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  1. ***Register at Aircraft slots will be $23.00 for the event 267 slots of lift per hour 1- Skyvan Tailgate seats 21 (3 loads per hour) 1- Otter seats 23 (3 loads per hour) 1- Grand Caravan seats 17 (3 loads per hour) 1- Caravan seats 15 (3 loads per hour) 2- R44 Helicopter slots are $60.00 if there are 3 people on the load and $89.00 if there are 2 people on the load. RW Organizing Big ways 30-40-50 ways with World Record Organizer Guy Wright and other special guests Todd Hawkins, John Hart III, and Matt Hunt will be organizing RW jumps for all skill levels Norman Kent will be documenting the event and will be available for private videos. Free-Fly Organizing Jimmy Tranter, Brad Hunt, and Angela Tara Hsu will be organizing FF jumps for all levels Entertainment Friday night Full Service will be performing live. There will also be live entertainment Saturday evening as well as a great BBQ meal and the Selection.Com Fastrax pyrotechnic aerial display and ground launched fireworks show. A show you will never forget. Vendors We will have gear representatives on location providing demo equipment available to those who are looking to try out some new stuff. Camping/RVs We have a dedicated FREE camping area that has a bonfire pit for your enjoyment. We also have 20 RV hookups for the event ($100 for the event). The hookups are on a first come basis, so reserve them early through our online store. There is a $25.00 camper permit fee for all campers not using electric. Shower Facilities Our FBO shower and bathroom facilities will be open 24/7 for your convenience. Registration Register online and all you have to do is walk up to our VIP lane, pick up your packet, and have your rig checked by our rigger. You can place money on your account before you arrive and START Skydiving!
  2. [] If that doesn't work, you can access the event through the online calendar at
  3. Guy Wright will be organizing a team of experienced jumpers June 12-15. The group will be a set 8-16 participants and will focus on improving skills used in formation skydiving. We are very excited to have world renound organizer Guy Wright with us for the entire weekend. This is training you won't want to miss out on! Looking forward to seeing you out for a weekend of fun, safe and successful big ways! Participants must pre-register at []
  4. Jimmy Tranter and Brad Hunt will be organizing this record camp from June 19-22. The goal of the camp is to prepare for setting the Ohio Head Down Record at the 2014 Work Stinks! Boogie. Skills required for attending this camp include comfortably flying head down, being able to fly your slot, and being able to safely dock on a formation. We're asking that participants pre-register at []
  5. After voting "Yes" to "Was this review helpful?", I try going to another page of more reviews and I get the following error message: "You seem to have already voted for this review once before." I believe when people click on the pages for the reviews, the site automatically submits a response of "No" to all the reviews on that page. That would explain this error, as well as why all the reviews say "0 of (some number) found the following review helpful" This generates a false perception that the reviews are not useful. Please let me know if I need to provide any further information to help fix this issue. Thank you!
  6. Team Fastrax will have 18 jumpers will exit above lower Manhattan from an altitude of 8,500 feet. Ten of these jumpers will be carrying American flags ranging in size from 500sf to 7800sf Gene
  7. On 9 11 2011 Team Fastrax Using two Cessna Caravans from Start Skydiving, 18 jumpers will exit above lower Manhattan from an altitude of 8,500 feet. Ten of these jumpers will be carrying American flags ranging in size from 500sf to 7800sf, three others will be shooting video and still photography to document this historical jump, one will be fly a 100' yellow streamer with smoke and three others will be part of a tandem team carrying a New York City Firefighter. The jump time is being coordinated to commemorate the collapse of World Trade Center Tower One on September 11, 2001. Team Fastrax is officially sponsored by whose corporate headquarters is in Cincinnati, Ohio. All members of the team have volunteered hundreds of hours in preparation for this memorial jump. The jump is meant to instill a national pride in all Americans to remember those citizens that were horrifically taken from us and for all the members of the United States Armed Forces past, present and future that place their lives on the line for the freedoms we enjoy.. Gene
  8. Yes Gear is $45 per jump at Start Skydiving but your jump is included it that so the jump is $23 the gear is $22 per jump that's where the $45 COMES FROM. So really its $22 per jump. I hope this helps see you in the Sky, Gene Out
  9. Rhonda, Congratulations on your recent retirement from the United State Air Force and let me be the first in this thread to thank you for your twenty years of military service. People who write a post like this without identifying themselves lack courage and moral conviction. Four things drive these kinds of writings, "envy", "hatred", "malice" and "cowardice". As a business we have not entered into the games played by others like you, "cowards" writings false post on Google and reviews, making false statements to the FAA, posting derogatory comments on social media sites, clicking Google Adwords to run up the cost, etc, ect, ect,. We don't have time for it, we are busy running a successful skydiving center ;)-. I can't remember the last time I posted on this site but sometimes you have to speak out against your kind of ignorance, so here goes. I am a majority owner and the General Manager of Start Skydiving. I work seven days a week from 7am to close to ensure that our business is performing and meeting the high standards we set for ourselves when we founded Start Skydiving. Start Skydiving is in it's fifth year of existence and each year