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  1. Same exact email to me; red flag this time was the lack of specific mention of my rig. I called the (Indiana) number, and got a voicemail for 'Michelle.' I wonder if the scammer just uses random people's phone numbers?
  2. Here's his follow-up phish attempt. Note the attempt to be cool and failure to cut and paste the rig type. I had also already sent my name and cell phone number. Somebody buying a rig would be more careful. Hello Thank you for your response to my mail,i really love it and i want to buy it as soon as possible,i am okay with the asking price but i can not come for wieing due to my tight schedule,so i want this transaction to be done within a timely manner. I want to know if the is still in good condition for sale and if it is still available consider it sold to me.My mode of payment is a money order or certified cheque which will clear in your bank in due time.if you agree with this,kindly get back to me with your Full name: - Address: - Location: - State: - Country: - Zip Code: - and your Cell phone number in other to reach you as soon as possible,And the payment will be sent to you immediately .I await your response. Regards,
  3. Thanks for the info, Meso. 2 out of 8 inquiries on my rig are scams. Rock on.
  4. This 'buyer' also sent me the exact same email, misspelled words and all.
  5. In a follow-up email, 'chris kesler' claimed to be a sailor at sea, buying a rig for his dad, and just as he was about to paypal the money, paypal wouldn't work so could the seller please Western Union $550 for pickup and delivery fees.
  6. While visiting Washington State, I had the opportunity to jump at Kapowsin. Wow, once the clouds burned off, the skies were very clear all afternoon and evening making for fast turn-around between loads in their Caravan and Twin Otters. A very friendly staff, restaurant at the DZ, on-site massage therapist, huge indoor carpeted packing area, gargantuan landing area, riggers and packers available... I even got to do water training at the end of a jumping day on short notice. Oh, and $23 for 13.5 kicks butt. Thanks, Skydive Kapowsin, I'll jump again if I'm ever in the area. Highly recommended if you're in the Seattle/Olympia area.
  7. While passing through Maine, I called ahead to find out about jumping Central Maine. Everyone was very helpful, and I even got invited on a RW load despite being a visiting jumper. The regulars were helpful, sharing packing ideas and even letting me borrow a piece of gear. This is also a very easy DZ/LZ to find from the air. I would definitely recommend camping out at their DZ if you're in the Central Maine area.
  8. The Staff at Skydive Kentucky were extremely professional, flexible, and helpful, helping 14 soldiers in my Army Reserve Unit get started in their Static-line program. They were able to work around our busy schedule and regularly demonstrated an attitude of 'Come on out, we'll get you up into the air." The regular jumpers at Skydive Kentucky were also very helpful, working me into various loads, which is something I always notice when I visit a new drop zone. I was especialy impressed with the affordability of their student program. They are in the DZ business for the long haul, by recruiting an retaining new jumpers into USPA, rather than the quick buck, and it convinced most of my 14 friends to jump again. A King Air that flies during the week when enough jumpers show to make a load... YEAH! Plus, their 'early bird' King Air jumps Saturday and Sunday morning are a reason to get to the DZ bright and early. Rock on!