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  1. I suppose the reason i wanted a 7-cell as a backup canopy was the predictable openings / ability to dump low / and sink it in compared to dealing with the increased glide & speed from something a bit spicier. I asked Nick beatch at a training camp last month and he recommended a Spectre 107 for being able to sink it into stadiums and still do a natty swoops from 300ft! What im getting at i suppose is there's no point in getting a small 7-cell if they all refuse to work properly loaded above 2.0. (i have a leia77 coming in a few weeks and its technically a 7-cell)! I fly a VC84 99.9% of my jumps - this canopy is just a backup solution.
  2. I recently bought a diablo99 to fit in my small container tray for the odd WS flight and demo jump in turb / high winds where the LZ isn't big enough to accommodate something much faster. The trouble is the flare range is tiny and I feel its sinking out more than it should with not enough forward movement. (loading at 2.3) Question is: does anyone have experience loading a spectre 97 above the 2.2 mark? I remember one of the Babylon guys swooping one in ages ago - but he would be much lighter than me. Im either going to get a spectre 97 or get a bigger container to accommodate something like a 107 / 120.
  3. Yes Now im thinking im getting the two confused. Perhaps the muppet song isnt playing in the background, although there is plenty of TI slapping going on
  4. AHHH! close but no cigar! Thats the pineapple one. Im looking the one where the tandem instructors get abused in air. Face slapping, crotch punching, gooch grabbing fun!
  5. I know, I know. From what I can remember there were only so many last year from the US with the muppet song playing in the background, slapping tandem instructors in the face and grabbing their gooch while holding onto the drogue.... There might have been a bit of BASE in there too.
  6. It was posted last year... Plenty of messing around stateside, slapping tandem instructors, messing around in general. Muppet show theme was the sound track! Any ideas?
  7. Just out of interest, why are you concerned on front riser pressure when flying a VE96? Are you hauling on them when the cell pressure is high?
  8. This is a pretty decent thread compared to the usual banter on here We have to be careful we dont give away too many "secrets" to the wuffos... dont forget CP coaches need to make a living too only joking. My understanding is - the faster the speed into the turn + consistent compounding of speed = the faster the speed at the end of the turn. You really need to haul on the fronts, be talented and super consistent to do a proper power 270. The transition from FRisers to harness is harder the smaller the rotation. 630s and 720s require less initial input as you are more likely to reach a decent vertical decent rate before the end of your rotation. RRiser initiated turns are useful if you are super low and / or are just mucking about. (showing off infront of whuffos / never bring this technique to any sort of comp). Harness only turns feel amazing (*matt002) - and can be super powerful and efficient as the wing distortion above you head is minimal, however consistent accuracy is hard. Whenever you throw gates 'into the mix' everything changes. You want all the "tools" at your disposal to make up for your 'less than perfect setup' and to bring as much power as you can get down to the ground. Instructions: Big dynamic pulse (kill cell pressure) use the "rocking" inertia and whail on those double fronts, as soon as the canopy reaches its max forward speed, initiate your desired turn either at a constant rate or rotation speed slow > to fast, transfer from offset double fronts to harness as smooth as possible minimizing wing distortion (usually between 70° & 90° depending on your turn), as you finish the turn and roll out towards the gates dont turn in your arc as you will loose precious power, place hands on rears (trust your rears) and bring as much power down to the ground. Dont forget the obligatory "woo hoo" when you know you've pulled off a corker and there are witnesses
  9. I dont get people who fly velocitys, justifying their canopy and only doing 90's or straight in's. Most are better off on an xfires and stilettos, toggle whipping and thinking its cool.. How about a X-braced prerequisite qualifying jump or questionnaire? Do you intend to: Minimum WL of 2.5 Minimum - 450° turn Minimum turn height - 1300ft If you can get the power down to the ground, hit both gates and stand it up, then that's how you know you are worthy
  10. I went from a NEOS119 to a VE103 @ 2.1 and it was a perfect transition... Im putting the 103 up for sale soon
  11. I agree - the noticeable difference for me was the Crossfire 139 @ WL1.5 to a NEOS 119 @ 1.8 at 300 odd jumps
  12. Sounds like you need to incrase your WL. Try wearing weight or go for a KA 107 - which is a great size of wing. Thats one fast & low 270!
  13. I met him at spaceland a few weeks ago.... really nice, decent guy - who started the canopy piloting dicipline as we know it today. Respect.