has grown by more than 100%. This season is half over and we will have surpassed our record sales of 2010 by the end of the month. By the end of the season we will have performed over 10,000 tandems, 2000 AFF's, 1000 Coach jumps, 7,000 videos and more than 40,000 licensed jumper slots. We own two Cessna 208's and a Cessna 206 that are kept to Part 135 standards by a professional maintenance service "AirNet" in Columbus, Ohio. Our turbines fly non-stop from 8am to sunset every weekend of the season by some of the finest jumpship pilots in the industry, they hot fuel with our single point fuel system in three minutes and rarely shut down. Our instructor staff of more than 60 are the finest instructors in skydiving and put it all out there every single day, some performing 15-20 tandems each day. All of our instructors submit to a breathalyzer before starting a shift and if there is any detection of alcohol they are not permitted to jump that day. We also perform random substance abuse testing every week and have a zero tolerance for its usage. Our tandem equipment is the best built "sigmas by UPT" they inspected every day before operations by an FAA Rigger and throughout the course of the day for wear and tear. Our only limitation to not performing 200 tandems per day on the weekends is that we don't have the staff to support it, so we cut off reservations at 150 per day on weekends. Didn't you earn your Sigma TI rating at Start five years ago? Come on out and throw some drogues for us on weekends, we will even cover the fight up from Tampa. We have invested in a state of the art manifest program allowing jumpers to manifest on any load they desire with five touch screens located throughout the dropzone or from their IPhone. Our experienced jumpers can check their account online, check their load call time online or manifest online. You can personally observe our load lists everyday as they build and do the math for yourself. We have more than 600 licensed skydivers in our manifets program from all over the midwest. And on most weekends we will have more than 100 of them come out to play. At Start Skydiving we are about putting the customer first in everything we do. We love what we do and want to introduce as many people as we can to our great sport. That is why last year more than 77 people completed our AFF program and 42 earned their A license. Yes, you can come out and we will gladly introduce you to all these people. They may even teach you a few things. Here are answers to some of your slanderous comments: 1. Start Skydiving, LLC is current and has never been late on any Local, State or Federal tax payments. We utilize Diana Nelson, CPA of Mason, Ohio for all accounting purposes. Feel free to contact her as she will verify that your statement is a fabrication. 2. Start Skydiving has never been threatened with a lawsuit for being late on a payment for leased aircraft. Feel free to speak with Rampart Aviation, Win Aviation, Desert Sands Leasing, Vertical Air Inc and Sky Team Aviation, Inc. These are the only companies we have leased aircraft from and we pay each of them before the aircraft leave our facilities, because we can. We had a King Air at Start Skydiving last year that belonged to a South African owner that borrowed money from a short term lender here in the states to make his plane airworthy. We agreed to manage the aircraft and find a DZ to lease it too, in the interim we made weekly payments for all hours we flew in this aircraft. Unknown to us he fell behind on his payments to the US lender without notifying Start Skydiving. The U.S. lender arrived one day without notice, showed us paperwork of the default by the South African owner, their legal title of the aircraft and recovered their plane as collateral. Come visit us and we will show you the contracts and paperwork to back this up. Once again your statement is another fabrication. 3. We were an incredible tenant of the Warren County Airport for three years. We were on a month to month verbal lease that was all inclusive meaning electric and phones were included with the rent. We loved jumping at this location and they loved having us on the grounds. We brought activity and life to a dead airport, it is once again a ghost airport. The Middletown Regional Airport now has several thousand visitors each week visit and spend money with the restaurants, hotels and stores nearby making a huge economic impact to a struggling community. In July of 09 we asked the owner for a long term lease and credit for the 10% fuel purchase rebate that had been agreed to for all fuel purchases over $100,000. He said that that deal was not valid because it was made by the airport manager, not himself. Now keep in mind that we just invested $100,000 in remodeling "his" hanger for our purposes and the fuel rebate owed us was for over $36,000. Additionally we spent more than $32,000 with the landlord's construction company to build an RV park on property he owned only to be evicted by the county because he had not filed for the building permits or proper zoning change. We informed the owner the second week of September that the City of Middletown wants us to relocate to their airport and were offering a deal that no sane person could refuse. We made the decision to move the first week of October after he refused to honor the fuel rebate. At that time we had paid our rent current through the end of the year. We closed out the season in November and finished the move the last week of December, leaving the facility clean and in impeccable condition. The owner all along thought we were bluffing and begged us to stay, no one would walk away from this beautifully remodeled hanger after investing $100,000. Paisitic, wake up! We involved our corporate counsel to resolve a fuel bill of $23,000 for the month of October in exchange for the fuel rebate owed us and believed the matter was resolved. In May the owner sued Start Skydiving for $32,000 in claimed unpaid fuel bills, we counter sued for $68,000 which included