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  1. Sorry I didn't reply sooner, it's probably way to big as I've recently dropped a few pounds down to 160. Thanks anyway!
  2. Does anybody have an old sit suit they want to get rid off? I'm 5' 7" tall, medium build (40" chest, 36" waist) Colors don't matter that much, preferably Navy Blue, Orange, White blend or close to that. I used to have 2, one with big wings & 1 with small wings. I added a picture below for comparison. Thanks,
  3. The system was all new August 2013 "Know your own limits"
  4. UPDATE: After just over a month I jumped my Wings again yesterday a couple of times. The original pilot chute/freebag assembly has been replaced with a revised one from Sunrise. Also the rigger installed a MARD. I've studied the original PC, it has a fairly low speed inflation speed, as to the pull force? The Mesh diameter measures 12" with the overall diameter being 24". On the new PC the mesh diameter has been increased according to my rigger but I don't know the exact difference, I'll check at the next repack. According to their website their reserve PC has 80% fabric, I calculated that the original on mine has about 94% Thanks to everybody who commented on this thread and thanks to my rigger! Blue Skies "Know your own limits"
  5. Agreed, the reserve PC should be man enough! We don't always use RSL's depending on the activity. "Know your own limits"
  6. You don't always pull on your belly....I used to Skysurf 338 in total, you dump stood up! It was packed by a packer! "Know your own limits"
  7. Your comments are spot on! Old adages are around for good reasons! "Know your own limits"
  8. So just to clarify something you overlooked, a first jump course does not cover the myriad of possibilities that can happen. So what happens if you are incapacitated in some way, you are on your back because you CAN'T get to your belly and you cannot pull? But fortunately you have an AAD to activate your reserve, still no guarantee. Also an RSL or a MARD in this case is not of any use. For me this was the first time I pulled on my back in 3149 jumps, the situation was such that I didn't want to waste any time getting my reserve out. In a previous similar situation years back I got stable after chopping a Stilletto 120 and had an uneventful opening on a Javelin container with a PD126 reserve. I am a proponent of this camp hence no RSL no MARD, but in recent months after reading about various situations also advice from a prominent AFF instructor who advises students not to waste time getting stable I decided on this occasion to do the same. The irony is I'm glad it happened to show me the problem with the Wings container. Maybe other containers have the same issue, I don't know. "Know your own limits"
  9. There is definitely a lot to consider in the design process. The bottom line for me is I've lost confidence in this equipment. The point I want to make is when I had my PC in tow on my Wings reserve the PC was fully inflated with the bridle fully extended, the distance from where the bridle attaches to the bag and the side of the container is at most 6" I would've expected the snatch force to be enough to extract the bag. I did a simulation in terms of time, when I flipped to my belly if the PC had not extracted the bag the time required to go back on my side get hold of the bridle and physically pull the bag out would probably have put me at less than 1000' 5 seconds from the ground approx. "Know your own limits"
  10. Like jumpsuits maybe containers would be better custom made per canopy size, the equipment is specialized anyhow, just my thoughts. "Know your own limits"
  11. It is a W8 [They are a bit cagey about size but general a sabre 135-150 and a pd reserve 126 - 143 are general sizes for a w8] "Know your own limits"
  12. I understand about the PIA position. Thanks for your comments. To conclude for myself: I always pulled face to earth in all situations, after reading posts about wasting valuable seconds doing that I decided not to this time, ironically in the end I had too and probably took longer. As far as the equipment goes with my riggers advice we are making changes. This has been a valuable lesson, and after 34 years in the sport I've seen, read and heard a lot of things, but there will be more. I have a 2nd rig which is 20 years old, for me it's the best I ever had, I only got my wings because I was the recipient of a 50% off a new Wings voucher in a raffle. Next time I'll buy what I really want! My daughter laughed when I said I jumped straight after my reserve ride on my old gear, I said it's not skydiving to blame it's the gear! Dave Blue Skies "Know your own limits"
  13. The main malfunction is not the topic here, in any case I had break fire coupled with a twist, I always arch and pitch cleanly. Thanks "Know your own limits"
  14. Everything I stated is factual, the container is with my rigger, I'll find out. "Know your own limits"
  15. I've given this "INCIDENT" a lot of thought and worked through the various scenario's that can happen. Having been involved in Aircraft Testing as part of my job it is clear that parts of the reserve deployment system are inadequate. I concluded that the reserve should be able to deploy at any speed in any attitude unassisted. There is a scenario which would require this, if we have an aircraft emergency exiting at 1000' and a jumper hits their heading on the door frame exiting and rendered dazed or unconscious then there are 2 (or more) scenario's, let's assume AAD/or no AAD: AAD: The AAD would probably not activate until 500 feet due to low exit altitude/time in freefall, the jumper is back to earth AAD fires, ends up with PC in tow, does not reach a sufficient speed in time to achieve required extraction force. No AAD: Jumper is back to earth, no AAD, regains awareness, pulls reserve, PC in tow, does not make it. You might say "oh it's possible but unlikely" well these are the types of scenario that get skydivers killed simply because not enough thought and testing or sufficient repeat testing goes into making some skydiving equipment. It's no good looking all nice and stylish if it's dysfunctional. The bottom line is my equipment failed me, what should I do now? "Know your own limits"
