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  1. No update yet. Sorry guys. I've been working about 70 hours a week here lately so I'm just tired as hell at the end of the day and not up for super sleuthing and calling up Perris Valley or Skydive Elsinore trying to track the guy down. It's already been 2 years and he's paid a total of $1305 when $5000 was due basically immediately 2 years ago. Those are the details on payments thus far if anyone is interested. I think $55/month is fair rent for a rig if I were lucky enough to just get it back.
  2. this idea! I'm chatting with some people via private message trying to find out exactly where he is.
  3. I can certainly see the benefit to everyone if I out his name here and stop him from scamming others, but I want to make sure I have my legal ducks in a row before I start talking about things publicly. I don't see anything online being sold by him right now, and I hesitate to think there will be since I'm pretty sure he's being sued by his previous employer for reselling stolen goods from their loft. Another user sent me 2 DZ's where he could be working right now, so I'll be calling them when I get a chance to see if I can locate him and file my own suit. If I do ever see anything posted by him for sale, you can bet your ass I'll be on here telling people not to buy. Although, part of me thinks that at this point he'd just be using a fake name because you can already find his name associated with scams by searching the forums.
  4. I don't want to out him because every time I start getting close to trying to take the legal route he makes a measly payment. I don't know if he saw this or not, but not 30 minutes after posting he just sent me 150 bucks.
  5. Hi everyone, I need some advice. About 2 years ago I was trying to sell my rig and a fellow skydiver at my home DZ decided to buy it. He jumped there for years, as did his father, he worked at the rigging loft and all things pointed to this being an easy sell. I let him take the rig from my home in Atlanta to the DZ to try it out and the next thing I know he moved to California with my rig! He made a few payments but now refuses to pay. I'm not sure what to do next. I don't think I can report it stolen to the police because I let him take it and he started making payments. Since he moved I don't even know how to find him or even start a civil suit against him. He told me he was working for a DZ in California, but I'm not sure if that's even true. Any advice?
  6. Thanks for the reply. :) All the military ones we can find are, what I refer to as, "turkey turd green". Not really a color she's interested in. I'm not sure she'll even find what she's looking for, but I knew if anyone would know, they'd be on this forum. haha
  7. Hi all, I have a coworker who is looking for an old, next to no cost, large round canopy for her upcoming wedding to hang from the ceiling. Neutral solid colors only. Does anyone know if this is something she'll be able to find? Where should she look? Thanks! Sara
  8. Wow, that's great to hear! :) Thanks to you and BLEE both for your comments.
  9. Thanks for your reply. :) I'm already signed up for Mike G's riggers course in January, am studying all the reading materials and have been packing my butt off on the weekends to get my hands all calloused up and ready for packing reserves pain free. :p
  10. Mine registered balloon and helicopter jumps, but didn't register my hop and pop from 5k. I haven't really looked into why, but just for your info. :)
  11. If a person is a truly skilled rigger, how competitive is this profession to get into full time? I'm very interested in eventually rigging full time and willing to work hard to get there, but I'm curious if this is the type of career that there simply isn't room for everyone who wants to do it. Also, as a female wanna-be rigger, I've already encountered both positive feedback, as well as some opposition and negativity for the "good 'ole boys" club. Should I expect to have to prove myself even more because I'm female? Thanks!