the fuel rebate and the money invested in the defunct RV park as well as a return of a our phone number that he forwarded to a competing dropzone. His counsel approached us and asked if we would be willing to settle and we said yes. From the beginning all we wanted was our original phone number to prevent our customer from be misled when they called. They agreed to "our" terms and we walked away with our legitimate phone number and the landlord walked away with a smaller ego. Both suits are of public record with the Warren County courts in Lebanon, Ohio and can be validated by our corporate counsel Konrad Kircher with Kircher Law in Mason, Ohio. So again another fabrication on your part. 4. Stealing an email list! Before we opened we met with the owner of a DZ to the north that we all respected and told him of our plans, he said that he was planning on retiring soon and had no issues with our opening in Warren County. Had he expressed concern, we would have opened at an alternate site in Indiana, this is how much we respected the man. We opened and dozens of jumpers began migrating to our DZ from other locations, our friend on two occassions came in and flew loads with his Otter when our aircraft was down for maintenance. Later that year a rumor was started that one of his former staff members had given us his email list. This person he accused, learned to jump at his DZ and at one time looked to him as a DZ Father figure as many of us did. She never provided an email list, in fact she has never spoken a negative word about this man or his daughter, even after all the trash talking of her. This owner demands blind loyalty and bans his jumpers from his DZ if they jump at Start Skydiving. We currently have more than 35 former jumpers that have been accused of being disloyal and have been banned from his DZ. For goodness sake this is skydiving not armed conflict! We have used Constant Contact from day one for our customer newsletters. Our customer list has more than 25,000 subcribers that receive our weekly newsletter and for auditing purposes it records the dates of all contact entries and deletions. For auditing purposes you are unable to edit additin or deletion dates. I challenge you to visit Start Skydiving where we will permit you to view our email list. I want you to show us where we entered any email contacts that you claim were not properly obtained. Another false fabrication on your part. Now let me mention some of the things you failed to mention in your fabricated post that we can back up. 1. Start Skydiving created Blue Skies for the Good Guys and Gals and take dozens of military amputees for free skydives each year. In several cases we have flown hundreds of miles with our aircraft and tandem masters to perform this service. 2. Start Skydiving provides "free" tandem skydives for the physically impaired, all we ask is that they schedule the jumps on a weekday because of the time required to train and gear up these incredible students. 3. Start Skydiving donates hundreds of tandem skydive each year to local charities for fundraiser auction events. 4. Start Skydiving and Team Fastrax provide more than fifty free demos each year to worthy causes. 5. Start Skydiving provides its aircraft and pilots for humanitarian missions during the off season or whenever our aircraft are available for such causes. 6. Start Skydiving is a proud partner of the Veterans Airlift Command flying disabled warriors from Walter Reed Hospital to requested locations whenever our aircraft are available to aid these valiant warriors. 7. Start Skydiving is a proud supporter of Dreams of Fastrax, making the dreams of terminally ill children come true through the gift of flight. We spend free time visiting Childrens and Shriners Hospitals introducing children to our great sport and trying to bring a moment of happiness to them. 8. We are a proud partner of the Thank You Foundation, with a mission of thanking every veteran we can by performing for free at numerous events and taking sponsored veterans for free tandem skydives. So instead of attacking others with fabrications and the goal of trying to make them fail, learn from their success, take what you learn and try and better the failed business practices of your home DZ. Instead of blaming others for your failure, accept responsibility, look within and leap beyond. Have the courage to stand behind your comments and visit us at our expense so you can put you money where your mouth is. Start Skydiving loves the skydiving community and sharing our great sport with others. Maybe you should drink a barrel of Koolaide to wash out the years of lemonade you have consumed. Blue Skies, Gene Newsom D-14514 United States Army Special Forces Veteran and Purple Heart recipient
  10. Great news for this weekend: Greg Rau from UPT Vector will be on-site with Skyhooks to demo. All proceeds from the repacks will go the Gene's the Man Fund. In addition, we're pleased to have Thomas Hughes at Start Skydiving. He will be available for coaching and organizing this weekend and throughout the summer. His resume: 8000 jumps thousands of hours and 3 years working in the Orlando windtunnel countless hours coaching in it for 8 years 4 way teams and years: 2000 deland tunnel rage ( gold intermediate US Nationals) 2002/03 Sebastian XL (british National team 4th world meet '03) 2004 Arizona Blade (player coach team, 3rd place at nationals but was a guest team.) 2005/06 Deland Fire alternate/video won us nationals/ world meet 2005 Deland Black Magick (back flying team. beat 2 belly teams! ;-) 2006 Arizona Airspeed 2nd 8 way world meet. Thomas is a proficient (and excellent) belly and freefly coach. Come take advantage of all of the world class talent Start Skydiving has to offer. Rep. Jean Schmidt will be at the DZ on Monday afternoon, rather than today. She'll do a tandem skydive in support of our troops. We're hoping to have Gene at the DZ, as well, if at all possible. Please come out and show your support for Gene Newsom-- who is definitely The Man!
