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  1. Migs


  2. I actually chuckled a bit after reading this whole thread! ~Migs~ On Facebook
  3. Here are a few of my own... ~Migs~ On Facebook
  4. Great job Jeff!!! ~Migs~ On Facebook
  5. I will let both the Scotts know. ~Migs~ On Facebook
  6. Bawhahahaha I watched a series of the videos on Youtube today and you can tell their videos are edited. In fact, on one of the videos was so poorly edited that you can see the guy running in mid hair before he gained flight. Busted!!! ~Migs~ On Facebook
  7. That's not Jarno, but damn!!!!!!!!!! Jarno is a better looking bird! LOL ~Migs~ On Facebook
  8. I heard this happened over the weekend: http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/story/2012-03-19/hot-air-balloon-pilot-missing/53645884/1 Sad! ~Migs~ On Facebook
  9. Money and time wasn't there. I am at work right now :0/ ~Migs~ On Facebook
  10. Awesome! Looking forward to getting my flock on! ~Migs~ On Facebook
  11. If you look at the second figure on the link bellow... you will see a bit of what manufactores are actually trying to achive with the added pad on the leading edge of the wing. Air Foil ~Migs~ On Facebook
  12. I am still rolling after looking at that link! LOL I think I can pass on the Chicken Festival! Specially after seeing the Rebel Flag on of those slide shows off the link. You know what those boys like to do to dark skin boys like me?! LMAO I don't know... PR was a pretty damn good time!!! ~Migs~ On Facebook
  13. Dealing with several factors right now one being finances (Like any other skydiver), and another trip I have planned at the beginning of April which I have to budget for. I live in Z-Hills. I know all about the Spring rains and lovely weather here. Thing is I can jump all day if I want to without having to drive 6 hours to a boogie that I might run the chance of not jumping at all due to weather and be out of money I could have spent on jump tickets. So, I got my reasons damn it! LOL ~Migs~ On Facebook
  14. Must be one to know one! Doh!!! Guess it depends on what site you go to, but I am getting conflicting info ~Migs~ On Facebook
  15. I don't want to make a 6 hour drive just to get rained out. If it doesn't drop to 30% chance of rain or less I am going to have to call this off. ~Migs~ On Facebook