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  1. The Thrill of Your Life! Skydivers come to this drop zone from the entire tri-state area of Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky! They are conveniently located close to Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Louisville. They offer tandem skydiving ($139-The cheapest in the country) and the accelerated freefall methods of skydiving instruction are more thorough and safe than anywhere I have been. The tandem students are not treated as dollar signs, and the fun jumpers are always pleased to be going to full altitude and not being bumped to different loads. Whether you are just looking for a one-time skydiving experience, or you would like to become a licensed skydiver, the professional USPA rated instructors will help you learn skydiving quickly and safely! They are all great at organizing, and give great advice. Always happy to help you out. If you are looking for a unique and exciting outing with your family or co-workers, they have outstanding amenities and their normal price is cheaper than any group discount out there. The facility is pristine and nicer than any I have seen. Equipment is top of the line for skydiving. The aircraft can accommodate you and your friends, so you can jump together. There is nothing that I can say negative about my experience at Start Skydiving.
  2. Haha, dumba! It was the post above! I bought the one that you posted a picture of. That is exactly how I am mounting mine! I friend of mine has had her contour come off because her risers hitt it on the side of her helmet. TWICE! THANKS SO MUCH! I didnt even look at chutingstar! I
  3. Anyone have a ContourGPS box? I may want to side mount on the top of my helmet. I have not seen anyone making them yet.
  4. I've decided on the contourGPS ordering it in the AM! THanks guys!
  5. Do you know if I need a specific type of memory card. I am not very familiar with what different 'classes' there are.
  6. the contour mobile bluetooth is currently in development. The drift has a playback screen though
  7. Well I have decided that I definately do not want to keep the GoPro, so that is for sale on But now I need to pick between the Contour and the Drift. I have an iPhone, and it doesn't look like the bluetooth will playback on my phone. So I am still leaning towards the Drift still. Please keep the feedback coming. I appriciate it! Blue skies
  8. I received a GoPro for Christmas but I have had my eye on the DriftHD now. There are not a lot of reviews for the Drift, but I like that it has a review screen on the side, and it also has a remote to record and stop that can be made into a wrist mount. The GoPro has the option to take pictures, and the Drift does not offer that. I was wondering if anyone has any opinions/reviews to assist in my decision. if you are not familiar with the drift you can go to
  9. Maybe Bob Dougherty finally pissed off the wrong person.
  10. I was just wondering if anyone could give me some good ides for games to play at our next boogie! You can post or e-mail me at [email protected]
  11. Instructors are professional and well knowledgable, staff is welcoming. The school doesn't feel commercial it actually feels more like a home. Safety is the DZOs main concern not profit.