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  1. redtwiga

    Line source (Vectran\Microline)

    I too use CSR
  2. redtwiga

    Tom Humes D-176

    GREAT pics. Thank you!
  3. redtwiga

    Bartacker and Harness Machine

    I'm in the market and in AZ. If anyone is selling r knows anyone who is please contact me. Thanks!
  4. redtwiga

    Chris Stasky

    Me 4.
  5. Missing you always... When does it become anything less than unbelievable?
  6. redtwiga

    RIP Mom Stewart

    If anyone wants details about the visitation and funeral, please PM, email or call me. I've got the DZ cell at 765-965-0435. Love and comfort to all, Aviva
  7. redtwiga

    2007 Richmond The Boogie Roll Call

    I shall be there with bells on...just not sure where to put them.
  8. redtwiga

    Head for the hills! Turbine B.A.S.H.

    One of the best times I've ever had. It'll take a long time to forget last weekend...or remember it. Seven Hills rocks. Love you guys. Thanks for everything! Greg, can you send me the mailing addy there? Aviva
  9. A wee excerpt from an email to Cliff's brother this morning: So, I realized this morning that it has already been 6 months since Cliff's death. I can't believe it's been that long. I still think about him daily, usually many times each day. I don't know when it gets less horrible. I had a dream a few weeks ago. I was in a huge sports arena and I saw Cliff sitting on the cement steps between the bleachers with Jen sitting between his legs. She was telling him how angry she would be for fucking with her that way if she wasn't so ridiculously happy he was alive. They never saw me, but just seeing Cliff was enough and I felt a lightness in my heart that I haven't felt since Cliff went in. I guess I've grown used to it because as soon as I woke up the weight came back and it was and is terrible and I recognized it but it was surprising. It was one of those dreams where you're not sure when you wake up if it's reality that just happened or dream. I just want to see him again. I don't have to talk to him, or need him to see me, I just want to see him again, that's all. A friend came out to visit Friday and I in Ohio a few months ago. I did a few jumps with him and we each kept one on account for the next visit. That week the truck he was working on fell on him and crushed and killed him. I did his last jumps with him and they were great. I was incredibly lucky to have that time to spend with him before he died. As horrible as it is that Vince died, I am filled with relief that it was not skydiving. It has been hard enough getting back in the air since Cliff's accident, I fear another skydiving related death so close to the others would have kept me from the skies for good. It also helped me realize yet that re-realize?...that we can die doing anything and freak accidents happen all the time, so do what you love because there is nothing else, and you owe it to the dead. Anyway, I just wanted to spread some love to all you special, beautiful people. Yes, special. Like short bus. That's right. Love you. Love you Cliff. Love you Vince. Love you Wally. Love you Shannon. Love you Dazia. Forever.
  10. redtwiga

    Moral Dilemma-What would you do?

    Good point. Up until now I had only been thinking about her - and I guess I believe that ultimately a person makes their choices, takes their chances. But when someone else could get harmed too...well that's a whole new ball of wax.
  11. The day that Cliff died I had my first tandem cutaway. I broke my foot this year and said goodbye to many friends. A dear friend recently broke his back too. After hearing about Cliff I just couldn't jump anymore. I needed some time to figure this whole deal out. I missed Cliff's memorial jumps and ash dive. Finally, today, I got back in the air for the first time since Cliff's death. I'm not done with skydiving yet it seems. I brought Cliff with me on the jump and maintained the ginormous goofy grin he always had jumping. I miss him deeply and haven't worked through all the emotions by a long shot. Today was good. Today I remembered why we do this and why it's ok that Cliff died. Please don't take that the wrong way. I'd do just about anything to turn back the clock and change that day, but, through skydiving, I'll always be able to hang out with my dear friend.
  12. redtwiga

    Moral Dilemma-What would you do?

    A newer jumper (50+ jumps) revealed to me in confidence yesterday that she has epilepsy. She said she hasn't had seizures in months, which, frankly, does not sound very long to me. She said she only seems to get them when she is very relaxed, they haven't knocked her out in about 6 years and they only last about 5 seconds. When I asked about medication she said the side effects were too rough for her. I am really worried that this could become an issue on a skydive, however I don't want her to have to stop jumping or "rat her out". I know a life is more important than anger, but what alternatives might there be? Anyone with some experience? Thanks! Aviva
  13. Another classic Cliff quote I just found in an old email: "- Mayhem. Mayhem is now my favorite felony. In stark contrast to its jovial post modern usage(s) including but hardly limited to lending name to minor regional skydiving festivals, the crime of mayhem is essentially maiming with extreme prejudice. Maliciously cutting off another's limbs or severing someone's tongue are mentioned explicitly in the California Penal Code. The traditional common law defines it as permanently impairing another's ability to defend himself. I make no apologies for the intrinsic gender bias of common law judges. They wore powdered white wigs doncha know." I miss the fuck out of you. -A.
  14. My photos of Cliff (tell me if this link isn't working...) Aviva
  15. Lookee what I found: