one for 300 bucks via Craigslist. Brother, we WiLL be able to power the next campout effectively, and I'm building one of those sound-resistant boxes for it, the one where you put a hole in the front and back side and line the inside with fireproof sound deadening material. Why did I do all this? (Besides the idea it was a steal at that price) Because it is much safer to store propane in bulk and transport it around than it is to pile up gas cans in your garage. The perfect combo for larger power needs when camping, or emergency power for home.
  8. Notice to Cooper Folks: (especially the guy who lives in Florida) I do NOT do as Flyjack does, which isn't a bad thing necessarily...but I personally don't do this. Or if I once did...I STOPPED doing it. What is 'This' you ask? If you have a question for me, and expect an answer...then either send it to my email at adventurebooksofseattle AT Gmail dot frickin' com...or ask it here at Dropzone. (If it relates to the hijacking or anything surrounding that.) You cannot expect me to respond to comments posted at another site where I am banned, and where you blocked my email address. That is REALLY stupid. It's like ripping your phone out of the wall and then sitting around waiting for it to ring. I don't DO second-party responses with people who want questions or comments answered. It's not fair to this thread because readers won't have a clue what I'm responding to. I understand Flyjack does this sometimes (no problem there, that's his business) but I DON'T. Not any more. I'm not playing that game. So if you don't get the responses or answers you want, don't blame me. Stop expecting me to use my VPN to come play guessing game with you. It's not my job to check into that website, try to figure out what the hell you are talking about, (with my name attached to it) and then respond to all that HERE. You are taking the lazy route, and I don't do lazy. I'm not a mind reader either. Either man up, or shut up.
  9. It is my sad duty to report that a major supporter of our explorations into the Cooper case, the lady I sometimes called 'Miss Daisy,' has passed away from natural causes at the age of 86. Gayla and I first met her about fifteen years ago when we took her on as a cleaning customer. As time went on, she also asked me to work for her on weekends driving her around to errands, to lunch, or to medical appointments. Over the years I got to know her pretty well. She was a 1956 grad of the University of Washington with a Masters in English. She worked her way through college, along with receiving some modest scholarships. Her summer job in college was working for the US Forest Service at Mt. Rainier National Park, where she did all manner of things for them including waiting tables at the lodge and even planting trees occasionally outside the park area. After she graduated, she applied for Federal civil service as a librarian and was hired by the US Air Force, which is where she spent her entire working career. They assigned to her bases all around the world, including one place I knew well...Anderson Air Force base on Guam. (I lived in the Apra Heights neighborhood on Guam for three years when I was a kid) She survived Super Typhoon Karen in 1962 and Typhoon Pamela in 1976, both of which caused extensive damage to the island as well as the library she ran. She helped rebuild the library a second time after Pamela and then was assigned elsewhere. During the Vietnam War, she provided the books to the people she called 'my boys,' whether they were going TO the war, or coming home FROM it. Below: Guam, after Typhoon Karen Photo Source: Anderson AFB 36th Wing History Office While I was traveling around the Northwest investigating the Cooper case, 'Miss Daisy' would often write generous checks to AB of Seattle to help cover expenses. I tried to refuse this money, but she wasn't having any of that. "I can afford it, Bob." she said. "Stop worrying." I cut her cleaning rate in half to help make it up to her, and also charged her the minimum for my weekend trips to her house to drive her around...once the traveling part of the investigation was over. She was a constant supporter of Adventure Books in one way or another for many years, and my good friend. She was also a world traveler in her spare time and could be found in Hong Kong, Nepal, even Red China occasionally, where she seemed to get along with everybody. She even talked a Red Army guard out of his hat, which she decorated with little pins and later gifted to me. (I don't actually wear it, of course. But I keep it in a china cabinet.) She had a hell of a life, that's for sure. And she really did remind me of Jessica Tandy in Driving Miss Daisy because our relationship was a lot like the movie. When she became unable to live by herself any longer, Gayla and I helped her move to two different assisted living facilities (she had to have her OWN apartment there of course) and we did this for free. The final move we did for her was just in time, because the place she HAD been was swept through with the Covid virus, while the place she went to last was not. I am pretty certain we saved her life on that one. Picture below was taken at the last place she lived. She left me some cute things from her personal possessions that I will always treasure, including a large series of unused post cards from the Far East, a jeweler's loupe in a leather case, (I found out that she figured I could start fires with it out in the woods while camping ) and other stuff. 'Miss Daisy,' you will be missed. She definitely had a sense of humor. She's wearing a Mickey Mouse watch. An original. Every time it quit working she got it repaired.
  10. Well, Flyjack...we may not agree on EVERYTHING...but we certainly agree on what you just said here. These Cooper folks...some of them nice people, others not so nice, others being outright hustlers...if they actually worked together on something Cooper-related, I swear I would have a heart attack on the spot.
  11. From AB's Weird Coincidences Department: (insert Twilight Zone theme music HERE) Contrary to some opinions, yes...I DO have a sense of humor.
  12. Well...Eric's tendency to BS and lie to people for his own benefit is well-known. I still have the email response he sent that was received and seen by everyone involved in the proposed 2019 Portland Cooper Party...the one where he says he is happy to host the thing. So we proceeded based on his response. We were aware that Eric was planning another event elsewhere, so we offered to move the Portland event to a different day so as not to conflict with his. He ignored that offer and accepted the hosting job having no intention of actually showing up. In fact, he accepted the job to try and STOP the Portland event, which he (and some friends) succeeded in doing. This is the reality of what he did: He and several other people started an email campaign to the other organizers telling lies about AB of Seattle staff. He had already organized his own Cooper event in Vancouver and was making separate plans for that event. Had he simply said 'no' to our offer, the event would have continued in Portland with another host. Due to the email campaign, all of the organizers withdrew their support, although the V-23 Brewery, the place that names all their beers after situations and characters in the Cooper case, didn't care if Eric's group stopped by, which they did to eat and drink. But the other two organizers wanted nothing to do with Eric's group and were disgusted with the way things ended up, especially Jim Brunberg, the owner of Mississippi Studios. He was completely put off by the fighting and lying, and in his last message he warned everyone it better stop or he would withdraw his offer of the free venue. M. Studios includes a restaurant, a bar, and plenty of seating in the main stage area. It was a generous offer, and it was HIS idea to approach AB of Seattle with help replacing the annual Cooper Party once held in Ariel. Instead of a packed house, short films on Cooper, live music and partying at Mississippi Studios in Portland...Cooper fans were treated to twenty bucks an admission to the theater in Vancouver. A more boring affair on Cooper was never conceived. Before the Portland event was canceled, THIS was the program THERE...which was a lot more fun and exciting than Eric's ridiculous parading around of Captain Smith's daughter: (Not that his daughter isn't a nice person, but had she known the Real Deal on what Eric did, I doubt she would have bothered to attend.) Portland event compared to Eric's 20 dollar to enter fiasco in Vancouver: All three cast members from Brad Meltzer's Decoded were scheduled to appear, do stage stuff, and answer questions from the audience. They are Christine McKinley from Portland, an engineer who owns her own consulting business there. Buddy Levy, best-selling author and English professor from the Washington State University, and Scott Rolle, former Maryland state prosecutor, now a judge, who had just returned from active duty in Afghanistan. He is an officer in the Army Reserve. Film star Nick Robinson, whose small production company had recently signed on to help produce the first-ever full length feature film on the Cooper case. 95% committed to appearing in person with a short trailer, five percent chance he just sends the trailer. I met with him personally in Seattle a few months prior to the proposed event in Portland. After he agreed to appear, Jim Brunberg considered the idea of holding the party instead at Revolution Hall in Portland, due to the number of Nick fans who might show up. Nick has a LOT of fans. M. Studios, Jim pointed out, holds about 300 or so. Revolution Hall can hold about a thousand people. We thought it could be necessary. Imagine yourself as a Cooper investigator, or the author of a Cooper book...and stepping up to the podium/stage to speak to a crowd like that. No one in their wildest Cooperland dreams was ever offered something so generous. You would have made the national news easily. D.B. Cooper Character Lookalike Contest, with $2,500 in Amazon Gift Cards