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  1. Hi I can get a nice deal at my dz on a crossbow but its cut away system seems strange to me maybe because I have never see it before but is there a functional diference between the birdman and crossbow cutaway and if it is what is it and wich one you rather. Thanks
  2. Does anyone know why the kurupee website is down and how long it will take until they've fixed it. I'm going to buy a freeflysuit from them and want to order as soon as possible. ---------------------------------------------------------- I am Blas from kurupee suits and I want to apologize to everyone who try to visit my site... We are having troubles with our server but the site should be up again this week and will add more designs latter... Sorry any inconvenience and blue skies... Blas Get mental...
  3. That should not happen ask them for a new one they should replace it, is not your fault that the colors bleed onto another color or fade... Blas
  4. I am just a stadistics psicho so would you like to help me, giving your opinion about this issue thanks. NEVER UNDERSTIMATE THE POWER OF THE DARK SIDE!!!!!!!!
  5. Blas

    Top 5 freefly suits

    just wanna know if someone can help me, which are the best freefly suits cos i wanna buy one and dont know to much abut them. thanks AGUUUUUUIIIIITAAAA
  6. men i saw your team logo thats mental, sick[reply