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  1. I tried it both ways, directly from the camera and also importing the video first and then playing it... All no luck! I believe it is the card though but we'll see. I just went and bought my class 10 card today, so as soon as I get the opportunity to test it I will let everyone know if it fixed the problem.
  2. I did read where the black needed the class 10 or to be able to shoot photos every .5 seconds in photo mode for time lapse projects you needed a class 10 card for that as well. I have a class 4 that very well could be the problem. I just tried to play the files through the VLC player, never does change from the frame of the initial turning on of the camera but I can hear the live audio fine. Then it will try to "catch up" to itself but never has a live video footage to match the audio (always skipping or grainy picture). I assume I now have two problems on my hand? The old class 4 memory card and the 2007 model Macbook. Looks like I will be getting to spend some money soon. Thanks for the help
  3. I actually have the VLC player, I will try that and see if it helps. Thanks
  4. I recently have been through hell getting my Hero3 to even work and now that it is, it is not wanting to play on my computer very well. I was shooting in the 1080p 30fps mode yesterday and did multiple jumps with everything working fine. I get home and try to watch them on my Macbook and the picture did not look near as clear or sharp as my GoPro Hero 2 does (shooting in 720p 30fps) and the video file was skipping in 4 or 5 second intervals. Is this because my Macbook (a 2007 model) with the following specs isn't up to current standards with the processor to handle this quality of file? Mac OS X 10.6.8 2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GB 667Mhz DDR2 SDRAM Thanks for your help
  5. I sent my Viso in for repair on Sept 2 and just got my replacement Viso2 in the mail today! No one can beat their service in my opinion! For being overseas and completing my whole transaction in just two weeks is awesome!
  6. I just got a Samsung 46" LED about 3 months ago and love it. Best Buy had any purchase over $999 for zero interest for two years and believe that they are stil running that program.
  7. I assumed wrong I guess, my apologies. I was definitely backsliding when I held my first "solid sit", its not that big of a deal most people do backslide at first and I was definitely one of them. Nothing but time and practice will make you better!
  8. Thats awesome that you gained control of a stable sit so fast, now go jump with a more experienced sit flyer and see how fast you were backsliding the whole time.
  9. Oh yea, your situation should lead to a good season of storm chasers on discovery! I heard its a dream come true for those guys right now
  10. Hopefully it will run today and the failed attempt to contain the oil leak wont bump us back, again!
  11. Regardless of how dumb it was to pull that low, why go and land in the only muddy spot on that side of the road? Could have at least made one good decision during that jump. At least walk away clean ya know!!
  12. They didnt even show the Assignment America story at all today. I watched the news last weekend remember seeing one and watching the highlights they show of next weeks story, which is todays. Oil spill bump us back? Or did they show it and i just totally f*ckin miss it?
  13. Agree with you totally! Dont expect to have a loss on your Sch C year efter year after year. Eventually you will hear from the IRS, the bad part is you never know what or when and audit is triggered. On a side note, who would willingly admit that it is a hobby and not another form of trying to get additional income when its a tax advantage to you. Im sure some are more honest than others, but I would imagine alot of people would not call it a "hobby" when it could create a larger refund or minimize your tax liabilty. The CPA has to take the clients word, and how would he know the difference.
  14. Im no CPA but you shouldnt even have to receive a 1099 for these expenses to be deductible. It would definitely throw a red flag if you were claiming a loss on the Sch C with no 1099 to verify the true income amount, but receiving a 1099 is not necessary to deduct expenses. Im glad you are doing it though, I have worked in a CPA firm for 3 years and have seen alot of 1040s. I knew that all the expenses and depreciation on the gear could be proven if the IRS wanted to come check it out but to me there is nothing wrong with the way you are doing it. All the income and expenses are legitimate and I would keep filing the way you are now and never look back.
  15. GroundRush Skydiving will be jumping at Galveston Beach on May 8th and 9th. We normally do this once or twice a year and have a cabin that we rent and party afterwards. Since the hurricane swept our last location away not sure exactly were we will be staying. The aircraft should be a C206 and possible additional plane C182 if there is enough jumpers. If you need anymore information PM me or get with Rocke at GroundRushSkydiving.com