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  1. thanks for the clarification Jerry! Is one cordura more durable over the other? I can definately see the weave in my rig which makes me sure its cordura! Thanks
  2. My new Micron, was worried it was parapak for a few hours as the cordura seems to be closer weaved than javs etc.. Hope someone can confirm im right
  3. thanks for that! Its alot darker than on the colouring program which is nice! I do like the smoke.. very much so! Think it will go lovely with a nice orange "V"!
  4. hey Mark, What does smoke colour look like.. im debating whether to go for smoke on the main rather than black, as you know this is going to have to last me a very long time and so I would like a very robust colour, thinking that smoke will dirty easier than black.... love the smoke but would love to see a picture of it. Thanks!
  5. thanks Mark, Ill be going with the coloured body contact option... it looks very smart indeed!
  6. hi mark, If I go with body contact cordura color smoke and 3d spacer foam will that mean I get smoke colour in between the "foam bits" ? Have you got any pics so I can see mate? Also I noticed people have been saying about a v310 being "fine" for a 170 main and 150 reserve... Is it or isnt it? Id rather set the record straight lol! Thanks! Chris
  7. Mark, Thank you, and will that also mean i can get a downsize to a 150 out of the container? Chris
  8. Hi Mark, Have ordered a rig from you and was wondering what size container you would select for a smart 150 reserve and a pilot 168 main. Rather hear it from your mouth than anyone elses! Thanks Chris
  9. thought it would be a very tight fit with a 170 in a v310 dude... think this has been mentioned on previous posts (i did a search as have ordered a micron myself) Just thought id give you a heads up as I can imagine it being frustrating enough packing a new canopy into a tight bag and then putting that bigger bag in the container! If anyone knows of any difference then ill be intrigued to find out! As for waiting times yes I believe it to be around the 24 week mark... this is due to a backlog of people wanting such a great container!
  10. sounds nice dude! What choice and size of canopies are going in it?
  11. Got any more pics guys? I know this is an old post but i didnt see the point in putting another one up!
  12. Hi guys, Am going to place an order for a vector 3 m series and have been making myself dizzy with the colour combinations. If anyone has an outstanding colour they have (either designed or in person) then please post and help me get to know what looks good.... (I wont copy I promise!) Im looking to keep the rig for a long time so the colours need to be robust and clean, I have never owned a rig before so dont know what colours will stay "fresh" for 800+ jumps In the mean time here is some that I have coloured up, let me know what you think, what you like and what you would change etc.... I am colour blind so please be gentle! Thanks Blue uns