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  1. Sihk's have always seemed to me to be some of the most redeeming people you can find in the United States, I can't imagine why anyone would want to do such a senseless thing. Peace, love and hoppiness
  2. All politics aside, even though it's clear which side of the fence I sit on, I'm wondering what those who practice law think of the feasibility of getting the courts to issue a writ of mandamus to make the executive branch enforce the laws on the books. Not necessarily would they, but could they? Peace, love and hoppiness
  3. I grew up here, got a job, did college, and joined the military, but i was born a citizen and I can't speculate on what I would do if I found out my parents forced me to be a criminal. The problem is it's not my fault their parents did that to them. Virtually any other developed country would have them imprisoned before they are deported. That considered, I think my stance of go back to where you belong at this time, be better than your parents and come here the right way is pretty charitable. Peace, love and hoppiness
  4. There's a thing called national sovereignty, and I don't understand why the United States has to be the one country in the world that idea doesn't apply. It sucks that their parents lives were shitty enough that they would actually trade a lifetime of criminality for a marginally better way of life for them and their children, and I'll do/ have done my microlending and volunteering to do what I can as an American to contribute to a better way of life for those in Central and South America. I just don't see how anyone can deny that we as a country have to put our sovereign right to choose who we do and who we do not allow to come into this county aside. No other country has been as tolerant of illegal immigration as the United States, with the exception of maybe Brazil, so I don't see why those of us who wish to just enforce the laws on the books have to be the bad guys. Peace, love and hoppiness
  5. What does a violation of civil liberties in one of the bluest parts of the county have to do with right wing conservatives? Peace, love and hoppiness
  6. I want to know what the "specific and articulable" facts were for every single person they pulled out of a car. I wonder if our esteemed old dirty barristers on this board feel the police department can justify these as a lawful terry stops. All I know is if I was one of those people I'd be retaining counsel to figure that out. Peace, love and hoppiness
  7. That's basically what it's about. I did sales for a few weeks and I'm floating on savings, but I'd rather work for free and do something not many people can do and I can take pride in it than sell out and do something just to get a paycheck. Peace, love and hoppiness
  8. Working for 55 hours with out pay is a blessing as far as I'm concerned. All I've had since I graduation in December is getting turned down by jobs that are unpaid. I'd be jumping up and down at finally getting the privilege to work for free. Peace, love and hoppiness
  9. That's the ms-360, i don't know if thats replaced the mc-4, mt-1xxs, etc yet, or even if it's intended to. I'm sure someone on this board does though. Peace, love and hoppiness
  10. Watch their next choice for mascot be the bears and everything is right with the world till those chuckle-heads picks up the dictionary again Peace, love and hoppiness
  11. In other cases I think that can be one of the open primaries strong suits, especially when it's applied to state elections. Instead of "sabotaging" an election, members of the other party can go into an open primary knowing full well whoever wins that primary is going to win the general election in that district and pull the votes away from candidates on the fringes and shoulder up someone who is more moderate. Peace, love and hoppiness
  12. Does anyone have an idea what the price point of that piece of kit is? It would have to be several hundred grand wouldn't it? Peace, love and hoppiness
  13. Don't forget that he also felt that gays were intentionally spreading AIDS because if their lifestyle was responsible for them getting it everybody else had to have it too and wrote that sexual hostilities in the workplace should just be handled by the harassed person quitting, because it's totally their fault anyway. I may just be some wet behind the ears kid with my damn hoola hoop and a boom box but I don't think anyone with views that absurd has any place being the leader of our nation. Peace, love and hoppiness
  14. How does one make money with funds that are restricted from personal use on pain of death. If Gingrich is staying in the campaign for fundraising purposes only, which he may very well be, it's just to pay off the massive debts he's built up trying to run a presidential campaign (which he has done about as well as he did running the House as speaker, and probably about as well as he would do running the country as president.) Peace, love and hoppiness
  15. 1%...really? You think the 1% drives 355s and 360s? I didn't see a single 458, not even a 430. this is the 14% or 15% at best. Peace, love and hoppiness