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  1. I have tried to order a custom canopy with a written logo on it, but the communication with Flight concepts staff is like 100 years ago. It takes a few days until they gave you any sort of answer, and they gave me the impression that they don't quite know their products. More than that, they cannot work on a COREL drawing at all. After three weeks of trying to get an answer and a final look of the canopy... gues what, NO ANSWER! I cancelled all and I won't recommend this company further on...
  2. I am asking a question wich involves liability and manufacturers of containers. If having an AAD in a container is such a risky business (knowing that almost who banned Argus have the cutter placed one the flaps) - why not consider removing cutter position BELOW pilot chute with minor alterations to the container? This way, even if it cuts or it doesn't cut, the AAD will not interfere with skydiver's decision to open the reserve manually. And even if it cuts accidentally and not the entire the loop, you could still have a jumpable rig. Just asking. Skydiving should be a merged efforts for all gear manufacturers to make a better sport, not cornering everyone with suspicions.
  3. I guess I qualify too, I am 295 and jumping usually Falcon 300, 265, and on a windy day a Strong 240. I want to buy a Storm soon.
  4. adisky

    Cessna 207 exit

  5. Hello, Does anyone know where can I buy a new lineset for a Drakkar canopy from Parachute de France? I cannot find many details on te web, and PdF site is gone long time ago. Thank you
  6. A couple of years ago I was complaining about N2 buttons, and I have asked for buttons that blush. Alti staff answered with N3, so it's an customer oriented company. They also have an outstanding crew for support when things are not going so well with older N2's. I have done more than 250 jumps since I have bought the N3, and I jump it in combination with N3A. I cannot ask for a better visual/audible altimeter. It is by far the best piece of equipment in it's league, and I am happy with using it. Customizing it is a very good option with it. The NMU and Paralog are working flawlesly. Alarms are easy to be heard under canopy and very useful option regardless the skydiving level. Altough I haven't had any problem with the rechargeable battery, I have seen an emergency solution for thoose people who forgot to charge it. You can find it on Alti-2 website. Good work Alti-2.
  7. After take off the plane lost altitude and crashed near runaway. 10 parachutists died.
  8. SIMPLY AWESOME!!! I have just done my first jump on the new N3A. There is only one thing I can say: Awesome! This audible really gets the skydiving to a new level. I am often inspired by music, and now I got the inspiration right here with me thanks to N3A. I can listen music all the way up or down, no worry about missing any alarm, the N3A stops the music if things go too quick for you. I hope this audible will inspire anyone as it did with me. Thanks Alti 2 for a great deal of work!!