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  1. You provided shit. The topic is about Hog. And I'm jumping a Rafale, because I like it, not because I have the need to be someones guy... Carry on
  2. The guy is asking about Hog. Do you really think we care about your personal preference between Squirrel and PF suits, or who you look at, or not...
  3. hey mr.Yuri, your long posts look really nice, I see you put a lot of work into this. But please, can you answer this question with a simple yes or no: Did you just use your own equations to prove your equations right? thank you
  4. hey hotshot, it's just your ego issues, you need attention... you already know the good and bad sides of jumping small canopies and wingsuits. There are lots of topics about that on these forums.
  5. hello before you buy anything, try to jump a Phantom2. You will be surprised. And with your kilograms, I think you will never need a bigger suit... to flock... and dock au revoir
  6. relax guys! you spend too much time on this forum... thats why the idiotic remarks... and thats why this forum looks like crap... relax
  7. very nice photo and beautiful wingsuit design. is this the new tonysuit?
  8. hey guys can we start this Cooper thing from the beginning. I cant read all this stuff. So, there was once this guy...
  9. if it's Chuck Norris, it's OK
  10. hello About the Paratec Speed reserve: it's fun to fly, easy to land and it packs one size smaller. I'm glad I have it. Definitely a good canopy!
  11. hello i didn't have problems with quality of my Z1. But thats not really important. Does it protect your head? You get a certified helmet for 30$ and it has no scratches on
  12. hello just try the phantom2 for a few jumps. You will be surprised :-)
  13. I really don't understand it, why would you jump a 2way, both of u unstable, one deploying..... do you want to get hurt???