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  1. I'm in the market and in AZ. If anyone is selling r knows anyone who is please contact me. Thanks!
  2. This adorable little guy is in good health, gets along great with our 2 other dogs and cat. His ears are already cropped (he was that way when we found him) so probably pure bred pitt bull. We would like to see him go to a loving home with an owner who has experience training pitt bulls or other large breeds.. He has a great temperament and LOVES people, but as with all dogs, needs the proper training and socialization to be a safe, happy pet. There is no charge to adopt him, however we will require that you pay to have him neutered and microchipped. If you can offer this guy a loving, safe "forever home," please contact me!
  3. Missing you always... When does it become anything less than unbelievable?
  4. yup...program called senuti (itunes backwards) i use it all the time.
  5. 3 skydiving redheads walk into a bar...
  6. For those of you who didn't know yet, Janie "Mom" Stewart of Skydive Waynesville/Richmond passed away on Saturday. There is a condolence thread as well, but if anyone needs funeral and visitation info, please PM, email or call me at the DZ at 765-965-0435. Thanks, Aviva
  7. If anyone wants details about the visitation and funeral, please PM, email or call me. I've got the DZ cell at 765-965-0435. Love and comfort to all, Aviva
  8. I shall be there with bells on...just not sure where to put them.
  9. Oh, I'm not going out from Cali, I'm in Ohio for the summer, so it's just a 5.5 hr drive up.
  10. Anyone headed out to chicago for summerfest? Friday and I are driving up tonight.... Mucho Luvo, Aviva
  11. "The Journey of Natty Gann" with a young John Cusack "Baby" about the baby dinosaur