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  1. You sound focused, which is good for someone your age. Take it from someone older than you (30 something) that you are really so young and the world is your oyster. Do it now when your young, no commitments, no partner, kids, ect. Enjoy your life, you never know whats coming around the corner at any time, but you have age by your side and are at that age when you are starting to develop your adult life. Go for it and goodluck.
  2. Thankyou for everyones responses. I have really taken it all onboard and am thinking what is the next step for me. I think I know I cant commit to jumping anyway at the moment because Im going back to the UK, however I will have it open in my mind that if the opportunity does come up for me to start my AFF I may do it. I got to know for myself that I can commit myself to jumps and learning or else there is simply no point. I think personally I may enjoy Skydiving more If I have the freedom to move around instead of being strapped to another guy, but there is only one way of finding out and thats by me trying it.
  3. I did my AFF at Picton and now doing Brels. Chief instructor is Phil Onis who has the most jumps in Aus (30,000 +) and half the instructors there compete internationally in different disciplines. They are all incredibly talented, patient and very good at explaining things to you. I felt very safe and in good hands throughout my training. The other advantage is you can do many courses there, not just AFF. The Aus canopy champion runs courses, instructors that are on the Aus 4 way and 8 way team, some have been involved in world record big ways etc. Can't go wrong with skydivers who have achieved a lot in the sport and are some of the best instructors in the world :) That sounds amazing to do your AFF with the guidance of someone with 30,000+ jumps. I would really feel like i was in safe hands.
  4. Thanks for the info. I have too many things planned before I head back to the UK tho, so it wont be possible to do. Spain could be an option, whats the main place everyone skydives in spain? Or It can be something I get into when I get back to oz ;)
  5. See you are from OZ and you have only done one jump. How did that go?
  6. You did 19 tandems! WOW! That is alot. I think I'll do one or two more before I decide on my AFF. I really wanna do a tandem at Skydive Dubai or Switzerland in Lauterbrunnen! I am from Sydney, NSW so my local Dropzone would be Picton, however i have been living in London for the past 18 months and I am going back at the end of the month for another year so Im in abit of a pickel about where I continue to do this.Quote
  7. I cant do my AFF at the dropzone I did my tandem at. I did it at Skydive the beach in Wollongong. It's a beautiful location. Check out the website I am going back to the UK at the end of the month, so I need to work out where I would complete my AFF. UK or Australia when I return home for good (if that ever happens!)Quote
  8. Thanks everyone for your replies. Your insight has actually been helpful ;) It's one thing to watch skydiving videos but another to get in the mind of a skydiver. shorehambeach - Where abouts to you jump in the UK? I currently live in the UK but am only in Australia for a home visit. Would be interested in checking out a dropzone in the UK. Do you also fly in any tunnels in the UK? Ive been to Airkix afew times. Ill post my skydiving video when I upload it to youtube.
  9. I have always been fascinated with Skydiving but always have been too chicken to do so. It took very many years (about 10 years +) to finally mentally prepare myself to do a tandem jump which I only completed last week. I've alway watch Skydiving videos and probably know alil too much about Skydiving for someone who has never jumped before. I always thought once I did my tandem jump I would want to go for my AFF. Over the years I have gone to a couple of wind tunnels and have about 30 mins flying experience. I know it's not much, but it definitely took away the element of surprise of freefall when I finally took the plunge for my first tandem skydive. So much so, that even though I absolutely loved the skydive and am so happy that I finally did it, I think I regret that I did the wind tunnel time beforehand because I think It took away a part of the total rush of my first Skydiving experience because I was already familiar with how the freefall would feel like. Can anyone else relate to this? My question is to experience skydivers and people maybe in a similar situation previously is, does Skydiving get better with experience? I've always dreamed to learn how to Skydive and am considering my doing the AFF course and think I would have a way better time if I could manoeuvre on my own instead of being strapped to another guy in a tandem freefall. If I wasn't completely blown away by my tandem skydive, would that mean Skydiving is definitely not for me, or does it become more exciting with time when you learn how to really fly in the air? Any opinions or feedback on this would be appreciated because I dont know If I am dreaming about skydiving for real too much when it is or isn't for me ;)
  10. Hey! ive been lurking around on this forum and other skydiving forums reading up about everything there is to know.. i really wanna jump but am too scared but will build up the courage some day soon (HOPEFULLY) ive been watching a tone of skydiving videos and the noise seems unbearable, the wind rushing past you.. is skydiving really noisy? to the point it gives you a headache? im really sensitive to sound and not sure how i would handle it.. another question is do you get really cold skydiving?? if i just place my hand outta the car window going really fast it becomes quite chilly but i see people jumping out with t-shirts so yeah i have no idea!! do people jump over winter?? and the final question, is skydiving bad for your skin?! haha you might be thinking why the hell are you asking that?? wellllllll i think with all the force and wind exposure to your skin it might make it heaps wrinkly? ahhaa just a question i know it might be really stupid but i am quite curious! at least these a bunch of new questions instead of rigs n stuff :) thanks verty