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  1. Thanks all:) I made it safely to Okinawa with my rig on my back the whole way. Had one swab inspection in Seattle, but the security seemed trained up on rig protocol and were totally nice:) Thanks for the info on USPA info for jumping out here as well. I don't have a lot of hopes so far as jumping where I am now, but if I can swing up to the mainland or some of the nearby countries, I hope to get a few overseas jumps in:) Too excited:)
  2. Thanks both of you! :) I'll definitely print up and bring the TSA sheet. I'll definitely want to make some mainland trips to get my jump on:) I wonder what kind of bribery it would take to get some jumps from Kadena ^.^ Random thought & additional question: Do I have to have a current USPA membership to jump out of country? What kind of variances in local jump law are there in Japan?
  3. So I'm about to head to Japan for a couple of years, and I've got everything shipped already except my Rig, a duffel of clothes, and a backpack w/laptop. After having read through some of the related posts, I realize that I can possibly take my Rig as a personal item, and my laptop/bag as a carry on, and check the duffel & my gear bag. The information I gathered from the related posts mentioned TSA rules allowing this option, my concern is after I land in Japan and have to take local flights puddle hopping down to Okinawa, will those airlines allow such shenanigans? ...that is, if anyone has a similar experience to speak from. I haven't done any research into the Japanese side commercial airlines yet.. But I will once I have access to my travel paperwork again. In the meantime, any thoughts/insights? Also, if I am forced to put my rig back in my checked baggage, any thing I can do to minimize risk of loss/theft/tampering? First time I've ever flown with my gear. I've always transported my rig overland. Appreciate any contributions:)
  4. Apparently I'm barely within the rule ^.^ once a year! I'm 33, turning 34 on the 11th, her birthday is the day before mine, she's 22 turning 23...so for 1 day out of the year I'm not a pervert.. sounds about right ^.^ Depending on which way your round the number :D
  5. Tyjer

    Ride up

  6. He was my instructor and mentor. He was a smiling face. Always approachable, always friendly. Yet he never shirked pointing me to safety and improvement. I will carry the knowledge he shared with me the rest of my life. I counted him as friend even if I barely knew him. I didn't know the chance to know him better would end so quickly. My heart goes out to all who had the pleasure of knowing him. I'm so gravely saddened by this loss. Our community was greater by his life. Let us all remember the good things. And though we cry..let us celebrate his time with us all. Blue Skies Michael~ ~~~~~~ To those kind souls who posted pictures in the memories above.. Would I have your permission to use those pictures in a collage for the memorial tomorrow? (short notice...and I'm assuming consent.. I'll check for replies/PMs before I display it) Thank you kindly. ~~~~~~
  7. Oh yes, Awesome is the next best thing to her. :) I'm just trying to avoid bugging her while she's recovering from surgery. You can count on any choices I make going through her before I put any money down though:)
  8. Okay, so I've narrowed it down to likely skip swoop cords. I like the suggested idea of inside grips (never have too many grips right? hehe) to help with slow down. However, what materials would be the suggestion as far as increasing drag (while maintaining longevity of the suit) And lastly, when I take measurements to place the final order...how do I achieve a 'looser' fit without being too loose? Do I just ask the manufacturer for that type of fit and they adjust to my core measurements? Or will I need to specify a looser measurement to begin with? ~I just in Texas..so hot to very hot summers to cool to cold winters. So I need to keep my suit open to wearing more or less clothes under, depending. So helpful.. I love you guys:) hehe still feeling sappy post A license grad. ~laughs ~T
  9. Wow! Thank you for the advice:) Alright, then it looks like I'll be rethinking things. I had intended to focus more on RW/belly down starting out, so I guess then I'll need to look for such a suit. Finances are an issue, so I do intend to shop smart (hopefully) from the begining. Used would be nice, but being picky, and intending to jump for years to come, I'm okay with forking out the money on a new suit ....IF.... I can make sure I get the best setup from the start. That being said... What says the collective wisdom so far as. Polycotton Bev suit (for RW) -help slow my fall rate. I'm 200, but closer to 230/235 out the door with gear. And I have a pretty strong arch. Swoop cords sound interesting. How much influence do they have on normal RW? Can they be used in tracking? or not so much, due to the forward arm position? So for RW, booties are the way to go.. I'll shop for that to start then. Any other suggestions? Should I aim for a loose fitting jumpsuit for extra drag? Any other material or design suggestions for a purely RW suit? Or brands that are best quality/bang for buck? Thanks again for the advice! :) ~T
  10. Hey all ~waves :) Just got my A license and shopping for a jump suit. (amongst many other things) My interests will likely be both RW/formation as well as freeflying. So I'm looking for advice on a good multipurpose suit. I'm 6'0", 200 lb. and have been told I fall fast. I had heard that to help slow down my descent, a Bev polycotton suit would go over well. However, that suit has a kind of wing design. Will that negatively impact my exploration of freeflying? Exactly what are swoop cords? (It's an off day, so I don't want to bug my rigger:P ) And, how does a freefly suit with grips w/out booties work as far as a multifunction suit? Would it help slow my fall at all? Full of random questions, I apologize. Just a little bit excited about getting my gear together. hehe.. To say the least :-P Thanks in advance. ~T
  11. Internally, I've always known I'd be a skydiver. I remember as a kid wanting to pursue it. However, I didn't afford my first Tandem until I was 27, and then actually FINALLY get to the AFF program until I turned 31. Money has been crazy, and its taken 9 months to complete 7 jumps, which I just recently finished. I guess you might say I only recently became a skydiver, as my actions have finally met up with my ideal when I finished AFF. Though, you might also say that I've always been a skydiver, as my heart has always been willing. But I know my nature rather well. Though externally, I guess only now that I'm actively pushing through training with the intention of jumping in the future would others call me a 'skydiver'. :P I'm also a sailor... I just don't own a sailing vessel yet, or know how to sail. But circumnavigate the globe I will someday:) hehehe.
  12. Update: Gradu-muated AFF7 :) WeeeeeeEEE!!! ~grinning like an idiot!~ Lemme tell you what.. jump 6... was like falling in love all over again. Holyloveofgoats!! I was excited about doing barrell rolls and backflips prior to the jump, but having done the jump I'm so in love:) hehe. And tracking was nothing to knock either... Felt like a rocket, flying (even as unsteady as my first go at it was. lol). Man I'm in love. haha. I've had to pace my love of skydiving as money has been too tight to go all out... but gods, having finishished AFF... the pull is getting stronger. Must...buy...own...rig... gaaaahhhh!!!! Anyways, just excited and don't have any friends who skydive to share it with. (who get it). Don't mind my rambling happy post. :)
  13. Will do and thanks for the hello!
  14. Howzit goin all, I suppose I should have posted a hello earlier since I've been lurking around these boards for the past week or so but ah well. Working through my AFF out at Skydive Dallas in good ol'Texas. Should be attempting AFF3 as soon as I can get myself back out to the DZ with some time and money. Anyways, just wanted to say hello 'official' like and all that. I'm definitely very inspired by and happy to be joining the community. Hope to meet ya'll in the air someday. Yer resident noob_03, Ty
  15. Good luck:) I'm up for AFF3 not this weekend, but soon I hope. Can't wait!