as prizes. Most of this was being put up by Adventure Books of Seattle. This alone would probably have packed the house. (We're going to do this on the Cooper Campout next year, by the way. Just a bit smaller amount.) Admission *probably* free to the Portland event, although a cover charge of no more than five dollars was occasionally discussed. Known Cooper folks such as Bruce Smith, Eric, and others with books out there, or who wanted to give short talks on the case would be paid a fee for their participation. If the cover charge had been done, the payments to these people would be higher of course. If you're wondering how a guy like me could put together a program like that, it's only because I was taught HOW to do it by a woman who had been organizing large public events for more than 20 years when I met her and worked with her: The famous Connie H, the head of the Auburn Days Festival for 28 straight seasons. I worked the media shoots and the theater events for her for five of those seasons. She taught me everything she knew about how to bring in the attendance and ensure everyone has fun. Here's the REALLY funny of the reasons that some people in Cooperland were against this party was because they thought I would be there 'running the whole show,' and they didn't want to be involved in a 'Blevins thing'. But I wasn't going to BE THERE. I had previous commitments down in San Diego for Thanksgiving. Eric and the owner of Mississippi Studios were going to be running everything. Our job at AB...when these organizers approached us...was to do financial support and come up with the headliners. And we did that. But none of us at AB were going to attend in person. Greg the Techie Guy had to be in San Francisco to visit his sister. I was doing Thanksgiving in SoCal with my mother in law. The Amazon gift cards were being mailed to Mississippi Studios, and I arranged the headliners and they were ready to go on their own. The end result was that again....Cooperland shoots itself in the foot for nothing. And that was the last time I ever tried to organize a Cooper event where I relinquished most of the responsibility to others. We may do one final campout next year...a BIG one with frankly massive partying...but no one will be arranging that except myself and Greg. We just don't trust anyone else to do that. You will be invited. Just ONCE. Whether you attend I couldn't care less. I'm sure when word gets out what it is all about, we won't have any trouble filling the slots. The situation with Covid, whether there is a vaccine available, etc are factors in all this. But hopefully by early next summer or late spring that won't be a problem. EDIT: After the dust settled and I had to inform Nick R and the cast of Decoded that the party was cancelled, one of them (I won't name them) said this to me in an email: I had to agree. One thing I learned, though. Eric cannot be trusted. Sometime after this fiasco, I did the video. But it doesn't really matter. At least I held off on buying the Amazon Gift Cards just in time. (As far as my relationship with Nick R and the Cooper movie, this is how it stands today: I let the option lapse on my participation in the movie, but that was done mainly to get out from under just ONE of the three studios who were actually involved. I told Nick and the other studio I would be willing to sign a new contract with them only. It was the one studio who were responsible for the submitted script, which I found substandard at best. So there is still some hope, although Nick is out of the country for the next nine months shooting another film.) ^^^^^^ A more compact version of what you just read in my post. ^^^^^At the time I made this video, I was not yet aware that Eric's friends were sending poison-pen emails to the sponsors and organizers of the Portland event. Shortly afterward, some of them forwarded these emails to me.
  13. Pictures below show where the Hicks placard was discovered. Even if it didn't come from Flight 305, the location shows it was definitely within the flight path as provided by the FBI, NWA and their personnel, etc. Some of the notes refer to Adventure Books of Seattle's proposal (pre-Covid) to establish a search camp with metal detectors and search the surrounding area over a four-day process. This plan was later canceled. Access to this area is restricted, and you must obtain permission and a key to the locked gates from Weyerhauser Logging.
