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  1. Writing that in the subject brought me to tears again. Bruce (Fruce) died last week due to health problems in his shop in Temecula, CA. For the past few years Fruce had not been able to skydive due to his health, but stayed close to the sport as his screen printing business supplied many boogie apparel including Chick's Rock. I am at a loss for words, Bruce was such a wonderful man, he believed and loved me like no other. He lived with such passion and had the insight and enlightenment that most people strive to attain their whole life. My dear friend, you will be missed more than you will ever know. Thank you for loving me like you did, I will carry you always in my heart. Blue Skies & Godspeed you.. Marissa
  2. So what kind of phone did ya get?
  3. Hey just saying's Marissa aka MGSkyFlyer...I lost my old password & email blah blah so I decided to come up with a new name. Getting checked out over at Perris to fly you crazy people now...maybe I'll get recurrent while I am out... Anyways, just thought I would say hi...and if I gave ya a bad spot I'm sorry in advance! haha
  4. haa nice, that would be perfect!
  5. If you are going to Oahu just rent a beach house on the north winds up being alot cheaper than a hotel in Honolulu...that's the wrong part of the island anyways! If you're jumping go to Skydive Hawaii, I used to fly there they are awesome people... And definitely hook up with Tom & Denise with Paradise Air...Denise took me for a ride and it was amazing..
  6. That is AWESOME! never flew in a T-6...yet