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  1. hybrid59

    Skydive Elsinore

    My daughter and I did our AFF course at Sky-Dive Elsinore, my daughter completed her "A" license as well. I researched Sky-Dive Elsinore on DZ and by the positive reviews we decided to do our training there. We weren't disappointed as the reviews were very accurate. First and most importantly safety was the top priority there, all the instructors are highly qualified and monitor each students progress and have a good system to do just that. No student gets in the airplane unless they have a clear vision of what they will be doing on the jump, as well if they have a malfunction. Emergency procedures are practiced to the point where they would be automatic if they were to occur. They make it incredibly fun, you are treated the same whether you have 5 jumps or 5000 jumps. All the staff and all of the DZ's regular jumpers treat you equally and are like a big family. We were included in the Saturday night BBQ's and any other things going on at the DZ. For both of us it was without a doubt the most fun and exciting thing we have ever done, it is hard to imagine topping the AFF course. Many thanks to Karl, Lob, Matt, Lelo, Scott, Bob, Tickle, Danny, David, Andy, Misha, Spot, Damien, Travis, the girls in the office etc. etc. The Canadians