  14. Point of Order: Obama appointed approximately 39% of the Federal judges now serving. 329, plus two to the Supreme Court. Trump has done approximately 194. This is a higher rate per Presidential term than Obama, yes. The basic score is approximately 165 per term for Obama, versus 194 for Trump. How many of the Obama judges have retired, been replaced, etc since Obama's first year in office I do not know. But that's the score more or less. The lesson is we shouldn't give Trump another term, and an opportunity to make things worse.
  15. Where was this shared? Testimony isn't much good without a link to the source. The only Frank Loesch I know was the Chicago crimefighter. My favorite article (or close to it) was when I blew the lid off Walter Reca as Cooper. Some people think I just dropped off the apple cart last Tuesday. Not happening. I passed the Mensa test, but I turned THEM down because it costs money to join.
  16. I could be wrong, but I sense that *most* Americans have just HAD IT with all the hatred, the violence, the division, and the lies/crazy stuff. And that there is going to be a major shift in leadership coming, and some respect returning to the White House. I thought of it kind of like Pearl Harbor...we sat out that war for two years and then the wake up call came. The truth has been (historically) that Americans can be slow to react sometimes, but when they finally do, it is usually decisively. I think instead of Pearl Harbor this time it has been the pandemic, the hatred, and the riots. I know several people who are dyed-in-the-wool Republicans. They are cleaning customers for the most part. Because let's face have to be well-to-do to afford a service like that. We don't work cheap. And amazingly, over the last three weeks, all of them have told us individually that they are voting for Joe Biden. They don't necessarily enjoy this a couple of them said...but they see no other choice. (That link above wasn't an advertisement. We have a waiting list for new service longer than your arm. :) ) I also see that some Republican Senators are finally turning their backs on Trump. Ben Sasse from Nebraska was the latest. You probably saw the article the other day where he blasts Trump REALLY hard. ("He flirts with dictators," etc just Google if you haven't seen his town hall statements.) My hope is that enough of them will see the light and realize their party is being destroyed from the inside by Trump...and hopefully refuse to vote for confirmation on Amy Coney 'Dodge-the-Questions' Barrett. It's also possible US Senator Susan Collins out of Maine might not confirm either. She's under a lot of pressure there and Maine residents have had just about enough of her. A confirmation vote for Barrett that almost ensures the ACA will be eliminated is the last thing she needs in an election year. There are a couple of others sweating bullets right now on re-election, which frankly...they deserve since they supported Trump blindly for nearly four years. I have no sympathy for anyone who doesn't have the guts to do what's right. In case you didn't know, as far as Congress goes....Republicans will withhold prime committee appointments to their US Representatives if that rep votes against something supported by the party, no matter how ridiculous that 'something' happens to be. It's how they keep the rank and file in Congress in line. Dems do this to a certain extent as well (to be fair about it) but nothing on the level that Republicans will do with their own. As far as 'prepping,' I don't prep for zombies or the Apocalypse. I prep for a possible natural disaster, which is much more likely than zombies. We're set well for food, med supplies, communications, power, water, shelter etc. If everything were suddenly cut off completely, we could last about two months easily. A lot longer on some things, although after two months the food and water would start to run short, I'll admit. However, prepping is an ongoing process and I keep improving our situation on that. I figure we're still better prepared than 95% of everyone else. It wasn't easy. Lots of Amazon orders, smart shopping, and spreading out the costs over a long period of time certainly helped.