  11. To all our friends, On Saturday May 20, the Team Fastrax Demonstration Team was performing for the Thundering Hearts at Camp Joy, Ohio. Thundering Hearts is a support group of families with children that have heart disease. Fastrax was jumping for the children. The demo consisted of six Pro-rated skydivers and was led by our demo team captain, Gene Newsom. There were more than 2500 people on hand to watch the performance. The landing area was secured by more than 40 adults and an experienced ground crew. The landings of the first five team members were uneventful. Upon landing, they waited to gather the 3500 square foot American Flag that Gene Newsom was preparing to land. As Gene approached the LZ, a child that had been sleeping in a cabin was awakened by the cheering crowd and ran out of the cabin into Gene's landing pattern. Gene took evasive action to avoid hitting this child, which placed Gene himself in grave danger. His actions caused the 75 lb weight on the flag to swing high and penetrate a tree which caused Gene to fall approximately 40 feet to the ground. His actions saved this young child from injury or possible death. Gene was rushed to Clinton Memorial Hospital where the emergency team performed X-rays and a CAT scan to determine the extent of his injuries. It was determined that Gene had broken his back and needed to be airlifted to Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio. Gene was stabilized and his family was consulted with regards to the surgery that would be required. The L1 was completely destroyed and there are multiple fractures below the L6. On Sunday morning, Gene underwent surgery on his spine and the results are nothing short of a miracle. The surgeons placed 6 screws and a 9" rod in Gene's back. They looked at the spinal canal and nerves and reported that there appears to be no damage. Gene should make a full recovery within 6 months. This is going to be a long, hard road to travel. The prayers and support received that have made this miracle happen will continue to be needed by each of you. This Memorial Day weekend we will be dedicating the entire weekend at Start Skydiving in Lebanon, Ohio to Gene and Nita Newsom. We invite everyone that knows Gene and Nita to come out and show your support both emotionally and financially. 100% of all revenue from tandems, fun slots, and everything else will go to support Gene and Nita during his recovery, so come out and show your support. Norman Kent will be on hand filming a get well card. Having each of you wishing Gene well will be awesome. Gene will be in ICU for the next several days and visitors other than family are not permitted. You can send words of encouragement to [email protected] Nita will be reading them to Gene as they arrive. We will be posting progress updates on the Start Skydiving and Team Fastrax websites throughout the week. God Bless, Team Fastrax and Start Skydiving
  12. The entire month of May is Military Appreciation Month at Start Skydiving. Declare your tandem in support of our troops and Start Skydiving will donate $20 to the The Thank You Foundation. ( Memorial Day Weekend: Active duty personnel get $15 lift tickets all weekend. Tandems with military ID are only $140. No registration fee. Camping and RV slots. Bunkhouse rooms available by reservation. Free RW organizing and coaching by Team Fastrax. Friday, 05/25/07, 4 pm. -- Kick-off the event with Team Fastrax, The Thank You Foundation, and Rep. Jean Schmidt. Balloon jumps possible-- contact Manifest for details. Start Skydiving Warren County Airport 2460 Greentree Rd. Lebanon, Ohio 45036 (513)934-3483; [email protected]
  13. Start Skydiving will be having a Memorial Day Boogie May 25-28. Super Otter jumps will be $18 all weekend, and Team Fastrax will be offering RW organizing. Start Skydiving Warren County Airport 2460 Greentree Rd. Lebanon, Ohio 45036 (513)934-3483 [email protected]
  14. Join Team Fastrax Swoop for free canopy skills courses at Start Skydiving the weekends of May 12-13 and May 19-20. Start Skydiving Warren County Airport 2460 Greentree Rd. Lebanon, Ohio 45036 (513)934-3483 [email protected]