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  1. Does anyone know if they are still out of stock. If not who has hype eye d's in stock?
  2. Thank you for the reply. Whats also taking me a while is rendering the time line before sending it to encore. Do i have to do this? (HD video). And then I also have not figured out exactly how encore works. When i want to "Build" the dvd there are always a couple of errors and i need to set end action the "Title Button" and some other things. Am i doing this wrong?
  3. If so, i have a few questions how you do it, because its still taking me for ever to get a simple 5-7 min dvd done! Thanks in advance!
  4. ok so i want to get into photography a bit more seriously. i have canon XT (i think you guys call it that... here it's called 350d) and want to get a nice lens without taking out a loan. mainly i wan to take pics at the dz and maybe some wildlife … that sort of thing. i have heard the canon 70-300 is nice but then i google it and im totally confused. what’s the difference between: 70-300 1:4-5.6 IS USM 70-300MM 4-5.6 and EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 70-300 mm IS USM F 4-5.6 (both canons) All i know is that there is a bit more than $100 price difference. from what i gathered the "IS usm" is the image stabilizer which they both have. but can someone please explain the other things to me?
  5. Did you buy your helmet direct from rawa? If you did I’m curious to know if you ordered the belly fly angle or freefly angle box?
  6. well ether he paid someone lots of money to allow him to do it or whoever allowed him to do it is and idiot. or what i think is the case is that someone tested him and thought he was good to go... then again as someone wise once said 10 000 jumps worth of experience comes after 10 000 jumps no matter how bright u are... anyway i have still only done 2 camera jumps (my last two) and dont think it is as bad as everyone said it was but i certainly dont think im ready to andle the shit that COULD come with filming a tandem.... thats my 2cents...
  7. i did imy 91st and 92nd jump today. they were also my first camera jumps... dont know yet if it was stupid or not (guess time will tell) but for now im good!!!
  8. u have 13 solo jumps, but 73 jumps i total? well i wont give advice coz with 90 jumps i dont think im in a position to give advice yet but i will tell u what i did... i stayed on my belly untill i got a b licence (south african) so i am confident in anything up to 4ways... then i startrs freeflying and am now progressing from there... take it or leave it
  9. Hi peej... sorry but have to correct u... skydive cape town also opperates 7 days a week.. ok they only have cessnas but still... and for the 50 jumps in the next month it is not happening... (do u think im the president.. not even he could afford it...) and im only starting my last year of school next week... but thanx for being so optemistic... i have spoken to lots of ppl here. this innocent little post of what manufacurers make helmets with quick release systems sure did cause qiute the stirr... anyway just want to thank all the ppl for the input.. and to the guy who is buying jumps... for my sake i hope u dont have to do that!!! hehe
  10. so the guy realy did not have a plan B???
  11. in my opinio its not a well calculated risc.. if the guy has a pre mature opening for some reason he would be mash... but coz it all worked out well i thing its really cool... (must be an awsum feeling jumping out a plane without a rig...)
  12. hey guys... can someone help me by telling me where i can get good fotage of freeflying for learning purpose... (other than utube)
  13. you can come visit but im not gona die from jumping with a cam...
  14. well thanx for ur advice but i would still like a helmet so if anyone has info i would appreciate it. thanx