  16. Yes, but I thought it was in connection with oversized reserves, btw just info the container is 4 years old, I heard Sunrise had done some kind of mod, anyway my rigger is fully aware of the situation and we looking at options. In any case a total mal would render any kind of reserve assist device useless, so a bigger PC would be the only realistic option IMO. I'm not a parachute rigger etc but I'm an Aeronautical Engineer and seems like simple laws of Mechanics apply. "Know your own limits"
  17. No, would've been a good one "Know your own limits"
  18. On Friday 8/25/2017 I cutaway from a spinning Spectre 150 main. At the point of main release I was back to earth and even though not low around 2500' I opted to pull the reserve as time is of the essence. What I next witnessed quite frankly scared me a little to say the least. I was looking at a fully deployed reserve bridle and PC and nothing else! Thinking that by now I should be in the saddle I realised the pull force at that moment was (somewhere in the sub terminal range) inadequate to extract the freebag. I flipped to my belly and I felt the freebag go and all ended well. The reserve was an Optimum 160, the container was custom made for these canopies, it was my 309th jump on this rig. The rig has no reserve assist device, however: What concerns me is in a total type situation assuming being unconscious and possibly on your back, with AAD fire would I have impacted with a reserve PC in tow as the main being unopened would also add to the necessary pull force required by the drogue? This was my 4th reserve ride. Blue Skies, Keep Safe! "Know your own limits"
  19. Thanks everybody! I'm stoked about jumping my P3, should be here soon:) "Know your own limits"
  20. Hi, I just want to clarify the correct Bridle length/PC diameter combination for wingsuit flying using a P3 and Spectre 150 canopy. After reading different threads it seems a 9' bridle and 30" diameter PC is common, the only thing I'm unclear on is how you measure the bridle, from Bag to PC, or Pin to PC? Thanks, "Know your own limits"
  21. Interesting BLOG! For a lot of people the "obvious" isn't so obvious! Times have changed, when I started jumping the DZ was an old disused airfield from the 2nd world war, the buildings were crumbling, the bunkhouse, toilets were disgusting and the shower!! Yuck! We had a lot of fun skydiving, it was a thrilling experience with a lot of change in the sport in them days. We had BBQ's & partys at the DZ, people were friendly, some Ego's doing crazy things but I wouldn't change anything about it. Today everything is more about customer service. Outside of skydiving I always want satisfaction for every dollar I spend, if I'm not satisfied I want to feel that as a customer I'm taken care of so I'll be a repeat customer, which doesn't always happen. Frankly a lot of skydiving clubs aren't like that, it's not just about image, whether the toilets are clean or dirty, it's the whole package! I was happy hanging out at an old airfield, but that's in the past. I've changed with the times and also prefer to jump at DZ's which are run more professionally with less "attitude" and I want to feel that I was treated as a "customer" not just a skydiver! I'll spend my money where I think I'm getting the best good feel factor! BTW I jumped at Chester (Skydive Carolina) for about a year, I thought it was an excellent DZ.
  22. I've been jumping Teardrops since 1991. I really like the the design with respect to the reserve deployment i.e. the pilot chute is on the outside of the container. Also the rig is TSO'd to C23D if I remember right, maybe all rigs are nowadays. I think choice comes down to supply at the end of the day, If you live in the US for instance then the Teardrop isn't a competitive rig with exchange rates and all, I've only ever seen Racers typically amongst regular jumpers, with the Javelin being the closest in comparison (also now the Vortex) "Know your own limits"
  23. Have you considered a Spectre?? I jumped my Spectre for 11 years now, very consistent openings, soft!! Also good in windy conditions, getting back from deep spots. You can come in slow or swoop in on the front risers for a nice glide. "Know your own limits"
  24. What does a deaf jumper do?? seeing as an audible is no use to him, I use an audible but I reckon it's cos I can! Actually I'd rather do like billvon says, don't rely on these gadgets, they break & no flat line means CYPRES anyway! If you av one assuming U turned it on (that's the human error thing) besides if you are that low try base jumping and improve the fatality statistics for real skydivers, not wanting to take anything away from base jumpers as they have nerve (or lets say bigger balls than me) and when I grow up I'll av a go "Know your own limits"
  25. A lot of DZ's I've jumped at push the limits with respect to Tandems and strong winds! I would say it would depend the DZ and an accurate report of what the wind was actually doing! One time I was jumping at a club in the UK when we had climbed out the door the pilot got a call the winds had suddenly whipped up to 40MPH due to changing weather but it was too late, after landing it was straight to the pub to calm the nerves. I was overtaking cars on the highway while running to locate a big green patch, I'd say err on the side of caution! There's always next weekend! "Know your own limits"