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  1. climboutandhang

    Skydive Delmarva

    This is a awesome place to jump, great people, great landing area, laid back vibe.. reasonable prices....this is the best place in the north to jump.
  2. climboutandhang

    Chip Steele

    Chip was a super nice guy, always smiling. As a student he gave me alot of great advice. I always enjoyed him being around at walterboro, and will miss seeing him there. it was a privilege to know him the short time i did. blue skies Chip. Labels are limits!
  3. climboutandhang

    Jumping shoes/sneakers

    Hi top chuck taylors!! they're my magic shoes, they take me anywhere Labels are limits!
  4. climboutandhang

    Jumpsuit or rig?

    How does the jumpsuit effect your flying? if someone can be stable in freefall in jeans and a tshirt how can that be improved with a jumpsuit? thanks. Labels are limits!
  5. i bought a VISO right after my second freefall. i had a hard time seeing the hand on analog alti. I love the viso, i can see it clearly in freefall. it works well for me. plus it's cool to review my jump on it. Labels are limits!
  6. climboutandhang

    Jumpsuit or rig?

    I'm fairly new to skydiving (20 jumps) and saving for a rig. but i keep hearing how important a jump suit is. are they so important that i should buy one now before a rig? i hate to set my "rig account" back $200 if they are not that important. thanks. Labels are limits!
  7. climboutandhang

    VISO doubt!!!

    ive done 5 jumps with my viso, i pull at 5,000 and usually see something like 4.62 on the viso,when i review the jump. ive been told by instructors on my DZ, the viso shows when you are "Seated" under canopy. Labels are limits!
  8. climboutandhang

    Skydiving is scary

    i had more of an anxiety problem than a fear problem. but after a bad exit or two, i got over gear fear quick. i realized i could deploy sideways, and on my back, and the chute still opened and worked fine. i still have a problem relaxing, but im working on it. if i get scared, i realize how alive i am, and it makes me smile. best of luck. Labels are limits!
  9. climboutandhang

    Skydiving is scary

    Man, that is so true!! i cant wait to get out the door! Labels are limits!
  10. As of yesterday i have 16 jumps, one basic principal always applies , relax and have fun. the more ive learned to relax, the better the jumps go. and amen to not overthinking the jump! have fun!! Labels are limits!
  11. climboutandhang

    Questions about viso readings

    i did my first jump with my viso. on the long book reading it did not show my fastest freefall time. i jumped from 5500, on the jump replay it showed my speed at 130 mph at 3500ft. can anyone with viso experience tell me if this is my actual freefall speed? Labels are limits!
  12. climboutandhang

    How did you're first Hop & Pop go?

    I pulled as soon as i let go of the strut, flipped over on my back, and had a ton of line twist! another hard lesson learned! Labels are limits!
  13. climboutandhang

    Listening To Music While Skydiving!

    I was going to sing "somewhere over the rainbow" because i think thats where we ended up after that plane ride
  14. climboutandhang

    Listening To Music While Skydiving!

    I've thought about this too, I still get a little nervous, and music relaxes me so much, i often thought it would be nice to hear some, at least while getting to altitude. but i guess it could be a distraction also, so i just sing in the plane
  15. climboutandhang

    Skydiving Quotes You've Learned.

    You pulled on your back? Brrrrr (shivering) what a jumpmater asked me after my first free fall.