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  1. Hmm, not quite correct folks! Please check this doc, in particular page 2 PASB9502_Rev3.pdf
  2. OK, need info & guidance from my peers. Have been asked to explore the logistics of using a C208 with floats for a beachside tandem operation. Before everyone gets uppity about taking off on water without a door, we would be using a regular runway. My initial thoughts is, that it would pretty hectic to miss the float on just about any exit, but am interested in hearing about anyone using a similar setup successfully. Cheers, Ralph
  3. Not quite up to the Katar flag, but am pretty happy so far. Alas, still more work to be done, but getting closer!
  4. Cheers, am working on starting with 20 kilos at base (leading edge) & air scoops along the tail )to hold flag taught. And will work up to heavier as we do a few jumps. That flag is awesome, any idea of what the weight was to hold it taut? Very gutsy effort on the jumper!
  5. A quick update on my project. Hope to have close enough to start reinforcing the load bearing points & reinforcing leading edge, then building a carry/ deployment system. Stay tuned for updates & thanks for the advice you folks have offered!!
  6. Hey wise folks out there, have been asked to build a few flag bags for a client. No great issue, but am concerned about the weight bags I need to create. May sound stupid, but is there a formulae for suspended weight v's square footage of flag? Any assistance will be gratefully accepted!!
  7. Thanks Nigel, it is a pity that our colleagues in Qld couldn't point me in this direction!
  8. All containers & reserves need to have TSO approval here in Australia. Well, at least for those folk who live here.
  9. That is the issue I am facing! Back in the golden days (I started in 1976), we did use a shitload of Mil Surplus, because that was all we had. The Pathfinders are a Worldwide group of Military personnel (active & retired), who just want to jump roundies. The USPA, BPA & the Dutch Federation's welcome them with open arms. All I want to do, is help them out here. Issue being, no TSO label!! I understand that MilSpec is usually the basis for all our equipment, but need someone to point me in the right direction to get something in writing.
  10. Hi folks, have just been given a T10R (if you don't know what this is, please keep moving on & don't leave silly comments) to repack for a member of the Australian Payhfindrrs. Issue being, military gear doesn't seem to have a TSO requirement, as they are manufactured to MilSpec's. Here in Australian, Riggers/ Packers are not permitted to pack any reserve without a TSO label. Any ideas as to as to how I can resolve this issue?