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  1. Riggerrob, I had pages of comments I did send in but in short the canopy patch method(Rags has been showing us a better way for 20 years) spectra Line replacement(does not mention shrinkage) Using a Navy end tab to push a needle and not a sewing palm etc. What would help the FAA is if everyone would go over the PRH and send in things like the above.
  2. I contacted the FAA in OK City and they say that the test list is not out of date but as always they have added some questions. Some may be from the Parachute Rigger Handbook. Of course another thing that may happen is the question can be asked in a different way so you would do well to read the questions very carefully. The PRH is for sure a step in the right directon however of course most of it is also in Poynter's and as far as a reference source Poynter's is much better. There are some things that are in my opinion not right in it and it seems to have a lot of opinions and is not very objective in a lot of areas. For those who go to the PIA Symposiums, they will notice that some of the repair information is not up to date. However I hope that newer editions will be improved.
  3. You should do everything at one course. My course includes sewing and many other things, It will be 01/05/07 to 01/13/06 but usually you are done on the 12th. Dave DeWolf
  4. Does anyone have the directions or whatever to pack a Martin Bakin Mark 4 Ejection Seat withou the explosive stuff?
  5. Joe was my best friend. He passed away 5/13/90. About that hasenfus thing. Joe bought and sold those parachutes in the USA, They were totally legal and the transacxtion was on an invoice and taxes etc were paid. Joe was for sure no dummy. They left the stuff in his shipping boxes, which was how they found out about him.They tried to pin something on Joe, but when everything he did was legal, he pissed off a lot of FEDS. Joe said that if he were in charge of that shipment, the plane would not have been shot down. Blue Skies Dave DeWolf