  17. Well...after reading all these posts...I am no longer convinced that the Electoral College system is a fair system. Like a lot of other folks, I thought maybe it I am not so sure. Maybe we SHOULD get rid of them after all. Some of your arguments are pretty convincing on the idea of dismantling the EC. This thread started out as one about prepping and morphed into something else. 'Prepping' as discussed at Dropzone is a lot less radical than other sites. You should see what people post at the Northwest Firearms Forum, for example. They want to store away everything possible against the zombies and the apocalypse...anything short of a nuke LOL. Over there, I am the Designated Liberal Gun Owner. Barely tolerated, somewhat accepted. It helped that I became a Bronze Supporter of the site. But one thing I never do over there is talk politics. NEVER. That would be like joining an anti-animal cruelty site and saying you torture cats for fun. Not a good idea.
  18. Tell you the truth, I just didn't bother going very far with that because I didn't think it mattered enough to the case. Frankly, I didn't really care who owned what chute, or who gave who what, etc. The only thing that mattered was where is the chute Cooper jumped with, i.e. where is it NOW? And on that I suspect it was the chute found near Amboy, WA that was buried without its container and harness. Remember>>> I spoke to the FBI agent who was in charge of dealing with the media questions regarding that chute. And more than once, too. (Well, there were actually TWO agents in Seattle taking the questions, one of them being Fred Gutt. The other was the lady actually doing the media releases, such as they were.) And the lady admitted to me that the only 'experts' they consulted about the chute were not actually allowed to see it, but were only contacted by phone. The ONLY outside person to see it was Earl Cossey, and he was not honest about it. I looked at the whole picture of what happened between the finding of the chute and the final announcement about it (maybe ten days)...and I saw a whitewash for sure. Someone at the Seattle FBI realized that if they admit the chute could be Cooper's, their whole line for years, their position that Cooper died in the jump (their position AFTER the finding of the Tina Bar money) would be seen as dead wrong for decades. In other words...the FBI would have to admit that Cooper not only lived, but got away with it, because it takes a LIVE person to D/C the harness and container and bury that chute. In a few short days, the Seattle FBI figured that out, too. If they had found the chute intact, they could still claim Cooper died, and that perhaps someone later happened along the chute and buried it. It's harder to do that if the container and harness were removed and not found at the location the chute was found...which is exactly the case here. When I inquired on the chute years later, they said they couldn't discuss it because it was 'evidence in an ongoing case'. I reminded them they had DISMISSED it completely as evidence five years previously. They came back to me with the same answer. I know baloney when I see it. And that whole Amboy chute scenario had Oscar Meyer written all over it... They are most likely keeping it as evidence today because they know it was the chute used by Cooper. That's a personal opinion. Tom Kaye and his team have a standing offer to the FBI to be allowed to examine the Amboy chute, but they were rebuffed. Kind of strange...the FBI let them look at damn near everything else. Why refuse them access to the Amboy chute? As far as the harness and container, I believe Cooper D/C's them, transferred the money from the bank bag to the chute container (less obvious, and they were LOOKING for someone with a bank bag) and after tossing the harness elsewhere, used the container to hike out the money. The bank bag probably went into the same hole or other spot as the harness did. Someone walking along with a backpack looks pretty normal in the Pacific Northwest. Someone hand-carrying a bag like the one shown below would look pretty obvious.
  19. Sometimes a picture, or in this case, a video...says it all.
  20. I don't know about THAT...but since I ditched those movie companies and freed myself from their damned Confidentiality Agreement, I no longer have to keep secrets on what we know regarding KC, and the non-public evidence against him. I will be releasing that here and there. The previous post I did wasn't really a part of that, though. Those things were already public. I just wanted to make sure people got a good look at those things from the source. Too many people like to make assumptions about our investigation into Christiansen....without verifying their assumptions from the source first. Shutter is most famous for that, and sometimes it makes him look the fool. Even I'm not foolish enough to run a story without confirming with the source. I learned that reading All The President's Men. On another note, I have obtained permission to do an interview with one of the main people involved in creating the book Ha Ha Ha. I will be interviewing this person (video for YouTube/still shots/article at WordPress and Quora) after Christmas. We agreed it was better to wait until after the election and the holidays, plus the Covid Crap. You know how it goes. It was actually my idea to wait until then. I will have to drive several hours each way to do this interview, but I'm okay with that. It's possible we may do this interview BEFORE Christmas, but that is generally up to me. The person involved said they would do it sooner if I wanted. It will be a relaxed interview, not a grilling. Basically, I'm looking for the story behind the book, how it was actually created, the results of all that, and how this person looks back today on their effort to produce the book. As a pro editor who has edited more than sixty titles in my career, I can tell you a couple of things about that book. It was done in the days prior to digital publishing, instant digital art, and without a word processing program. The embossed cover and artwork are done well. So is the interior editing. And they did all this the old-fashioned way. For an independent production, it was done on a professional level for sure. I want to find out everything about it. And I will.
