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  1. angle228

    Skydiving and families (part 2)

    Here is a trick. Instead of trying to do without him knowing (like I did with my long distance girlfriend.) Tell him every time you jump. Tell him how much fun you had and keep reporting all of the positive things. "it was a great day at the DZ i got in jump number 21 and my instructers say im doing great". When he asks question hopeing for a negative response like "how many reserve rides have you had bla bla bal how many poepl die a year bla bla bla." explain to him in a positive way that does not emphasize death or injury in the sport but highlights the best parts of the sport. You dont have to lie and tell him no one ever gets hurt skydiving but dont spend 75 percent of the convo trying to convince him its safe. after a while of hearing good reports from you he will slowly come around. Think of it this way, the first time he ever heard of skydiving was probably a news story of some guy dieing. So you have that many years of a negative impression of the sport to undo. **sorry for all grammer/spelling errors. I'm tired and drunk.
  2. Hum lets see, midterms+ cold weather stoping skydiving = I need a 3 minute break. Thanks for the vid it made for a very nice break.
  3. angle228

    A License

    No you will still have it. But it will not be "current." so you will have to do AT LEAST one jump with a coach.
  4. Is it one of their "CRW" models or is it a standard Tri that someone had them do a ton of modifications to? I doubt they put the wong placard on it (Although not impossible. Side questions does the CRW placard specifiy it as such." They have a certain responsibility to let you know what you had, but, you also have they same responsibility. Did you call them prior to jumping it to ask them about it? Or did you just assume it was going to be fine? Assumptions usually are not good in skydiving. I know when i bought my frist rig (peiced together all used parts) I call each manufacturer just to ask if there was anything i should know about that product befor buying. Not to mention you never know what crazy line shit someone did to it before you ( and didnt tell you about) . I have a buddy who recently got rid of his Tri after several hard openings.
  5. optima will pack smaller than any other reserve. There is no debate on this. that is the case. no rebutle. end of story. its science dude
  6. angle228

    Preventing kill-line burns on top of a canopy

    try cocking the pilot chute before you put the canopy in the bad. Its a little tougher to pack buy then you know you wont get your canopy caught up in the kill line. I know a guy who cocked his PC after putting the canopy in the bag and one time the canopy got caught up in the kill line as he cocked it and it ripped a small hole in the canopy.
  7. angle228

    Why do you skydive?

    use your imagination
  8. angle228

    Psychopack question

    Just propack.
  9. angle228

    Triathlon Hybrid

    I have been jumping a Tri190-H for about 10 jumps now. I dont do any Crew and have had only good things to say about it.