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  1. I learned that diablo fish tacos are a poor dinner choice the night before your aff level 1 jump.
  2. As for helmet I'm gonna go with the Benny, the model that covers the ears I like the design, the price and the flat black color. I plan on getting the bomber freefly suit
  3. Thanks again everyone. The pilot sounds very interesting also. One quick question about the spectre: With it having less glide it means that I would be coming in at a steeper angle than a saber2, and if thats the case is it harder for a newbie to land? With that steepened angle will it make my landings faster? Sorry more than one your input appreciated.
  4. Thanks for everyones replies, I haven't ruled out a pilot but was curious in the comparison of these two canopies. I would prefer a canopy with more glide that's just my personal choice at this time and skill set right now. I have jumped a spectre and a spectre 2 also but found them a bit more aggressive atleast the spectre but enjoyed their flight characteristics but I don't know much anyways so take it witha grain of salt. Thanks again everyone, I'm leaning towards the saber2 at this moment but would happily jump a spectre if given the chance.
  5. Thanks for the quick replies i didn't know how to respond to multiple people but I'm planning on around a 1:1 wl and trying to stay at a solid weight to maintain it, I have found the gym.:(
  6. I actually used the search function and read reviews etc on the gear part of this website. I was curious from the more experienced jumpers what canopy would serve best. I have about 15 jumps on a saber2 at 1:1, and now am thinking about purchasing a canopy. I'm back on student gear at close to 1:1 at my new home dz. The rumors I've heard is that the spectre is a great canopy and would be a good choice. Your input is appreciated thanks!
  7. I'm sure I will not be as helpful as some here on the board but I can chime in about what helped me through my aff. The best advice I got to help me was smile, when smiling your not tense so naturally your body loosens up. As for containers, parachutes, wingloading I would just worry about passing aff. I was told by a mentor of mine to rent canopies untill 40 or 50 or so jumps to get a better idea what you want. Hope this helps and good luck from another newbie. Welcome!
  8. I'm good at drinking beer, not so great at skydiving. Shiner will be on hand! Thanks.
  9. well I guess I am going to have to let my mullet out and enjoy! Thanks everyone for the replies.
  10. Thanks for the info. I live in Austin and checked out San Marcos when the Halloween boogie went on, nice facilities etc. I apprteciate all of the replies. Definately want to make a weekend trip to Spaceland but now I am looking for a home.
  11. Hello fellow Texans, I recently moved here from San Francisco, and have been reading review etc on our local dz's but was just curious where you guys prefer to jump. Although I am officially a turbine baby it isnt necessarily a requirement for me to go to a dz. I am a newbie, just have a few little signatures left to get my A. Hope to hear from y'all soon..
  12. Whatsup everyone Im Jason from San Francisco, got 18 jumps under my belt and loving every second of it! Just wanted to say a formal hello, and hope to meet some new jump buddies, blue skies!