  21. I decided to release some pictures of the counter top piece I still have stored in the office, the one shown in the original Decoded show. Background: I was actually present when the cast and crew of Decoded discovered this item. They got the idea to use infrared to try and detect cold and hot spots in KC's house, in an effort to discover any evidence that had been left behind in the home by KC. So...they start scanning the house with the infrared, but they aren't really coming up with much. Finally, they get the idea to point it at the ceilings and got a cold reading on the ceiling in Kenny's old bedroom, which would put this spot in the attic of the house. We asked the current owner, the print shop guy, where the access panel was leading to the attic, and he said there wasn't one. It was soon determined that the only access to the attic was by removing an octagonal attic vent, one of two on each end of the house. They borrow a ten-foot ladder and Scott Rolle goes up there and reports that several large screws are holding the attic vent in place, the one closest to the cold spot. He uses a screwdriver to remove the screws and crawls inside the attic. After some probing around with a flashlight, he finds the following: A large board with Formica top is sitting on top of two of the attic joists, and it is covered with insulation. He brushes away the insulation and removes the board. Underneath it, someone had taken two 2x6 boards and nailed them to the joists crosswise, to create a sort of box, with the Formica counter piece covering it on top. The bottom of this 'box' is the sheetrock from the ceiling. Two sides are the 2x6, the other two sides are the attic joists. Contrary to what was indicated on the show, I found out later that this counter top board did NOT have hinges on it. Scott Rolle thought it did, and said so while the camera was rolling. Off camera, he corrected himself, but it was left in the show for what reason I am not sure. After the filming was over, I went back to the house some time later and asked the owner if I could go back up there and keep the board for research. He said yes. So I went up there and took it home. Pictures below with my notes: One of the first things I did with this was to take it to a company that had been in the counter top installation business for many years. A few of the guys there examined it. They told me two things about it. First, it was OLD. They guessed at least thirty years and possibly more. They also said it was definitely SCRAP due to the age and because the saw cuts were done quickly and kind of sloppily. Whatever it was supposed to do, whatever purpose it served, it was done in a hurry. Witnesses Helen Jones and Margie Geestman had both told me that KC tore out the counter material in his kitchen and replaced it with more or less the same color, right after he moved into the house in 1972. But, he did keep the original cabinets. The picture below lends truth to those statements. It's a 1992 picture of Robin Powell on Halloween, standing in KC's kitchen. The cabinets are obviously very old, but the counter top material looks much newer: BELOW: Stain from the board matched the color of the old cabinets, meaning someone PRIOR to KC did the cabinet staining, since he pulled all the counter top material when he moved into the home. What does this mean? It proves KC was the one who cut a spare piece from the scrap, took the trouble to climb into the attic, nail in a pair of 2x6's to make a box, and covered this space with the counter scrap piece. Then...he would have climb back out using a ten-foot ladder, and re-secure the attic vent with its eight screws. The question is, why would he do that? I've been up in that attic. The center height is four feet. It is a very cramped space and takes several minutes just to remove the attic vent, let alone to replace it. He also tossed some loose insulation on top of this whole assembly to conceal it. BELOW: An edit. I added one more picture. One reason why Scott Rolle may have thought at first the board was hinged was because it had been nailed in place. Not very well, though. He was able to remove it easily, once he found it under the insulation. The cold spot on the infrared that revealed its location was directly above near-center of the ceiling in Kenny's old bedroom. I still hang on to this thing, not sure why exactly. It's wrapped in heavy plastic in one of my closets. I may have it framed some day with the white side out, and a description saying what it is. One thing is for sure. Kenny certainly was one to stash this or that. The money below was found buried on his property by a guy who grew up in Bonney Lake. He and his friends. Just like people had claimed for years, but until Kyle stepped forward and did the video, gave the facts, (confirmed by Bonney Lake PD) offered the one could be sure. Below is a report I created years BEFORE Kyle came forward. It is accurate almost to a T. BELOW: Years later, when Kyle came forward, he offered a picture. This money is NOT from the hijacking, but dates from the mid-80s. It was buried on KC's property. Totals about $1,400. KC owned that property from 1972 until his death in 1994, so it is safe to assume it was probably buried by him. Most people would not bother burying money on someone else's house lot and property...especially if people were living there. A vacant property, maybe. An occupied property is very unlikely. NOTE: I did miss on a couple of small points. The money was not turned in to the owner of the home, or directly to a bank. It was turned in to the Bonney Lake PD, according to Kyle. From THERE it either went to a bank, or directly to the Bureau of Printing and Engraving. Bonney Lake PD was able to confirm the money WAS turned in, but not what happened to it after that. They no longer had the official record. And the check from B and E was not $1,500, but $1,400. The money was split evenly between Kyle and his friends. You can see his testimony HERE at YouTube about it. A tough video to was over 90 degrees that day. What possible purpose would Christiansen have for building a wooden box (yes, the money above was found in a small wooden (hand-built) box and wrapped in heavy plastic) and then shoving a bunch of money into it, and then burying it? I have no idea, but it could have been for bug-out purposes I suppose. Funny though how he did basically the same thing in his attic, you have to admit.
  22. Strange. And a good question. I have no idea what it is. Looks like it's been hacked rather sloppily with a knife or something, though. The jagged cut does not indicate it was done with scissors. I wouldn't think so anyway.
  23. I hear some folks didn't like my parody up there. No worries. Probably will shift from parody to reality soon. Except maybe the part about the hospital wing. Nothing new to report. Had to drive to Wenatchee this morning. Same route I used to take to do the interviews of Margie Geestman, across two mountain passes and back. Weather was awful. Incessant and heavy rain both ways. Finished the first 30 pages of my Cooper movie script. I can guarantee it's better than the one some other folks tried to tell me was 'good'. If anyone's interested, speak up and I will upload a few pages here for you. If not, no big deal. You can still view it at Quora when I upload it there. Frankly, both of the main threads/sites on Cooper (this place and the place run by a guy in Florida) are becoming a big flat bore. Over at Bruce's place, every time the poor guy tries to post up another serious article on the case, the Peanut Gallery comes out and ruins it for him. If anything, you guys are predictable. Brother, I'm sure glad I shortstop that stuff at my places on Cooper. I wouldn't allow outsiders to trash all MY hard work, I can tell you that. They can either come reasonably and politely, or they can forget it. Makes for better content all around. Sometimes that stuff comes back to haunt you, especially when trying to establish credibility. You'll figure it out. Or perhaps you won't.
  24. Well...they're probably not going to ditch the Electoral College THIS election anyway. Too late for that. I have a feeling that this time both the popular vote and the EC vote will go for the same candidate. It's starting to look that way. My home defense weapon of choice is the 45 auto and the pump shotgun, not that it matters. Never had to do that except for the time the drunk neighbor lady came in through our downstairs slider at night thinking it was HER house lol. The noise came when she collapsed on the dining room floor. Good thing I turned on the lights when I went downstairs. So I could see who was there.